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Kendall Wilkinson Design

Kendall Wilkinson Design

San Francisco, CA

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About Kendall Wilkinson Design

The artful translation of luxury interiors

Known for creating interiors formed around connection and experience, Kendall Wilkinson fashions together spaces that elicit an emotional response. The California native has been widely celebrated for her artful interpretations of her discerning clients' visions. It was through the lens of aesthetic individuality that the designer established her eponymous San Francisco firm in 1992. Now, over 30 years later, Kendall Wilkinson Design continues to render residences that accentuate both beauty and comfort.

Intent on creating luxury interior spaces that reflect the lives of the people who live there, Kendall Wilkinson Design was formed around one central theme: Individualism. It’s in that narrative that KWD finds its heartbeat and threads a theme of livable luxury and connection from room to room. With an emphasis on quality materials, customization and comfort, each intriguing space is created with intention and thoughtfulness around the clients that call these rooms home.

KWD’s portfolio features commercial and residential spaces throughout the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, Southern California, Hawaii, the Rockies, and the East Coast. The studio’s robust team of differing areas of expertise allows them to be responsive and comprehensive in the services and styles offered.

With a foundation built on a classic design sensibility, Kendall’s style continues to evolve with every project she engages. “As designers, we are informed by artistic, cultural and technological shifts,” Kendall says of her tailored approach to interior design. And, in support of her aesthetic evolution, Kendall adds to her list of titles fabric designer, thanks to her array of successful textile collections with Fabricut. Kendall shares that, “Ultimately, it’s about bringing the vision of the client to life through creativity and service.”