Meeting and Reception Room for the DSM Headquarters
Office by Maurice Mentjens in

The room is used for meetings and dinners for between four and twenty people and for brief celebratory occasions (seated or standing) for a maximum of 30 people. It therefore has both functional and representative functions. When planning the redesign, account needed to be taken of these different functions. It therefore needed to be possible to set up the furniture in a number of different arrangements. Since DSM has a biotechnological section, where nature is manipulated at a microscopic level, the idea was conceived to use microscope images of bacteria and enzymes. The walls of the room now feature a panorama of a microscopic world, populated by bacteria and enzymes. In the middle of this space is the cooling tower, a beautiful, ingeniously-made structure symbolising 20th century industrial production. The mirror-covered ceiling gives the room a high-ceilinged and majestic feel. The “chalice-altar” and the sun give the room an almost sacred atmosphere. More info at our website.

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Photography: Arjen Schmitz