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Japanese Porcelain Winter Hare Meiji Era
H 5.25 in. W 9.5 in. D 6 in.
Anthony Outred
Console, Florence or Lucca, Beginning of 19th Century
H 37.8 in. W 8 ft. 6.4 in. D 21.65 in.
Pair of Spectacular French Mirrors, 1860s
H 9 ft. 10.1 in. W 4 ft. 11.1 in.
EHRL Fine Art and Antiques
J. W. Fiske Cast Zinc Horse Head
H 35 in. W 16 in. D 26.5 in.
Digby Chadwick Antiques
Museum Display Cabinet
H 42.13 in. W 5 ft. 0.2 in. D 30.71 in.
Antique Regency Brass Hall Lantern
H 33.5 in. W 16 in. D 16 in.
Jonathan Burden LLC
French Empire Mahogany Gilt Bronze Pier Table
H 36.25 in. W 40.75 in. D 15.75 in.
Silla Fine Antiques
Elegant Fereghan Sarouk
W 10 ft. 6 in. L 14 ft. 1 in.
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs Inc.
Superb Set of Eight George II Dining Chairs
H 38.25 in. W 21.5 in. D 17.5 in.
Yew Tree House Antiques
Specimen Marble, Slated and Ebonized Pedestal Table
H 29.75 in. W 28.25 in. D 28.25 in.
The Chinese Porcelain Company
Late 17th Century Painting
H 39 in. W 30 in. D 1 in.
Chateau Domingue
Museum Sample of Italian Coal
H 6 ft. 0.8 in. W 33.5 in. D 27.2 in.
Mallett New York
Wooden Horse
H 27.5 in. W 32 in. D 6.25 in.
English Accent Antiques
Limestone Wall Fountain with Cherub Face, circa 1850
H 7 ft. 3 in. W 14 ft. 7 in. D 6 ft. 10.8 in.
Pittet Antiques
Spectacular George Washington Plaster Statue
H 6 ft. 2 in. W 31.5 in. D 19.69 in.
EHRL Fine Art and Antiques
Rare Swedish Secretary with Mora Clock
H 7 ft. 5 in. W 4 ft. 2 in. D 19 in.
CUPBOARDS & ROSES Swedish Antiques
Pair of George III Armchairs
H 35.5 in. W 25.75 in. D 23 in.
Dining or Work Table
H 29.5 in. W 10 ft. D 44 in.
Antique Clichy Newel Post
H 6 in. Dm 4.25 in.
R2 Show
Very Rare Late Gothic "Flachschnitz Bench"
H 34.5 in. W 37.5 in. D 15 in.
The Fortress
Impressive Italian 18th Century Giltwood Console Table
H 35.04 in. W 5 ft. 5.7 in. D 30.71 in.
Augustus Brandt Antiques
Set of Ten Single Arm Wall Lights
H 14.2 in. D 10.2 in.
On Hold
Mallett New York
Seated Dog with Two Horns
H 10 in. W 9.5 in. D 6 in.
The Chinese Porcelain Company
Pair of Star Chandeliers
H 31 in. Dm 26 in.
Petricia Thompson Antiquites d' Europe
Bizarre Silk Panel
H 5 ft. 2 in. W 42 in.
Charles X Bookcase in Mahogany, circa 1830
H 7 ft. 6 in. W 4 ft. 3.8 in. D 22 in.
Bonnin Ashley Antiques Inc
Antique Games Box
H 7 in. W 12.5 in. D 9.5 in.
Hampton Antiques
John Henry Belter Loveseat
H 46 in. W 5 ft. 5 in.
Joan Bogart Antiques
Period Swedish Secretary from Ångermanland
H 7 ft. 1 in. W 47.5 in. D 21 in.
CUPBOARDS & ROSES Swedish Antiques
French Bronze Cloissone Lamp
H 22 in. Dm 8.25 in.
William Laman Furniture.Garden.Antiques
Antique Satinwood Writing Table
H 29.92 in. W 42.13 in. D 25.2 in.
Butchoff Antiques
19th Century Swedish Gustavian Period Bench
H 17.5 in. W 4 ft. 11.3 in. D 20 in.
Scandinavian Antiques & Living
19th Century Boxing Aquatint
H 23.5 in. W 19.25 in.
Revival Antiques
Konya Kilim
W 5 ft. 5 in. L 10 ft. 10 in.
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs Inc.
Rare Ralph Wood Sr., "Planter" Toby Jug
H 12 in. W 6.5 in. D 6 in.
Leo Kaplan Ltd.
Unique, First-Rate Quality Biedermeier Sofa
H 22.5 in. W 7 ft. 6 in. D 29 in.
Ritter Antik
Rare American Iron Horse Andirons
H 14.5 in. W 22 in. D 13.75 in.
M. Finkel & Daughter
Willow and Cypress Garden Bidjar
W 8 ft. 7 in. L 12 ft. 4 in.
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs Inc.
Regency Framed Cheval Mirror, circa 1810
H 4 ft. 10.3 in. W 27.56 in. D 25.59 in.
Max Rollitt
16th Century Pentalpha Fireback
H 32.09 in. W 36.02 in. D 1.18 in.
Antique Firebacks
Biedermeier Center Table
H 29 in. Dm 44.5 in.
Harbor View Center For Antiques
Top Quality Fall, Front Desk Cabinet
H 4 ft. 4.4 in. W 29.92 in. D 16.54 in.
Italian Stone Paint Table
H 30 in. W 4 ft. 1 in. D 20 in.
Randall Tysinger Antiques
Pair of Majolida Bird Groups
H 25.6 in. W 15 in. D 14.2 in.
Mallett New York
Tchokwe Axe
H 15 in. W 8 in.
Linda Horn
Biedermeier Console Table with Mirror
H 43.5 in. W 33 in. D 19.25 in.
Reza's Rug Gallery
19th Century French Sofa
H 34.5 in. W 4 ft. 3.5 in. D 30 in.
Jacqueline Adams Antiques
Mother of Pearl Jewelry Box
H 3 in. W 8 in. D 6 in.
Hampton Antiques
Rare Prattware, "Thin Man" Toby Jug
H 9.5 in. W 3.5 in. D 5.5 in.
Leo Kaplan Ltd.
Silk Yarkand
W 6 ft. 10 in. L 14 ft.
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs Inc.
A Pair of Late 18th Century Italian Marble Pedestals
H 4 ft. 0.8 in. W 16.1 in. D 10.6 in.
Mallett New York
Carved Marble
H 5 ft. 1 in. Dm 12.6 in.
Lennox Cato Antiques
Black and Tan Spaniel by Thomas Gooch
H 4 ft. 1.2 in. W 4 ft. 11.1 in.
Mallett New York