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Madison Avenue Flagship for Smythson
Retail by Waldo Works Studio in New York, NY

The design of the interior and façade for British luxury lifestyle brand Smythson captures the spirit of a Georgian home, whilst paying homage to the studio’s design of the London flagship on New Bond Street.

The façade of the building features six hand-painted and gilded windows with backdrops in the brand’s signature Nile Blue, designed to appear as magnified versions of Smythson’s iconic gilt-edged notebooks. The interior space throughout is peppered with English antiques, and wall treatments of herringbone grey and white sycamore veneer with nickel detailing, reflecting the symbiosis of historicism and modernism that underpins the Smythson narrative and identity. A marble chevron floor feature creates a sightline that draws the eye through each space deeper into the store.

Each space within the store houses different collections, from The Collection Hall, through the Atrium with gold-stamping desk, through to The Library and Bespoke Room for personal stationery and invitations.

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Photography: Skyler Smith