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Stuff Tom Likes, The Thomas Callaway Collection

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Mid-20th Century United States Folk Art Outsider and Self Taught Art
A sculptural figure made from tin cans, bottle tops, paint, wire, and rivets. It has moveable joints due to the cans being connected with wire and some rivets. It is a charming coll...
Gorham Manufacturing Company
Early 20th Century United States Aesthetic Movement Sterling Silver
This striking, sterling Loving Cup style is large and impressive. It can hold two to three dozen of your favorite roses or other flowers. The mouth of the vase is 8.50 inches wide an...
Vintage 1950-1959 United States Mid-Century Modern Paintings
Canvas, Oak
This representational double portrait of a couple is signed with initials "MN" in the lower left corner, by an unidentified artist. It is a flat, washed out image, perhaps...
Vintage 1950-1959 United States Mid-Century Modern Outsider and Self Tau...
Canvas, Oak
A small oil painting on canvas. It is a naive portrait of an American soldier in uniform. It appears to be framed in a handmade oak frame along with handcrafted pine stretcher bars, ...
Antique 19th Century Mexico Spanish Colonial Paintings
Canvas, Wood, Paint
A 19th century oil painting on canvas, mounted to a small panel of pine wood. There is a figure of Christ below a green cross, rising into blue sky with a cloud motif. This charming,...
Mid-20th Century Sweden Bohemian Paintings
Canvas, Gold Leaf, Wood, Paint
This oil painting is signed Eel Jah, 1945. Possibly painted by Evert Ernst Lundquist, a popular Swedish artist in the 1940s. He was awarded the prince Eugen medal for his work in 196...
Mid-20th Century United States Arts and Crafts Paintings
Canvas, Wood, Paint
An oil painted still life on canvas board of Southwestern Native American artifacts on a flat surface, including a Kachina Doll, a basket, a terra cotta pot, and a weaving. It is fr...
Early 20th Century United States Native American Native American Objects
Wood, Paint
A Northwest Coast Native American carving of a bird (perhaps a Raven), of painted wood, circa 1900- 1920, by unknown artist. The carving has a charming character and is positioned at...
Antique Late 19th Century France Early Victorian Architectural Models
Sheet Metal, Tin, Wire, Wood, Paint
This good sized French bird cage is painted a dark green. Over time the paint has become heavily distressed, showing a mustard paint beneath the green, with occasional chips, cracks,...
Laguna Santero
Antique Late 19th Century Mexico Spanish Colonial Sculptures and Carvings
Paste, String, Wood, Paint, Paper
A small Bulto of Santiago Matamoros mounted on his customary white horse, set inside a soft-pink painted wood box (portable shrine) with charming, pink paper flowers and Primitive, f...
Antique 1840-1849 France Louis Philippe Paintings
Canvas, Wood, Oil Paint
A small oil painting in excellent condition with canvas remounted. It is framed in a gold leafed frame, perhaps the original. It is signed by the artist on the lower left, however th...
Early 20th Century Mexico Folk Art Decorative Bowls
Clay, Majolica
Two small, vintage, Mexican pottery bowls, with same colors (yellow and green) but with different decorative patterns around the exterior. Likely produced in the 1930s or 1940s, thes...

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