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Christmas, the name of the painting, is above all a celebration of gaiety and joy.
Rachel Fariñas introduces us to the Virgin and Child in its own way, but in a contemporary and modern way. We can only like this interpretation which,
while respecting the rite, we are not guilty of sectarianism and we want to see this evolution: modernity, furniture, colors.
This painting was the cover of Prestige magazine, n. 67 in 2003
Dimension: 72 cm x 62 cm x 6 cm

The artist says:
My paintings are the medium that I dispose off to reflect on the reality beyond rational knowledge, to portray the beauty I always seek. When I paint, every element of the reality I am depicting is revealed as a carrier of truth and beauty, which confers them a different sense than its mere appearance or utility.
At this conceptual plane, everything is interrelated and I notice another existence that I’m unable to explain with words. Then, everyday life makes sense because I experience, like Rodin, that ‘it exists, above all, what the greatest part of people does not know to see: the unknown depths, the foundations of life’. So, what I can not express in concept, I do it with images,  and it is here where the world of symbols appears; the concepts of unveiling and hiding are connected in a symbol. Symbols, myths, dreams reveal what escapes from immediate experience, to consciousness.  
This is how I create shapes in my art work. In a tree I find the Natural Law of Development and Growth. In the circular, round, the Cyclical Law of the Sun and the Moon, and their celestial movements; the cycles of food, and water… Also the fabrics are important: everything is weaved, linked. 
There is no opposition between up and down, The one is reflection of the other.
To see and to contemplate is not the same. When I paint I attempt to contemplate, and I give this contemplation to other people, who will transform my signs in symbols and my symbols in signs. I never ask to follow my interpretations. You, the viewer, are the creator of a new meaning.
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