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Fiona Barratt Interiors

Fiona Barratt Interiors

London, ENG

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About Fiona Barratt Interiors

Fiona Barratt Interiors is an architecture and design studio led by interior Designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell and based in London, United Kingdom. The studio is known for bringing each project’s original, and often historic, elements to the fore, resulting in an aesthetic that reflects the relaxed ethos of its locality. Fiona and her team work closely with clients, crafting spaces that feel personal and reflective of those who will live there. Architecture, design and objects are given equal consideration and care, and are brought together in ways that feel natural and authentic. This carefully honed aesthetic preserves the best of the past while producing a startlingly new point-of-view.

At the studio’s heart is the passion for style and creativity, combining quality and functionality with an understanding of the many facets of a space. Fiona’s philosophy is the exploration of aesthetics; fluid and elegant spaces are born with an understanding of the aspirations of the client, the relevance of the location and maximisation of the elements of the space. She develops these with imagination, vision and alchemy. The result of this attention to detail is an interior that tells a story and most importantly an interior that evokes an emotion.

Born and raised in Northumberland, Fiona has always drawn on the rich history and rugged landscape of her childhood, combining the strong identity of the North with the grandeur of Roman architecture. Design runs in Fiona’s DNA with her greatest inspiration being her grandfather, Sir Lawrie Barratt.

“My interest in property, architecture and interiors began with him, and a strong work ethic runs in the Barratt blood,” she says.

Known for her textures, inspired by the legacy of history and the infinity of the natural world, Fiona embraces the brave mix of finishes and materials, the experimentation of layering and compositions run throughout each element of her work. Defined by bold and symmetrical silhouettes with intricate finishes, Fiona’s signature style blends sophisticated neutrals interlaced with bursts of accent colour. Although this more modern theme remains core to her interiors, Fiona experiments with antiques, particularly 20th century pieces.

Fiona’s interior spaces provide the framework to explore a way of life; whether that is spending time with family, socialising with friends, sharing ideas or escaping into a utopia.

“A successful interior should enhance, not dictate, the way you live.”


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