Circle Series: Feminine with Leap (AR Alternate)



An intangible chromatic glass body, floating in code & light. A leap into quiet calm, a curious suspension in space, like a stone mid-skip across the water. A high-tech haunting, glitched into exquisite being. Artwork made in Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR), and presented in a 2.21min .mp4 short film. Virtual sculpture made by hand in VR using Tilt Brush. Soundtrack by Roger Alsop. Short film shot on an iPhone 12 Pro Max, using Adobe Aero, & edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. Shot on location at The Grand Hotel Melbourne. ‘Circle Series: Feminine with Leap (AR Alternate)’ was a finalist in the Digital Art/NFTs, and in the Augmented Reality categories at the QLD XR Festival 2021. ‘Circle Series: Feminine with Leap (AR Alternate)’ is part of ReVerse Butcher’s ‘Circle Series’, an ongoing series of multimedia works that explore the complexities of the human form, cycles, glitches in being, (r)evolution(s), permutations, & fragmentation. ReVerse Butcher often visits & revisits this series of artworks across several different mediums including (but not limited to), traditional drawing, digital art, VR/AR art, film, projection art, photography, collage, poetry, etc. Each alternate created through these permutations can never be identical to another one in the same sequence, and it is the progression through anomaly, through de- or re-construction where breakthroughs occur. Each time the pattern insists on another expression, it fragments a little, and those fragments are evidence of progressive magick.
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MP4 Digital Video
1920 x 886
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ReVerse Butcher is a multi-disciplinary artist with focuses in making Virtual & Augmented Reality art, film-making, unique artist’s books, collages, traditional/digital visual art, writing & performance. She will use any medium necessary to engage and subvert reality until it is less dull and oppressive. When she grows up she wants to be a well-read recluse. She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.