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XMassive Antique Tibetan Turquoise Boulder15th Century and Earlier Tibetan AntiquitiesThis huge piece of ancient Tibetan turquoise has a lovely green patina from handling over the ages. It weighs more than 18 lbs. (more than 8 kgs) its huge size makes it extremely rare.View More Details >
15th Century Gilt Bhairava Mask
Asian Arts
X15th Century Gilt Bhairava Mask15th Century and Earlier Nepalese Sculptures and Carvings15th Century Bhairava Mask from Nepal. Gold gilt on repousse copper. Bhairava is one of the main protector deities of the Kathmandu valley. On the auspicious day, once a year, local ric...View More Details >
Gilt Copper Tibetan Mystic Lama's Portrait
Asian Arts
XGilt Copper Tibetan Mystic Lama's Portrait17th Century Tibetan Sculptures and CarvingsThis rare large portrait of the Lama Taklung Repa, recognizable by his spiraling dreadlock hairdo. The Lama holds in his left hand a skull cup of Amrita surmounted by the vase of immort...View More Details >
X19th Century Japanese Six-Fold Paper Screen in Gol...Late 19th Century Japanese Paintings and ScreensHighly decorative Japanese six-fold paper screen in gold ground, with painted green and white bamboo and mount Fuji in the background. Patterned fabric slip and lacquer frame. Late 19th...View More Details >
XPainted Pottery Figure of a Prancing Horse, Tang D...15th Century and Earlier Sculptures and CarvingsTerracottaA painted pottery figure of a prancing horse, with right leg raised and head turned towards the left, the head well modelled with crisp features below pricked ears, saddle painted with ...View More Details >
X11th Century Ganesh in Volcanic Stone from Java15th Century and Earlier Indonesian Sculptures and Carvings11th Century Ganesh from Java is carved from Volcanic Stone. The lotus petal on the rear of the sculpture indicates that this piece was once part of a larger series of sculptures arra...View More Details >
Pair of Japanese Vessels In Bone
Verdini C Antichita
XPair of Japanese Vessels In Bone19th Century Japanese CeramicsPair of Japanese vessels in boneView More Details >
Pair of Imari Vases
Verdini C Antichita
XPair of Imari VasesLate 18th Century Japanese Louis XVI Sculptures and CarvingsA Pair of Imari VasesView More Details >
16th Century Buddha Torso
The Golden Triangle
X16th Century Buddha Torso16th Century Thai Sculptures and CarvingsSandstoneThis 16th Century Buddha torso is from Ayutthaya, Thailand and made from Sandstone. Ayutthaya period sculpture closely follows older Khmer designs. Seated Buddhas of this type were made...View More Details >
XSkeletons at Play, Watercolors on Silk Attributed ...Mid-18th Century Japanese Paintings and ScreensA pair of watercolours on silk, dusted with mica and mounted as wall scrolls. Kawanabe Kyosai began a formal art training aged 6 when he entered the school of the famous ukiyo-e artist...View More Details >
XJewel Encrusted Crystal Tantric Ritual Skull Cup19th Century Nepalese Sculptures and CarvingsThis gold and jewel encrusted crystal skull cup is made of pure crystal encrusted with gold, rubies, emeralds, mother of pearl and other semi precious stones. A skull cup is prescribed ...View More Details >
XChinese Flambé Bottle Vase, Qing Dynasty, 19th Ce...19th Century Chinese Qing CeramicsA CHINESE FLAMBE BOTTLE VASE , 19TH CENTURY The compressed body surmounted with a thick cylindrical neck, covered over all in a speckled glaze ranging from light lavender to crushed st...View More Details >
XFine 19th Century Chinese Reverse Glass Painting o...19th Century Chinese AntiquitiesA fine 19th century Chinese reverse glass painting of a landscape. Elegantly painted with a landscape vignette depicting a boat on turbulent waters coming into shore greeted by two fig...View More Details >
Bronze Buddha Bust
XBronze Buddha BustEarly 20th Century Thai Sculptures and CarvingsBronzeA striking, small Thai bronze Buddha bust floating over a simple black base. Thailand, c. 1920. Measurements: Buddha : L: 6.5 D: 2.5 H: 10 With Stand: L: 6.5 D: 3.5 H:13 BH2010View More Details >
19th Century Japanese Large Kitchen Tansu
X19th Century Japanese Large Kitchen Tansu19th Century Japanese FurnitureWoodA beautiful 19th century wooden Mizuya Tansu chest, in two parts (upper and lower). With large sliding doors above and below, and four drawers in the middle. A very useful and lovely ...View More Details >
Chinese, Antique Opium Bed
Hildegunn Hawley Antiques
XChinese, Antique Opium BedMid-19th Century Chinese Ming FurnitureHardwood, Marble, RattanChinese antique opium bed from the Qing dynasty with finely woven headrest and seat. Headrest finished with a circular piece Chinese marble.View More Details >
Chinese Porcelain Buddha
RMH Antiques & Interiors
XChinese Porcelain BuddhaMid-20th Century Chinese Chinese Export CeramicsPorcelainHappy and fat painted porcelain Buddha offering a lotus and wearing a gold bead necklace. The Buddha is robed in blue and white with red and green detail. This figure is quite large and...View More Details >
18th Century Gold Lacquered Japanese Kobako Box
Galerie Tiago
X18th Century Gold Lacquered Japanese Kobako BoxLate 18th Century Japanese LacquerVery interesting kobako decorated with a man crossing a bridge in a mountain landscape. Interior is in nashiji lacquer.View More Details >
XPair of Chinese Export Blue and White Vases with D...Mid-20th Century Chinese Chinese Export CeramicsA pair of Classic shaped Chinese export blue and white vases with double happy motifs on a snapdragon and seaweed background. Nice vintage pieces.View More Details >
XPair of Chinese Noir Glazed Melon Ginger JarsLate 20th Century Chinese CeramicsPair of ceramic black glazed ribbed melon shaped jars with lids from Beijing, China. Pagoda Red Collection # BJCC106View More Details >
Fur-Lined Brocade Robe
XFur-Lined Brocade Robe19th Century Chinese TextilesRobe made of patterned monochrome silk with phoenixes in flight against skies with cloud bands and scattered auspicious symbols. Full length garment with front overflap closing to the r...View More Details >
18th Century Chinese Stone Shizi Protector
Pagoda Red
X18th Century Chinese Stone Shizi ProtectorMid-18th Century Chinese Qing Sculptures and CarvingsLimestoneA c. 1750 limestone Shizi, or fu dog, from Northern China. Fu dogs are protective figures in China and are often seen outside of homes and important buildings. Pagoda Red Collection # ...View More Details >
XPair of Chinese Bronze Champleve Vases, 19th Centu...19th Century Chinese Islamic Metalwork# S040. Pair of Chinese bronze and parcel-gilt champlever urns richly decorated with polychrome enamel colors. The elongated round form with flare necks and decoratively shaped handles ...View More Details >
XMiao Dragon Earrings on Custom StandEarly 20th Century Chinese AntiquitiesSilverA pair of silver dragon earrings from Guizhou Province, China on custom made stands. These c. 1900 pieces were crafted by the Miao people, one of the official minority groups in China. ...View More Details >
Rose Medallion Fish Bowl
Brady's Distinctive Lighting
XRose Medallion Fish Bowl1950s Asian CeramicsPorcelainBeautiful rose medallion fish bowl. With a glass top of 24 to 26", it would make a beautiful table. Bowl is 22" diameter x 19" tall with beautiful coy painted on the inside of the bowl....View More Details >
Antique Eyeglasses with Shagreen Case
XAntique Eyeglasses with Shagreen Case Chinese More Asian Art, Objects and FurnitureShagreenA pair of traditional antique Chinese eyeglasses with folding stems, together with a green shagreen eyeglass case. China, c. 1900 M1003View More Details >
XPair of Chinese Engraved Porcelain Covered Jars as...UnknownEarly 20th Century Chinese CeramicsPorcelainA pair of Chinese engraved porcelain covered jars with patterns of leafy branches and peaches with Chinese motif branches, circa first half of 20th century.View More Details >
Chinese Side Table
Florian Papp Inc.
XChinese Side Table18th Century Chinese More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture# A1022 - Chinese low table executed in huanghuali. The rectangular top with inset rattan panel and high shaped stretcher below. See "Chinese Domestic Furniture" by Gustav Ecke, for rel...View More Details >
XChinese Polychrome Cloisonnés Vase, circa 185019th Century Chinese Ceramics# W524 - Chinese polychrome cloisonnéâ??s polychrome vase. The baluster form with boldly elongated flared top and resting on stylized lotus petal form base. The art of cloisonné sta...View More Details >
19th Century Blue and White Trumpet Vase
Timothy Langston Fine Art and Antiques
X19th Century Blue and White Trumpet VaseEarly 20th Century Chinese CeramicsA late 19th century blue and white glazed tall trumpet vase, the body decorated throughout with birds, butterflies and foliage. Late Qing Dynasty (Fritting to the rim, a short hairl...View More Details >
XEarly 18th Century Blue and White Kangxi Period Po...Early 18th Century Chinese CeramicsAn early 18th century blue and white porcelain vase, of baluster form, the body decorated throughout with alternating floral and landscape panels, the lid with similar decoration and sh...View More Details >
Pair of Canton Design Lamps
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
XPair of Canton Design Lamps20th Century Chinese CeramicsPair of porcelain Lamps of Canton design, with raised 'one hundred antiques' enamels. Modern. Canton porcelains are Chinese ceramic wares made for export in the 18th to the 20th centur...View More Details >
19th Century Canton Vase Lamp
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
X19th Century Canton Vase Lamp19th Century Chinese CeramicsGood 19th Century Canton porcelain Vase lamp with applied lizard decoration and court scenes within panels.View More Details >
Pair of Imari Porcelain Lamps
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
XPair of Imari Porcelain LampsLate 20th Century Chinese CeramicsPorcelainPair of Imari porcelain Lamps. Modern. Imari began to be exported to Europe, because the Chinese kilns at Ching-te-Chen were damaged in the political chaos and the new Qing dynasty gov...View More Details >
Unusual Pair of Stepped Lamps
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
XUnusual Pair of Stepped LampsLate 20th Century Chinese CeramicsEnamelUnusual pair of stepped ebonised pottery lamps with softly gilded decoration. Modern.View More Details >
Pair of Yellow Ground Ovoid Lamps
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
XPair of Yellow Ground Ovoid LampsLate 20th Century Chinese CeramicsEnamelPair of yellow ground ovoid vase lamps with silvered decoration. Modern.View More Details >
Pair of White Porcelain Vase Lamps
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
XPair of White Porcelain Vase LampsLate 20th Century Chinese CeramicsPorcelainA pair of white porcelain vase Lamps, with moulded decoration. Modern.View More Details >
Pair of Large Red Ground Lamps
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
XPair of Large Red Ground LampsLate 20th Century Chinese CeramicsEnamelPair of large red ground lamps with gilded scroll decoration. Modern.View More Details >
Pair of Cloisonne Ovoid Lamps
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
XPair of Cloisonne Ovoid LampsLate 20th Century Chinese MetalworkEnamelGood pair of cloisonnes ovoid lamps on well carved hardwood bases. Modern.View More Details >
Pair of 'Archaic' Bronze Lamps
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
XPair of 'Archaic' Bronze LampsLate 20th Century Chinese MetalworkBronzeA pair of 'archaic' bronze square section lamps, with elaborate decoration. Modern.View More Details >
X18th Century Chinese Lacquered Box with Teapot Chinese LacquerRed lacquer box with a gilt decor of flowers and leaves containing a pewter teapot protected by a padded silk cover. Small carrying handle on the lid, two small locking hooks. The neck ...View More Details >
19th Century Chinese Lacquered Box
Galerie Tiago
X19th Century Chinese Lacquered Box1850s Chinese LacquerGilt painted lacquer box on a black background with decoration of characters in palaces. A frieze of dragons on the lid. It stands on two round feet in the back and two feet carved in t...View More Details >
XChildren's Horse-Drawn Cart, circa 1950sMid-20th Century Indian Sculptures and CarvingsMagnificently hand-carved and hand-painted in a traditional Indian floral design, this unique piece will be a great addition as a sculptural design within an Interior space. Wheels and ...View More Details >
X19th Century Painted Teakwood and Tin Homing Pigeo...Late 19th Century Indian Sculptures and CarvingsTeak, TinBeautifully hand-carved and hand-painted with florals, acanthus leaves and the top piece being held by intricately carved goddess figures.View More Details >
19th Century Brass Pot
X19th Century Brass PotLate 19th Century Indian Anglo-Indian MetalworkBrassDelicate Sanskrit etching adorns this curvaceously hand-forged pot from Northern India.View More Details >
Shan Marble Buddha Myanmar, Burma, circa 1800
XShan Marble Buddha Myanmar, Burma, circa 1800Early 19th Century Asian Sculptures and CarvingsGold, MarbleReposed and finely carved statuary marble sitting Buddha, evokes a beautiful resonance when gently tapped. The metal stand elevates the Buddha in a more tranquil state.View More Details >
XPair of Early 20th Century Sandstone ElephantsEarly 20th Century Indian Sculptures and CarvingsSandstoneGracefully hand-carved, from Northern India, these elephants can be displayed indoors or outdoors.View More Details >
XPair of Great Crackled Chinese Porcelain Lampes19th Century Chinese Ceramics. Crackled porcelain . Chinese porcelain . Handles with pho dogs . Made for electricity . 19th c.View More Details >
Buddhist Arhat Monk Chinese Painting
Burke Antiques
XBuddhist Arhat Monk Chinese PaintingMid-19th Century Chinese Paintings and ScreensA Chinese framed painting on rice paper; subject is one single figure of a Buddhist Arhat Monk seated on an embankment of teal-aqua rocks & bamboo growing under it over the water. Robe...View More Details >
Bronze Koro of a Rooster
Naga Antiques
XBronze Koro of a RoosterEarly 19th Century Japanese MetalworkBronze Koro of a Rooster.View More Details >
Red Lacquer Drum
Naga Antiques
XRed Lacquer Drum19th Century Chinese More Asian Art, Objects and FurnitureRed Lacquer DrumView More Details >
Japanese Pounded Bronze Finial
Naga Antiques
XJapanese Pounded Bronze FinialEarly 18th Century Japanese MetalworkJapanese Pounded Bronze Finial. In the shape of kaede leaves. Used on top of a large festival cart carried through the streets.View More Details >
XOno-No-Komatchi Wood Figure (Goddess of Women's Se...15th Century and Earlier Japanese Sculptures and CarvingsOno-No-Komatchi Wood Figure (Goddess of Women's Sexuality).View More Details >
XFine Pair of Mid-19th Century Chinese VasesMid-19th Century Chinese FurnitureA fine pair of mid 19th century white craquelle vases, decorated with Imperial dragons, now converted as lampsView More Details >
XFine Pair of Mid-19th Century Chinese LampsMid-19th Century Chinese CeramicsA fine pair of mid 19th century yellow bottle shaped vases with central panels painted in blue and white.View More Details >
XSpectacular and Great Pair of Cranes in Japanese P... Japanese Sculptures and CarvingsBronzeSpectacular and great pair of cranes in Japanese patinated bronze, early 20th century. Featuring realistic details of feathers ridged legs and webbed feet. Measures: Height: 216 cm. / 1...View More Details >
XPair of Late 19th Century Reverse Glass PortraitsEarly 20th Century Chinese Paintings and ScreensA fine pait of reverse glass portraits, each panel depicting a woman of rank, at leisure: the first by a toilet mirror adjusting her hair; the second, in a small boat within an imaginar...View More Details >
19th Century Kutani Double Gourd Vase
Timothy Langston Fine Art and Antiques
X19th Century Kutani Double Gourd VaseLate 19th Century Japanese CeramicsA late 19th century Meiji Period Kutani vase, of double gourd form and decorated throughout wit flying cranes and landscapes. The appeal of Kutani ware exists in its colourful glazes ...View More Details >
X19th Century Cinnabar Lacquer VaseMid-19th Century Chinese LacquerA good 19th century cinnabar lacquer vase of gourd form with trumpet rim, the body incised with stylised flowers and foliage, and decorated with figurative scenes. Cinnabar Lacquer ...View More Details >
Pair of 19th Century Imari Vases
Timothy Langston Fine Art and Antiques
XPair of 19th Century Imari VasesLate 19th Century Japanese CeramicsA pair of late 19th century Imari porcelain vases, the bodies articulated by panels of floral motifs and still life panels in blue red and gilt glazes. These vases were produced short...View More Details >
19th Century Blue and White Porcelain Vase
Timothy Langston Fine Art and Antiques
X19th Century Blue and White Porcelain VaseLate 19th Century Chinese CeramicsA late 19th century blue and white porcelain vase, of baluster form, the body decorated with figures seated at a table within a fantasy woodland landscape. Late Qing Dynasty (hair l...View More Details >
Set of Japanese Lacquer Trays, circa 1920
Cristina Ortega
XSet of Japanese Lacquer Trays, circa 1920Early 20th Century Japanese LacquerA set of six lacquered wood square footed trays, circa 1920. Taisho period 1912-1926. Beautiful Japanese antique lacquer set of six trays, each on four cabriole legs and raised rim. Bea...View More Details >
XAntique Ming Chinese Carved Celadon Porcelain Yen ...Unknown16th Century Chinese Ming CeramicsPorcelainLarge antique Chinese Ming dynasty celadon porcelain Yen Yen vase with carved peony scrolls, circa 15th-16th century. Nice Classic Chinese form. Very translucent blue/green crackled gla...View More Details >
XPair of Chinese Xianfeng Blue and White Large Ging...Mid-19th Century Chinese Qing CeramicsPorcelainA pair of mid 19th Century Chinese Xianfeng Blue and White porcelain covered ginger jars painted with lobed panels containing vases with flowers, and other auspicious objects. All reser...View More Details >
Rare Ayutthaya Period Bronze Buddha Head
Dixon Lane Antiques
XRare Ayutthaya Period Bronze Buddha Head17th Century Thai More Asian Art, Objects and FurnitureA rare and large Ayutthaya bronze Buddha head from Thailand, possibly Cambodia dating from the 17th century and very probably older. Some traces of original gilding remain on the crown ...View More Details >
XPair of 19th Century Chinese Porcelain Parrots wit...19th Century Chinese Qing CeramicsPorcelainA pair of Famille Verte parrots Each modeled in mirror image facing forward with heads slightly cocked. Perched on green pierced rockwork bases, their wings folded, their bodies under...View More Details >
XLarge Lacquer Chinese Jardiniere, circa 1900Late 19th Century Chinese Qing LacquerA large Chinese lacquer jardiniere decorated with dragons among the clouds looking for the sacred pearl. The upper rim is decorated with bats and longevity peaches, China, end of the 19...View More Details >
XStately Pair of Mid-19th Century Chinese Cloisonne...1850s Chinese Chinese Export MetalworkBrass, Copper, EnamelA stately pair of Chinese cloisonné Foo dog statues dating from the mid-19th century. This pair of statues is in very good original condition and the large-scale of this pair of statue...View More Details >
XPair of Cinnabar Lacquer Baluster Vases, China, Qi...19th Century Chinese LacquerWoodA pair of large Cinnabar lacquer vases, the bodies carved with incised decoration of figures, pagodas and landscapes, the collar decorated with four panels of blossoming peonies. Interi...View More Details >
18th Century Gold Lacquered Japanese Kobako
Galerie Tiago
X18th Century Gold Lacquered Japanese Kobako Japanese LacquerTrès intéressant kobako en laque or à décor de pavillon sur pilotis dans un jardin boisé. L'intérieur en laque nashi-ji. Objet d'une très grande finesse offrant de nombreux dét...View More Details >
XThrowing Club ‘Ula’ from the Fiji Islands, 19th Ce...Mid-19th Century Fijian AntiquitiesHardwoodThe hardwood throwing club, known as the ‘Ula,’ was made from a variety of bushes or shrubs. It is perhaps the most famous and recognizable of all oceanic weapons. The ula was a persona...View More Details >
XChinese Millefiori Porcelain Bowl, circa 1900Late 19th Century Chinese Qing CeramicsPorcelainBeautifull Chinese porcelain bowl decorated in Black millefiori patern. Qianlong mark but late 19th century.View More Details >
Fiber Skirt or Cape
XFiber Skirt or Cape20th Century Indonesian TextilesThe wild and rugged ridges of Western Papua were long considered uninhabited. Only in 1938 a pilot flying over saw beneath him a large valley dotted with fields and circular huts. Some ...View More Details >
XPair of Red Lacquered, Chinese Bedside ChestsEarly 20th Century Chinese FurnitureElm, LacquerThis pair of Chinese bedside chests are from Zhejiang, China and features traditional mortise and tenon joinery, ox-blood lacquer, and 2 drawers each. Fully restored and functional.View More Details >
Antique Japanese Merchants Chest
FEA Home
XAntique Japanese Merchants Chest19th Century Japanese Meiji FurnitureAntique Meiji Period Japanese Merchant Chest. Multiple Drawers with Single Cabinet. Iron Accents and Hardware. Kiri Wood.View More Details >
XFabulous Pair of Chinese Cloisonné Horse Heads, ci...Early 20th Century Chinese More Asian Art, Objects and FurnitureThis pair is so decorative and will make a statement and add some animation. The colors and pattern are strong. Raised on their original hand-carved stands and in excellent condition.View More Details >
Antique Chinese Red Lacquer Wedding Cabinet
FEA Home
XAntique Chinese Red Lacquer Wedding Cabinet19th Century Chinese FurnitureAntique Chinese Red Lacquer Chinese Wedding Cabinet. Round Medallion Hardware. Hidden Shelf Inside.View More Details >
Japan, Pair of Vases by Meizan, Meiji Period
Cristina Ortega
XJapan, Pair of Vases by Meizan, Meiji PeriodLate 19th Century Japanese Meiji CeramicsA fine pair of miniature Satsuma vases. Signed Meizan, Meiji period (late 19th century). The oval moon flask set on a splayed rectangular foot and painted in polychrome enamels and gil...View More Details >
Black Lacquer Low Table
Greenwich Oriental Antiques
XBlack Lacquer Low Table19th Century Chinese FurnitureLacquerA refined and stylish rectangular black lacquer low table, beautiful color, form and lines.View More Details >
XSet of Three Porcelain Chinese Immortals FiguresLate 19th Century Chinese CeramicsPorcelainThis group of three Chinese immortals consists of Loo, Foo and Sho. The smallest is 16.5 inches, the tallest 19.25 inches. Each has its own custom-made wooden base. They range in depth ...View More Details >
XBeautiful 19th c.English Bamboo Tiered Stand with...19th Century English Lacquer19th c. Bamboo Tiered Stand, fitted with four shelves, each inset with an ebonized panel featuring floral branch and avian patterns, joined by bamboo supports ending in splayed feet, h....View More Details >
Fine Black Lacquer Sideboard
Greenwich Oriental Antiques
XFine Black Lacquer Sideboard1880s Chinese FurnitureLacquerA refined and elegant black lacquer sideboard with four drawers on top of two pairs of doors, brass fitting, beautiful color, form and lines.View More Details >
XJapan, Gold Lacquer Writing Box "Suzuribako," Edo ...Mid-19th Century Japanese Edo LacquerThe rounded rectangular box designed with a river going through a rocky landscape among pines and pavilion. The interior of a well-appointed pavilion with rocks, a stream, blossoming pr...View More Details >
X19th Century Chinese Famille Verte Ginger Jar19th Century Chinese Qing CeramicsPorcelainChinese porcelain Ginger jar decorated with hand painted Famille verte enamels, depicting beauties playing with children in a garden. Formerly mounted as a lamp but holes restored (inv...View More Details >
Pair of Qajar Tiles, circa 1900
Cristina Ortega
XPair of Qajar Tiles, circa 19001890s Persian CeramicsPair of Qadjar tiles with original colors, late 19th century. French frames from the 30th. 39 x39x7cmView More Details >
Chinese Export Lacquer Sewing Box, 19th Century
Cristina Ortega
XChinese Export Lacquer Sewing Box, 19th Century19th Century Chinese Chinese Export LacquerThis Chinese export black and gilt lacquer box and cover, of oblong form is decorated in different tones of gold with landscapes showing buildings on foliage grounds, the interior has a...View More Details >
Fine Black Lacquer Table with Drawers
Greenwich Oriental Antiques
XFine Black Lacquer Table with DrawersEarly 20th Century Chinese FurnitureLacquerA simple and elegant black lacquer table, framed top supported by slender legs and joined by two drawers and a pair of doors, brass fitting, beautiful color and form.View More Details >
XChinese Bench with a Solid Wood Top and Round Post...19th Century Chinese FurnitureElmThis lightweight but very sturdy bench has a solid wood top and round posted legs.View More Details >
18th Century Chinese Round Cornered Cabinet
Pagoda Red
X18th Century Chinese Round Cornered Cabinet18th Century Chinese Qing FurnitureElmRound corner wood hinged cabinet with removable center stile, two interior drawers and two compartments with a protruding stretcher and panel below the door. There is a simple tongue an...View More Details >
XChina, Cantonese Charger with French Chinoiserie B...19th Century French Chinoiserie CeramicsBronze, PorcelainThis is a very unusual chinoiserie piece. The Chinese porcelain has an orange ground with bright nicely painted famille rose enamels depicting birds and flowers. It has a Tongzhi mark 1...View More Details >
Japan, Pair of Kutani Chargers, Meiji Period
Cristina Ortega
XJapan, Pair of Kutani Chargers, Meiji PeriodLate 19th Century Japanese Meiji CeramicsPorcelainThis pair of large porcelain chargers have a bright polychrome decoration of Wise men in gardens. Different borders but with the same color. Oval shape and size quite unusual. Japan, Ku...View More Details >
XChina, Ming Blue and White Bowl, End of the 16th C...16th Century Chinese Ming CeramicsPorcelainA very nice undercover blue and white Chinese porcelain bowl, outside decorated with flowers and scrolls, inside with a landscape and a lotus flower. China, end of the 16th century, Wan...View More Details >
XMonumental Chinese Bronze and Cloisonné Crane with...Late 19th Century Chinese Chinese Export MetalworkBronze, EnamelMonumental and fantastical Chinese cloisonné and bronze crane with candleholder and brass detailing. The bird is holding in its mouth the candleholder. This piece is in multiple separat...View More Details >
Antique Chinese Kitchen Cabinet / Armoire
FEA Home
XAntique Chinese Kitchen Cabinet / Armoire19th Century Chinese FurnitureInteresting Large Antique Chinese Armoire / Kitchen Cabinet with Open Fretwork Top. Interior Shelf with Drawer.View More Details >
XVery Original Japanese Bronze Lamp, Late Meiji Per...Early 20th Century Japanese Meiji Sculptures and CarvingsBronzeThis is a very original bronze lamp representing a little boy trying to catch a bird. Japan, early 20th century.View More Details >
Vintage Indian Embroidered Patchwork Spread
Reside Inc
XVintage Indian Embroidered Patchwork Spread1940s Indian Tribal TextilesCotton, MirrorA large and colorful vintage embroidered patchwork spread from Gujarat, India. Measures approximately 104" long x 80" wide.View More Details >
X19th Century Chinese Export Porcelain Rose Mandari...Late 19th Century Chinese Chinese Export CeramicsPorcelainVery fine and rare, 19th century Chinese porcelain rose Mandarin umbrella or cane stand, exceptionally well painted and glazed with Chinese warriors and imperial scenes. In very good co...View More Details >
X20th Century Chinese Porcelain Jar with Red Deer H...20th Century Chinese More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture20th century Chinese porcelain jar with red deer head handles and a painted depiction of a nature scene, modeled after the antique.View More Details >
Pair of Fine Black Lacquered Stools
Greenwich Oriental Antiques
XPair of Fine Black Lacquered StoolsEarly 20th Century Chinese FurnitureLacquerA pair of simple and refined black lacquer square stools, beautiful color, form and lines.View More Details >
XPair of 19th Century Chinese Ancestral Portrait Pa...19th Century Chinese Paintings and ScreensMonumental pair of 19th century Chinese ancestral portraits in giltwood frames under plexiglass. Size 65"x45" framed.View More Details >
XFine Black Lacquer Sideboard with Gold Gilt Floral...19th Century Chinese FurnitureLacquerA very refined and elegant black lacquer sideboard with muted gold gilt floral motif on two pairs of doors, brass fitting.View More Details >
19th Century Small Nashi-Ji Lacquer Tray
Galerie Tiago
X19th Century Small Nashi-Ji Lacquer Tray19th Century Japanese LacquerWoodSmall 19th century nashi-ji lacquer tray with a gilded and silvered hira maki-e lacquer decor of cranes flying over pavilions on water side under the pine trees.View More Details >
X19th Century Suzuribako Japanese Lacquer Calligrap...19th Century Japanese LacquerWood, CopperBlack lacquer Suzuribako with a gilt lacquer banana leaves decor. The black lacquered inside has several compartments, one suzuri (ink stone) and a water dropper adorned with scrolls.View More Details >
Guido Gambone Bowl Italy
Modern Design Connection
XGuido Gambone Bowl ItalyGuido Gambone1950s Italian Modern CeramicsGuido Gambone Ceramic vessel bowl by Guido Gambone. This features a graphic design in the interior with green glazes. The exterior is white with green lines. The bowl is signed with GA...View More Details >
XPair of Chinese Export Blue and White VasesMid-20th Century Chinese Chinese Export CeramicsA pair of Chinese Export blue and white porcelain vases, with a double happy motif, bold blue with a very nice design.View More Details >
X18th Century Chinese Carved Wood Motar18th Century Chinese Chinese Export Scholar's ObjectsWood18th Century or older Chinese Carved Motar, very heavy wood, subtle carving, some losses.View More Details >
20th Century Ginger Jars
O'Sullivan Antiques Dublin
X20th Century Ginger Jars1920s Chinese Chinese Export CeramicsA pair of early 20th century large ceramic ginger jars with lids, decorated with a koi fish motifView More Details >
X16th to 17th Century Tibetan Foot of the Buddha Tibetan Sculptures and CarvingsGilt copper foot from a monumental Tibetan temple Buddha. 16th or 17th century. Inscribed with the sacred Buddhist mark of the wheel of the law (Dharmachakra).View More Details >
XJapanese Couched Gold and Silk Embroidered Dragon ...Late 19th Century Japanese TextilesSilkLarge Japanese Couched Gold and Silk Embroidered Dragon Panel.View More Details >
X19th century Mogul Dynasty Walnut Table, Northern ...19th Century Indian FurnitureWalnut19th century Mogul Dynasty Walnut Table, Northern India Intricately carved with animal and floral motif vignettes including Islamic holy sites and mosques. Feet carved with crouching l...View More Details >
Haniwa Boar's Head 5th Century A.D. or Earlier
Asian Arts
XHaniwa Boar's Head 5th Century A.D. or Earlier15th Century and Earlier Japanese AntiquitiesHaniwa terracotta clay boar head made for ritual use and buried with the dead as funerary objects during the Kofun period (3rd to 6th centuries AD) Japan.View More Details >
X18th Century Tibetan Skull Bead RosaryLate 18th Century Tibetan Sculptures and CarvingsThis 18th Century Tibetan rosary (mala) is made up of 19 carved beads of bone (including the head bead) each of which bears the likeness of a human skull. This rosary would be used in c...View More Details >
Chinese Banner
Asian Arts
XChinese Banner19th Century Chinese TextilesChinese couched gold thread calligraphy banner. 19th Century.View More Details >
Pair of Embroidered Dragon Panels
Asian Arts
XPair of Embroidered Dragon PanelsEarly 19th Century Chinese TextilesSilkPair of Early 19th Century Chinese couched gold and silk thread embroideries. Mounted on stretchers.View More Details >
18th Century Tibetan Lama's Prayer Table
Asian Arts
X18th Century Tibetan Lama's Prayer TableLate 18th Century Tibetan FurnitureWood, Paint18th century Tibetan Lama’s prayer table. This wooden table features unusual decorative characters for good luck in Chinese, Tibetan, and Arabic. Tibetan Lamas would often travel to con...View More Details >
XRare illuminated Tibetan Medical Manuscript Leaves...Early 19th Century Tibetan Scholar's ObjectsRare illuminated Tibetan Medical Manuscript Leaves. Early 19th century. Gilt frame, glazed on both sides.View More Details >