Sorry, Nichole van Beek Doodad 2015 is not currently available.
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Travis Rice
2010s Abstract Geometric Abstract Paintings
Resin, Dye, Spray Paint, Acrylic, Panel
acrylic, spray paint, fabric dye, resin on panel Travis Rice received his MFA from Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. Influenced by his backgrou...
Rhubarb Pie
Maura Segal
2010s Abstract Geometric Mixed Media
Canvas, Paper, Acrylic
Thin black lines gracefully join the elements of the pink and white paint and textured paper to make an exquisite geometric composition. Her current work focuses on fluid lines with...
Geometric Mixed Media Abstract in Glass Shadobox
Don Foster
1990s Abstract Geometric Abstract Paintings
Brass, Glass, Acrylic
Wonderful geometric mixed media abstract by Don Foster encased in a glass shadowbox with a brass frame.
Freddy Chandra
2010s Abstract Geometric Mixed Media
Resin, Acrylic Polymer, Acrylic
Primary colors in Clearing are hues and tones of blue, green, orange, yellow, grey and lavender. In his paintings, Indonesian-American artist Freddy Chandra combines his studies ...

Smurfo Udirty
Lost in the Crowd, 2018

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Lost in the Crowd
Smurfo Udirty
21st Century and Contemporary Abstract Geometric Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Mixed Media, Acrylic
"Lost in the Crowd" by Smurfo Udirty is a unique acrylic and spray paint on canvas painting signed by the artist. The original painting measures 60" H x 46" W. The artist painted the...
Stone Quarry
Margo Hoff
20th Century Abstract Geometric Mixed Media
Housed in a custom frame; outer dimensions measure 48.5 x 40.5 x 1.75 inches. Image measures 48 x 40 inches. Mixed Media: acrylic, crayon and paper collage on board About the ...
Southernmost Painting: Colorful Abstract Geomet...
Vincent Pomilio
2010s Abstract Geometric Abstract Paintings
Acrylic, Pigment, Plaster, Wax, Wood Panel
Modern, abstract geometric mixed media painting on panel in shades of bright orange, teal and turquoise, green, and pale yellow 20 x 20 x 2 inches acrylic, pigmented plaster, and wa...
Moving Violation #7
Judith Foosaner
2010s Abstract Geometric Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Paper, Acrylic
acrylic and paper collage on stretched canvas Judith Foosaner’s images are filled with biomorphic forms, plant accumulation, and calligraphic marks, allowing the subtlety of line ...

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