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Discover extraordinary pieces from
Roman and other ancient cultures,
through the 15th century CE.

Hellenistic Marble Head of an Athlete, 300 BCE

Roman Bronze Griffin Feet, 100 CE

Luristan Bronze Spear Head, 1st Millenium BCE

Greek Red Figure Pelike Vase, 350 BCE

Tang Dynasty Painted Pottery Horse, 618–907 CE

Roman Baby Feeder, ca. 350 BCE

Roman Marble Male Torso, 2nd Century CE

Roman Gold Solidus Coin of Emperor Constantius II, 355 CE

Roman Ostrich Egg Wool Spinning Set, 100 CE

Hellenistic Gold Earring, 300 BCE

Apulian Epichysis Jug, ca. 300–400 BCE

Greek Silver Tetradrachm
Coin, 413 BCE

Egyptian Bronze Statue of Amun, 664 BCE

Roman Gold Signet Ring, 2nd Century CE

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