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Reath Design

Reath Design

Los Angeles, CA

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About Reath Design

Frances Merrill was born and raised in Greenwich Village, NYC. Deeply inspired by her time spent working at her late relative Jim Thompson's legendary Thai fabric house, she moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to study textile design before launching Reath Design in 2009.

Informed by her background in textile design, Merrill’s love of color, pattern and texture in fabrics is very central to her body of work. Striving to create spaces meant to be lived in, not just looked at, her interiors are natural, layered, collected works meant to evolve with the people that live in them. A belief that sentimental objects always have a place in one’s home is a tenet Merrill steadfastly adheres to. Classic furniture silhouettes are covered in unexpected fabrics, creating a mixture of tradition and exoticism that embodies Merrill's innate warmth coupled with her acute attention to detail.

Known for her casually elegant approach to articulating indoor and outdoor living spaces, Merrill is involved not only in the design aspect of each project, but also in the construction and architectural planning side: redefining existing spaces is one of the most exciting prospects for her when starting with a new client.


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