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Robbins Architecture

Robbins Architecture

Winnetka, IL

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Modernism is not an edgy, severe aesthetic.

It is a collection of design principles—a balance of scale, an emphasis on the movement within and between spaces, and a connection to nature.

As architects, we choreograph those principles to create warm and livable homes that connect deeply with the people who live in them. Each space embodies who they are, what they love and how they live, whether that is tucked in the mountains, overlooking the ocean or towering above a city.

Every choice we make is purposeful, with a dedication to detail, a discerning eye and a mind for creative, elegant solutions. And each decision shapes the home into livable art—the seamless flow between indoors and outdoors, the framing of expansive views, the play of light along the walls.

Our clients allow us to be artists. Together, we build a more meaningful home.