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"Tulu" Rug with Flowers
"Tulu" Rug with Flowers
Vintage 1950s Turkish More Carpets
"Tulu" rug with flowers. Charming shaggy Turkish rug with attractive color and design. Feels like a blanket. Very warm.
Pierre Jeanneret, Chair with Single Arm
Pierre Jeanneret, Chair with Single Arm
Pierre Jeanneret
Mid-20th Century Indian Chairs
Cane, Teak, Wood
Pierre Jeanneret, circa 1960. Single armchair, teak and cane. Provenance: Punjab University, Chandigarh, India.  
Voronoi Console Table by Michael Young Polished Stainless Steel and Enamel
Voronoi Console Table by Michael Young Polished...
Michael Young
21st Century and Contemporary Chinese Console Tables
Enamel, Stainless Steel
The collection consists of a chair, a side table, a writing desk, a round coffee table, a console and a lounge chair. All the work in the collection will be composed of polished stai...
Schumacher Charlap Hyman & Herrero Espiral Snake Black Natural Abaca Round Rug
Schumacher Charlap Hyman & Herrero Espiral Snak...
Schumacher, Charlap Hyman & Herrero
21st Century and Contemporary Southeast Asian Modern North and South Ame...
Schumacher and sister-brand Patterson Flynn Martin are thrilled to introduce the first collection from the design wunderkinds behind Charlap Hyman & Herrero featuring a selection of ...
Brass Spiral Floor Lamp, Rooms
Brass Spiral Floor Lamp, Rooms
2010s Georgian Post-Modern Table Lamps
Spiral table lamp, Rooms Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 12.5 cm Material: Brass, Led Spiral floor lamp This lighting object is inspired by the symbolism of its shape – the spiral. S...
Handmade Gradient Textile and Matte Black Iron Crochet Knit Rug Stool
Handmade Gradient Textile and Matte Black Iron ...
2010s Israeli Stools
The iota rug stool is a matte black iron stool covered by a multicolored tailored rug for comfortable sitting. The rug can be imaginatively arranged in different shapes which create ...
Eskayel, Mallee Rug, 100% Silk
Eskayel, Mallee Rug, 100% Silk
2010s Nepalese Moroccan and North African Rugs
Rug Pattern: Mallee Material: 100% silk Quality: 100 knot count, Tibetan Crossweave, hand-knotted Size: 9’ x 9' circle Made in Nepal Designed by Eskayel.    
Shirvan Kilim Rug
Shirvan Kilim Rug
Early 20th Century Azerbaijani Kilim Caucasian Rugs
Shirvan Kilim rug. A classical Caucasian kilim rug, not old enough to be antique but almost there. A softer and cooler color palette.
Vintage Samarkand Rug
Vintage Samarkand Rug
Mid-20th Century Uzbek Central Asian Rugs
Vintage Samarkand rug Size: 5'9" × 10'6" (175 × 320 cm) This bold and fabulous vintage rug for sale is a paragon of the widely sought-after Samarkand style which combines artistic ...
Dragon Art Deco Carpet, Amazing Colors
Early 20th Century Chinese Art Deco Chinese and East Asian Rugs
Dragon Art Deco carpet, amazing colors, circa 1920 Chinese rug in excellent condition with a very minor area of low pile. The Art Deco period was an international design movement fr...
Japanese Two-Panel Screen, Weeping Cherry Bloss...
Mid-20th Century Japanese Paintings and Screens
Cherry tree in full bloom, with abstracted fallen petals in the foreground. Signature and seal read: Yoshihiro. Mineral pigments on mulberry paper with traces of gold and silver dust.
"Court Series" Net Rug by Pieces, Modern Hand T...
2010s Indian Modern North and South American Rugs
The “Court Series” rugs are hand-tufted with blended wool and viscose material dyed in hyper-saturated colors, with tennis court-like geometries represented both via overlaid graphic...
Eskayel, Mamoun, Neutral Rug, Merino/Silk Mulu ...
2010s Nepalese Moroccan and North African Rugs
Wool, Silk
Rug pattern: Mamoun, Neutral Material: 80% merino / 20% silk Quality: Mulu weave, hand-knotted Size: 9’ x 12'. Made in Nepal Designed by Eskayel.  
Set of Five Chinese Antique Screens, Ming Style
Antique 19th Century Chinese Ming Paintings and Screens
A set of beautiful Chinese antique screens in natural finish. Each of the five screens has a middle section featuring a different flower, symbolizing changing of seasons. The main op...
Babar Cabinet by Kenneth Cobonpue
Kenneth Cobonpue
2010s Philippine Modern Cabinets
Babar cabinet by Kenneth Cobonpue Part cabinet, part study, the majestic frame of the Babar is wrapped with a unique weaving pattern inspired by the rough texture of elephant skin...
Tres Collection Medium Green Hand-Loomed Wool &...
Nanimarquina, Nanimarquina
21st Century and Contemporary Indian Western European Rugs
Felt, Cotton, Wool
The Tres collection reflects nanimarquina’s passion for craftsmanship, specifically paying tribute to the ancient craft of weaving. With this collection, the desire is to reclaim the...
Cloud 1 from Heiter Bis Wolkig Carpet Collectio...
Jan Kath
21st Century and Contemporary Nepalese Modern Central Asian Rugs
Silk, Wool
Hand-knotted carpet in wool and silk. Shown in 8' x 10'. Custom sizing available.
Horus Table, Contemporary Dining Table in Aged ...
2010s Turkish Modern Dining Room Tables
Brass, Travertine, Wood
The use of ancient materials - wood, brass, stone, presented with unaltered natural finishes as they occur in nature celebrates the dynamic sensation of the Horus Table. The world-re...
Boji Cabinet, Contemporary Bar Cabinet in Aged ...
2010s Asian Modern Cabinets
Brass, Wood
A contemporary cabinet, perfect for use as a bar, designed by the renowned architect and furniture designer Maurizio Manzoni. The use of wood and brass presented in their unaltered n...
Large 19th Century Japanese Carved Wood Torcha
Antique 1890s Japanese Sculptures and Carvings
A wonderfully hand-carved and lacquered Japanese 19th century (half lifesize) figure of a Samurai.
Brass Hand-Sculpted Side Table 'Rakk' by Masaya
2010s Thai Post-Modern Side Tables
Rakk by Masaya Brass hand-sculpted side table Dimensions: H 50 x W 43 x L 50 cm.
Chinese Ming Painted Book Cabinet
Antique Mid-17th Century Chinese Ming Furniture
Brass, Wood, Lacquer, Paint
A rolled-up scroll or treasured root pot may have once been among the treasured objects stored in this 19th century book chest. Expertly constructed in China's Shanxi province, the l...
Idee Dining Table, Contemporary Oval Marble Tab...
Christophe Pillet
2010s Turkish Modern Dining Room Tables
Contemporary oval dining or conference table made out of pure marble top and base. Christophe Pillet who has won international acclaim for the spectrum and quality of his creations d...
Found Side Table in Marble and Gold Leaf
A Space
21st Century and Contemporary Turkish Minimalist Side Tables
This side table is created of a chunk of marble that was hand-picked at a family-owned quarry in the distant, magical land of Turkey. The stone is preserved in its original form, w...
Four Panel Chinese Lacquered Screen Depicting a...
Antique 1890s Chinese Qing Paintings and Screens
A Coromandel Chinese screen depicting a Phoenix in a wooded scene. Late 19th century.
Kosmo Coffee Table, Contemporary Centre Table i...
Manzoni & Tapinassi
2010s Asian Modern Coffee and Cocktail Tables
Brass, Travertine, Wood
World Renowned Designer and architect Maurizio Manzoni presents a collection based on the beauty of ancient materials. Wood, brass and stone are presented as unaltered finishes, just...

Bent Bench

By Hsin-Chun Wang
Bent Bench
Hsin-Chun Wang, Ye Liu
2010s Chinese Benches
Ash, Walnut
A bench design initially came from the observation of handrail. People sit on the handrail subconsciously, sometimes an often sat spot starts bending by human weight. Eventually, a c...
Belenus Workshop Desk, Contemporary Desk in Walnut
2010s Turkish Modern Desks and Writing Tables
The Belenus Workshop Desk is a perfect combination of minimalism, simplicity and functionality. This desk is handcrafted from solid American walnut. It features a slim drawer that bl...
Vintage Persian Tabriz Carpet
Mid-20th Century Persian Tabriz Persian Rugs
A vintage Persian Tabriz carpet from the mid-20th century.
Pink Kayseri Carpet
Early 20th Century Turkish More Carpets
Wool, Cotton
Pink Kayseri carpet or rug. It is pink, but a very pretty pink. Lovely vintage Turkish carpet with a classical design, great patina, at great value.
An He Oil on Canvas
An He
1990s Chinese Other Paintings
An He (1957 - ) An He was born in 1957 in Guangzhou, China. He was born into an artistic family. He was drawn to the arts at a young age, and was under the tutelage of his father, a...
Rare Anglo-Raj Childs Chair or Slipper Chair c...
Antique 19th Century Indian Anglo Raj Chairs
A rare find in this magnificent Anglo-Indian Raj handcrafted child's chair,or slipper chair. Made in Bombay in the late 19th century of solid rosewood, depicting open fretwork, hand-...
Antique Persian Tabriz Haj Jalili Carpet
Antique 1890s Persian Tabriz Persian Rugs
Wool, Cotton
Tabriz has one of the most diverse displays of designs from medallion to figural, pictorial, etc. This Persian Tabriz rugs is from the most famous workshop which was called Haj Jalili.
ON SALE Lord Krishna Hand-Carved Architectural...
Antique Early 1800s Indian Architectural Elements
#5-579, skillfully hand-carved figure of Lord Krishna architectural element. Originally part of an Indian temple. ORIGINAL LIST PRICE $4500 now net $3200 NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS ON S...
Vintage Long Grey and Black Japanese "Boro" Tex...
Vintage 1950s Japanese Japonisme Pillows and Throws
Vintage long grey and black Japanese Boro textile decorative bolster pillow, self-welt in the same textile. Decorative pillow handcrafted and designed in the USA. Closure by stitch ...
19th Century Persian Wool Rug, Ispahan, Medalli...
Antique 1890s Persian More Carpets
Collection piece Isfahan rug - Produced at the end of the 19th century - Highlight of this piece the importance of its central medallion in orange tones as well as in its borders ado...
Mirror Made from a Carved Teakwood Window Frame...
Antique 1860s Indian Anglo Raj Mantel Mirrors and Fireplace Mirrors
During Mughal rule in the 19th century, the emperor used to collect taxes from peasants through Zamindars in India. Zamindars used to own a vast tract of land and used to live lavis...
Works of Nobuyoshi Araki Book Collection Comple...
Nobuyoshi Araki
1990s Japanese Mid-Century Modern Books
The works of Nobuyoshi Araki Book collection complete 1-20 published in Japan in 1996 by Heibonsha Limited, Publisher. 20 books complete collection Limited edition. Nobuyoshi Araki...
Large 17th Century Japanese Arita Imari Spill Vase
Antique Late 17th Century Japanese Vases
A very impressive Edo period (1603-1868) Japanese Arita spill vase in perfect condition and good bold colors.
Odyssey 'Slayton - Eris' Hand-knotted, Wool & S...
Woven Concepts
2010s Indian Organic Modern Indian Rugs
Wool, Silk
The Odyssey Collection A breakthrough, three dimensional and multi textural rug collection, inspired by NASA imagery. Distressed wool and natural silk are hand knotted to create thre...
1970s Japanese Brass Signalling Projector Lamp,...
Shonan Kosakusho
Vintage 1970s Japanese Industrial Table Lamps
Brass, Glass
This is a Shonan Kosakusho signalling / projector lamp made in 1979 in Tokyo, made from sold brass and tempered glass. Reclaimed from Mid-Century war ships, Shonan did manufacture...
Majestic Early 20th Century Sarouk Mohajeran Rug
Antique Early 1900s Persian Sarouk Farahan Persian Rugs
A majestic early 20th century Persian Sarouk Mohajeran rug with a large-scale mirrored floral pattern with myriad flowers and vines woven in light and dark indigo, crimson, and orang...
Modern Persian Mashad Rug
21st Century and Contemporary Persian Modern Persian Rugs
A modern Persian Mashad carpet from the 21st century with a maple leaf design over a salt and pepper field.
Chinese Immortality Jewelry Box
Early 20th Century Chinese Qing Jewelry Boxes
Brass, Mirror, Birch
Crafted in the early 20th century in China's Jiangsu province, this jewelry chest was once used by a Qing-dynasty woman to contain her personal treasures. A lock in the shape of two ...
Zodiac by Sasha Bikoff Interior Design
21st Century and Contemporary Chinese More Carpets
Wool, Nylon
‘Zodiac’ by Sasha Bikoff Interior Design is available as a 8’, 10’, and 12’ round rug. Offered as a round rug, the ‘Zodiac’ features all twelve astrological symbols and depicts a ...
Bakhtiari Kilim Rug
Early 20th Century Persian Persian Rugs
Bakhtiari Kilim rug. A very good example from a well-known tribal group. All natural dyes.
Mountainscapes Black Marble Tray
A Space
2010s Turkish Platters and Serveware
Mountainscapes is a collection of sculptural tabletop objects, created with an intention of bringing the element of nature into the home. The roughness of each object is combined wit...
Antique Persian Heriz Serapi Rug, circa 1900
Early 20th Century Persian Heriz Serapi Persian Rugs
The Classic Heriz Serapi design has all the elements that create this ever Popular Style. The lightness of the piece together with the soft coloration create a rug that will work in ...
Chinese Porcelain Planters or Jardinières with ...
Early 20th Century Chinese Chinoiserie Porcelain
Chinese porcelain planters and their plates. Two available. Planter: Diameter 7.5" Height 5" Base: Diameter 7.5" Height 1.5".
20th Century Bronze Buddha Sculpture
20th Century Chinese Metalwork
A 20th century sitting bronze Buddha on a double lotus pedestal. Measures: 21" H.
Vintage Chinese Rug
Mid-20th Century Chinese Chinese and East Asian Rugs
Vintage Chinese rug Measures: Size: 9'7" × 11'6" (292 × 350 cm) An exceptional mid-19th century Chinese antique rug, the abrashed light brown field with sparse cloud forms and vine...
Large Japanese Black and Gold Lacquered Cabinet...
Antique 1850s Japanese Edo Cabinets
A large Japanese black and gold lacquered cabinet with Toyotomi mon and vine decorations. Mounted with gilt and etched bronze hardware. Later stand also mounted with period hardware....
Vintage Persian Heriz Rug
Mid-20th Century Persian Heriz Serapi Persian Rugs
A vintage Persian Heriz rug from the mid-20th century.
Gandharan Stucco Head of the Buddha, 3rd-5th Ce...
Antique 15th Century and Earlier Pakistani Figurative Sculptures
A sublime Greco-Buddhist stucco head of the Buddha, ancient region of Gandhara, circa 3rd-5th century. A fragment of a larger statue, the Buddha's face is contemplative, with hea...
19th Century Chinese Hardwood Armchair
Antique Late 19th Century Chinese Chinese Export Armchairs
A fine quality 19th century Chinese hardwood armchair, having wonderfully carved mythical dragons to the backrest and arms, clouds, scrolling foliage and Bats, an inset panel to the ...
Vintage Persian Rugs, Red Rug, Carpet from Iran
Vintage 1960s Persian Post-Modern Persian Rugs
Wool, Cotton, Organic Material
Colored vintage Persian carpets and rugs have produced from old oriental rugs of at least 20-50 years of age. Each woven rug is carefully selected and undergoes a unique process of c...
Early 20th Century Chinese Rice Measure
Early 20th Century Chinese Qing Decorative Baskets
Iron, Pine
This rustic container was made over a hundred years ago to measure and hold a dou of rice, an ancient Chinese measurement. Handcrafted with dovetail joints, the vessel has gracefully...
19th Century Chinese Hardwood Side Table
Antique 19th Century Chinese Chinese Export Side Tables
A good quality late 19th century Chinese hardwood side table, having two tiers, each with inset wooden panels, carved mythical dragons to the brackets, lattice work to the frieze wit...
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