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Gracie was established in New York City in 1898 by Charles R. Gracie and continues to be a family-run business to this day. Mr. Gracie began his business in providing custom lamps, often using unusual accessories and vases and adapting them for use as lamps. His business expanded into Asian antiques in the 20's and 30's, focusing on collecting and dealing in antique Chinese and Japanese furniture, screens and porcelains. During the 1930's, a friend of Mr. Gracie's, a textile trader, returned from a visit to China with a roll of exquisite hand painted wallpapers that he ...Read More


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Pair of Lacquer Samurai Abumi 'Stirrups'
Pair of Lacquer Samurai Abumi 'Stirrups'
Antique 19th Century Japanese Lacquer
A very decorative pair of Japanese samurai stirrups (Abumi), with red lacquer interior and gold wheat design over brown lacquer.
Japanese Lacquer Box with Scattered Fans
Japanese Lacquer Box with Scattered Fans
Mid-20th Century Japanese Decorative Boxes
A beautiful early-mid 20th century Japanese lacquer box with design of scattered fans.
Pair of Chinese 18th Century Wooden Cabinets
Pair of Chinese 18th Century Wooden Cabinets
Antique 18th Century and Earlier Chinese Cabinets
A wonderful pair of 18th century Chinese simple wooden double door cabinets made of elmwood. Inside each cabinet are two drawers and a shelf. There is simple metal hard...
Meiji Bronze Duck Screen Weights
Meiji Bronze Duck Screen Weights
Antique Late 19th Century Japanese Metalwork
A wonderful pair of antique Japanese heavy bronze screen weights, in the shape of ducks, with touches of gilt. These would have been used to support a Japanese screen, to prevent ...
Large Japanese Lacquer Tray
Early 20th Century Japanese Lacquer
An unusually large antique Japanese lacquer tray with intricate design of scattered fans on a black lacquer background. Silver edge around top.
Red Chinese Lacquer Table with Geometric Legs
Early 20th Century Chinese Furniture
An interesting low Chinese antique lacquer table. With incised and detailed landscape and figure design and intricate borders. Unusual legs of geometric form.
Beautifully Detailed Model Palanquin
Antique 19th Century Japanese More Furniture and Collectibles
Lacquer, Wood
An amazing, intricately detailed miniature Japanese palanquin, 18th-19th century. Full scale palanquins were used to carry wealthy Japanese, particularly royalty. This piece has all ...
Three-Fold Chinoiserie Leather Screen
Antique Mid-19th Century European Screens and Room Dividers
An interesting and decorative 19th century three-panel screen, made of leather, with hand-painted design. Central portion with black background and bird and floral design. Borders...
Chinoiserie Lacquer Coffee Table
21st Century and Contemporary American Coffee and Cocktail Tables
Coffee table with hand-painted floral design in gold, and handmade lacquer finish in very dark brown.
18th Century Chinese Wine Table
Antique Early 18th Century Chinese Tables
A beautiful Chinese elmwood wine table, with raised lip around the top and nicely carved apron. From Shanxi province.
Chinese Pottery Table
Antique 16th Century Chinese Ceramics
Chinese Ming Dynasty miniature altar table with six offerings, including vase, candle holder, food, pigs head, and pomegranates. All items are pottery, partially glazed.
Antique Chinese Console with Drawers
Antique 19th Century Chinese Console Tables
19th century Chinese console table with four drawers in apron, and simple hardware.

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