Sorry, Lisa Kellner Arioso for Spring, Pickering 2016 is not currently available.
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Black Hole Machine 3
Len Klikunas
Gesso, Canvas, Wood, Mixed Media
Artist Len Klikunas paints to modify experienced reality through visual perception. The Blocks series is a mix of art and architecture, hovering between painting and sculpture. It em...
Bio Bloom 9
Kay Hartung
Thread, Pastel, Encaustic, Wood Panel
Kay Hartung’s “Bio Bloom 9” is a delicate image of her interpretation of cell growth within the body. The 16 x 16 inch painting, on 2 inch deep birch panel, is part of her series of ...
Bio Fusion 7
Kay Hartung
Thread, Pastel, Encaustic, Wood Panel
Kay Hartung’s “Bio Fusion 7” is a mixed media encaustic and pastel abstract painting in ochre, teal and rust, with actual thread embedded in the surface and composed of microscopic i...
Saddle Bag for a Cowgirl
Maureen Fenton-Hansen
Thread, Paper, Printer's Ink
"Saddle Bags" by Maureen Fenton-Henson (American, 1946-2007). Signed "Fenton" and dated "74" lower right. Titled "Saddle Bags" lower middle and numbered "4/6" lower left. Unframed. I...
Shauna La
Canvas, Mixed Media, Acrylic
Shauna La explores the relationships between lines and emotion, color and thought in her dynamic acrylic and mixed media works. Ranging from small canvases with muted color impassion...
Emotional Line 009
Kyong Lee
Paper, Acrylic, Pencil
Pencil and acrylic on fabriano-tela paper. Unframed. In her work, Lee is responding to her emotional experiences within her physical surroundings. Color is her primary visual langu...
Brent Hallard
Paper, Acrylic
Acrylic on 300 lb Arches. Unframed. Hallard works with the themes of space and geometry, manipulating images and arrangements of objects in order to challenge the perception of the ...
The Great Dominions
Matthew Langley
Paper, Acrylic, Wood Panel
Acrylic on paper mounted on wood panel. Unframed. This artwork comes from a series of divergent strategies. One of building and extending - the other of reducing and minimizing. Th...