"Uai" Coffee Table by Tunico T.


Laminated patchwork bench from the "Uai" collection made from a variety of solid Brazilian exotic hardwoods and designed by Tunico T. Wood types include White Sucupira, Black Sucupira, Vinhatico, Peroba do Campo, Angico, Tamboril, Eucalipto Citriodora, Pau-ferro, Vazante, Roxinho, and Muirapiranga. The single cone shaped leg is made of solid Vinhatico wood. A similar bench with slightly different coloration is also available.
Tunico T. lives in Brasilia with his wife and two of his children. He finds his raw materials in the surrounding â??Cerrado,â?? the largest savannah region in South America. For over thirty years, Tunico T. has scrupulously enforced that neither he nor his trackers cut down living wood. Instead, he extends the life of expired Brazilian hardwoods, fallen or sawn long ago, and transports their beauty into the indoors. Each piece begins as material that is meticulously selected by hand and evolves into a creation of equally meticulous hand craftsmanship. It is a tactile communion that is endemically Brazilian—and one that is only newly appreciated on an international level. That Tunico T. is so poised to capture worldwide interest utterly defies the economic disadvantages dealt to the artist in his youth.

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