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Discover the unique style and flair of Brazil’s talented designers, inspired by the culture of their home to create beautiful things for yours.

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Move over classic mid-century mod. Contemporary designers and dealers from São Paulo and beyond are redefining Brazilian furniture while honoring the legacy of local legends.

Curator Aric Chen and dealer Zesty Meyers shed some much-needed light on a confounding — and sensual — movement in mid-century design.

With the world's eyes on Rio, we're taking a closer look at interior design in Brazil. Scroll down to see some of the country's most beautiful and innovative homes.

Designed by Studio Mellone

The son of one of Brazil's most celebrated mid-20th-century designers and a star student of another, Zanini de Zanine is making a name all his own with furniture designs that bridge the gap between modern and contemporary while using repurposed materials in innovative ways.