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Michelle Niday Interiors

Los Angeles, CA

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Michelle is a self-taught interior designer based in Los Angeles, Ca. who has been designing residence spaces for over 15 years. She grew up in the Boston area and moved to California after graduating from college. Living on both coasts and frequent trips to Europe greatly influenced her design aesthetic over the years. She learned to play with scale, drama and embraced the power of simplicity of form to incorporate a timeless classic style with a twist in all of her interiors. While every interior created by Michelle is new, fresh and unique, every space clearly reflects her brand each and every time.

Michelle, when asked to describe her design style, will use descriptives such as " deconstructed European", "classic with a few twists and turns", and her favorite, "perfectly imperfect". Clients seek her out for her natural ability to juxtapose antique and contemporary, raw vs refined, indoor with outdoor pieces. Most colors are not invited to her rooms unless they are used in small, unexpected ways or are if they are from the palest of palettes or even better yet, if the color is not quite identifiable! Instead she much prefers a neutral palette with a liberal use of graphic and textural punches! Some of her signature leave behinds include: striped walls/ fabrics, European plaster sculptures ( Paris art student style ) from a previous century, rustic floors layered with worn, faded or natural Sisal carpets.

Michelle has been working with clientele ( many in the Entertainment industry ) who seek out her expertise to give their homes a dramatic layered and collected look in a refreshingly quick timeframe! She makes it her business to hear what the client is saying and even more importantly what the client is not saying. She works hard to deliver results that are well beyond the clients expectation and imagination! She gives a concierge service to her select clientele, making herself available 24/7 even when traveling the world! As a result, the majority of her business comes from very happy client referrals. Her truest reward is seeing the look of pure joy on her clients faces as they take their first peek