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Gracie was established in New York City in 1898 by Charles R. Gracie and continues to be a family-run business to this day. Mr. Gracie began his business in providing custom lamps, often using unusual accessories and vases and adapting them for use as lamps. His business expanded into Asian antiques in the 20's and 30's, focusing on collecting and dealing in antique Chinese and Japanese furniture, screens and porcelains. During the 1930's, a friend of Mr. Gracie's, a textile trader, returned from a visit to China with a roll of exquisite hand painted wallpapers that he ...Read More


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Mid-20th Century Japan Paintings and Screens
Two panel Japanese screen with moon and rabbits. Shōwa period, c. 1930
Antique Late 19th Century Japan Decorative Boxes
Very large round 19th century Japanese lacquer covered box with pawlonia leaf crests.
Early 20th Century Japan Decorative Boxes
Early 20th century Japanese black lacquer box with design of cherry blossoms, pine trees and water.
Vintage 1980-1989 United States Dressers
Vintage dresser with hand painted Gracie wallpaper panel applied on drawer fronts and sides, lacquered.
Antique Late 19th Century Japan Antiquities
A pair of late 19th century Japanese cloisonné vases with reserves of landscape design.
Vintage 1920-1929 Japan More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture
A large wooden Japanese figure of a deer with Wakasa lacquer finish. Early 20th century.
Mid-20th Century Japan Decorative Boxes
A beautiful early-mid 20th century Japanese lacquer box with design of scattered fans.
Vintage 1920-1929 Japan Planters and Jardinieres
A very large pair of early 20th century Japanese planters, made of cloisonné. With very detailed borders, and gorgeous colors. These would be perfect indoors to hold large plants,...
2010- China Paintings and Screens
A luminous Gracie screen, with hand-painted design of flowering trees, birds and butterflies in silver with fine line details in black, on Lilac silk background. Silk is also app...
Early 20th Century Japan Lacquer
An unusually large antique Japanese lacquer tray with intricate design of scattered fans on a black lacquer background. Silver edge around top.
Antique 19th Century Japan Sculptures
A beautiful antique pair of Koma-inu figures. These figures were guardians of the Buddha and would have stood outside a temple. Originally, they would have been decorated with colorf...
Early 20th Century China Ceramics
A large pair of Chinese early 20th century crackleware jars with lids. Design of large mythical animals and auspicious symbols, with ornate borders.

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