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ESPASSO specializes in modern and contemporary Brazilian furniture. The showroom is committed to conserving Brazil's rich 20th Century design heritage and promoting the work of today's leading designers. As a premier resource for mid-century and contemporary design, ESPASSO has since the outset become a thriving outpost for interior designers, architects, artists, collectors and museums. The brand has come to be recognized internationally for the finest quality, service and innovative nature of the work it represents. ESPASSO has locations in New York, Los Angeles, Lon...Read More


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Sergio Rodrigues
2010- Brazil Mid-Century Modern Footstools
The "Mocho" stool was the very first piece of furniture designed by master Sergio Rodrigues. Designed in 1954, the stool takes aesthetic and functional cues from a tradit...
Claudia Moreira Salles
2010- Brazil Other Floor Lamps
The Cantante floor lighting by Brazilian designer Claudia Moreira Salles is made from fallen native Brazilian tree trunks, every piece is one-of-a-kind. The light reflected on the wo...
Sergio Rodrigues
2000-2009 Brazil Modern Armchairs
Marked by sculptural lines, the elegant "Diz" armchair is visually lightweight and outstandingly ergonomic. The organic, undulating lines are a natural progression of Rodri...
Jean Gillon
Vintage 1960-1969 Brazil Mid-Century Modern Armchairs
The Amazonas armchair designed by Jean Gillon riffs on the aesthetics and techniques of Brazilian fishermen's boats and nets for their structures and materials. Circa 1960's. Sold as...
Sergio Rodrigues
21st Century Brazil Mid-Century Modern Armchairs
Leather, Beech
Originally designed in 1971 for Brasilia’s iconic Palácio Itamaraty, which houses the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil, the "Jimi" armchair has been reissued since ...
Lina Bo Bardi
Vintage 1940-1949 Brazil Mid-Century Modern Armchairs
Inspired by hammocks found inside cargo-passenger boats navigating along the São Francisco River in Brazil. The "Três Pés" armchair designed in 1948 is made of lightweight ...
José Zanine Caldas
21st Century Brazil Mid-Century Modern Armchairs
The Cuca armchair was originally designed in 1950 by the late Brazilian designer José Zanine Caldas. Base structure made in aged freijó wood Upholstery fabric 903 Matching ottom...
Asa Desk by Arthur Casas
$8,000 Sale Price
45% Off
Arthur Casas
2000-2009 Brazil Modern Desks and Writing Tables
"Asa" desk by Arthur Casas with adjustable wings. Arthur Casas´ intention when designing the ingenious desk was to be able to quickly hide "the mess we leave on our ...
Claudia Moreira Salles
2000-2009 Brazil Dining Room Tables
The striking "Fresta" dining table designed by Claudia Moreira Salles features superimposed frames for its base, providing a structurally simple and conveniently functional...
Jorge Zalszupin
2010- Brazil Mid-Century Modern Sideboards
Simplicity and function characterize the modules that make up the versatile "Componível" sideboard/ nightstand by Jorge Zalszupin. Originally designed in the 1960s. Lead T...
Jorge Zalszupin
Vintage 1950-1959 Brazil Mid-Century Modern Carts and Bar Carts
A Brazilian Modernist Classic, the 'JZ' was designed in the 1950s by Jorge Zalszupin. Its pair of slender but oversized brass wheels dramatically play off the triangle-sided bottom s...
Zanini de Zanine
21st Century Brazil Modern Benches
Stainless Steel
The revisteiro bench by Brazilian designer Zanini de Zanine is handcrafted in recycled EcoSteel stainless. Limited edition of 100. Each piece is individually numbered and certified.

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