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Yuri Larin
Russian Landscape (abstract painting)


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Yuri Larin (1936-2014). Landscape, 1984. Watercolor on paper, 16.5 x 16.5 inches. Mounted on cardboard sheet measuring 24 x 28 inches. Signed and dated lower left. Excellent condition. Image is painted on verso side of block print wallpaper sheet of Russian manufacture. Sheet is carefully hinged at corners and can be removed from cardboard backing with relative ease. Estate of Giovanni and Dagmar Migliuolo, NYC. Giovanni Migliuolo is the former Italian Ambassador to the United Nations, USSR and Egypt. Yuri Larin, also Yuriy Larin (1936–2014) is a Russian painter and graphic artist, a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1977. Larin was born in Moscow to the family of a key Soviet political leader, Nikolay Bukharin, and Anna Larina. Following the arrests of his parents in 1938 and until 1946, he lived with his relatives, and following the arrest of his step-father, he was taken to an orphanage near Stalingrad. A hydraulic engineer by training, he worked at the construction of the Saratov Hydro-Electric Plant and at design institutions. In 1960, he began his studies at the department of drawing and painting of the Krupskaya People’s University of Arts, and then, from 1965 until 1970, he studied at the department of art design at the Moscow State Higher School of Arts and Industry (the former Stroganov Institution). His career as a professional artist began in the early 1970s. From 1970 until 1986, he taught at the Moscow 1905 Memorial Arts School. His letter to prof. Vittorio Strada sent in 1980 contained the first statement of his artistic method he would later dub the “concept of the limit state”. He quit teaching after a serious illness, when he lost the ability to use his right hand. He only worked with his left hand since 1986. He died and was buried in Moscow. Exhibitions: 1981 The sixth All-Union watercolor exhibition. Moscow 1982 Personal exhibition in Moscow Drama Theater after M.N.Ermolova (together with Ye.Kravchenko). Moscow. 1985 The eighth All-Union watercolor exhibition. Moscow 1987 The ninth All-Union watercolor exhibition. Moscow. 1989 Personal watercolor exhibition. Gallery “Books&Company Art”, NY, USA Personal exhibition. The Central House of the Artist on Krymskiy Val, Moscow. 13 Biennale of the countries of the Baltic Region in Rostock, Germany. 1992 Personal exhibition of Russian and German landscapes. Duren, Germany. The exhibition of the Russian graphics. Gallery «Raissa». Erfurt, Germany. 1993 Personal exhibition in exhibition hall of magazine “Nashe Nasledie” (Russian Cultural Foundation), Moscow 1994 Personal watercolor exhibition. Gallery “The Art of the XX century”. Bonn, Germany 1996 Personal exhibition of portraits and landscapes. World Bank Moscow Office 1997 Personal exhibition “From Italian cycle”. The State Institute of Art Studies. Moscow Exhibition “THe Russian Art of the second half of the XX century. Harmony of Contrasts”. The Academy of Arts of the Russian Federation. Moscow. 1998 Personal exhibition “The seasons of Yuriy Larin. From the Russian cycle”. Moscow State Museum of Vadim Sidur. Exhibition of new collections and gifts. Historical-Architectural and Art Museum “New Jerusalem”. Istra. Moscow region. 2000 Exhibition “Image and transformation in art”. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russian Cultural Foundation. Moscow Personal exhibition “German landscapes in the eyes of the Russian artist”. Gallery “Yunge”, Dortmund, Germany. 2001 Exhibition “East and West”. Historical-Architectural and Art Museum “New Jerusalem”. Istra. Moscow region. Exhibition devoted to nudes. Gallery on Peschanaya. Moscow. 2002 Personal exhibition “Yuriy Larin. The works of different years”. Bulgarian Cultural Center, Art-studio “TAGRY”. Moscow. 2004 Personal exhibition “YURIY LARIN. Harmony and plasticity”. Radischev Saratov State Art Museum. 2006 Personal exhibition “Saint-Pol-de-Mar”. Exhibition hall of Magazine “Nashe Nasledie”. Moscow. 2011 Personal exhibition “Harmony and plasticity. The artist Yuriy Larin’s works”. Museum-reserve Tsaritsyno. Moscow. 2013 Personal exhibition and album presentation. Yuriy Larin “Selected”. Gallery “Kino”. 9-18 October, 2013 Personal exhibition “Yuriy Larin’s space”. State Literature Museum. January, 29 - February, 23 2015 Personal exhibition “The reality of the space lighting” The gallery of Nazarov. Lipetsk. March, 14- April, 11. Personal exhibition “Yuriy Larin. Monolog of a happy person” State Museum of St.Petersburg’s History. Petropavlovskaya fortress, Nevskaya courtina.July, 30 - September, 13 2016 Personal exhibition “Yuriy Larin. Art- timeless plot. Yaroslavl Art Museum. December, 12, 2015 - February, 18, 2016 2016 Personal exhibition “The geography of light. Art and graphic of Yuriy Larin”. Moscow. Noviy Manej. April. 1 - April, 24, 2016 Museum Collections: The State Russian Museum Saint Petersburg The State Tretyakov Gallery Moscow The State Museum of Oriental Art Moscow Radischev Art Museum in Saratov Saratov Historical-Architectural and Art Museum “New Jerusalem” Istra (Moscow Region) Branch of the State Museum of People’s Art in Armenia Dilijan The Union of Art Museums and the centers of aesthetic education of the republic Udmurtiya Ijevsk Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts Volgograd Tomsk Regional Art Museum Tomsk Eastern-Kazakhstan Art Museum Semey Moscow State Museum of Vadim Sidur Moscow Andrey Sakharov Museum Moscow State Literature Museum Moscow The collection of the magazine “Nashe Nasledie” Moscow The collection of the Heinrich Boell Foundation Berlin Chronology: May, 8, 1936 Yuriy Larin was born in Moscow in a family of a prominent statesman Nikolay Ivanovich Bukharin and Anna Mikhaylovna Larina; 1938–1946 years After his parents’ arrest the artist was brought up by his relatives- Boris Izrailevich and Ida Grigorievna Gusman 1946 After B.I.Gusman’s arrest was raised in an orphanage from the age of 10 near Stalingrad (Volgograd); Since the childhood the artist demonstrated his turn for arts that he inherited from his father (it’s known that N.I.Bukharin was a gifted artist-amateur). 1949 Sent to the camp. 1956 At the age of twenty when A.M.Larina returned from the Stalinist camp, learned for the first time his father’s name which was N.I.Bukharin; 1958 Graduated Novocherkassk Engineering-Melioration Institute, which he was enrolled into under the influence of his farther B.I.Gusman. 1958-60 Work as hydraulics civil engineer on the construction of Hydroelectric Power Station in Saratov and in project organizations; Underwent tuberculosis 1960 With his mother A.M.Larina got permission to come back to Moscow; Started distance education at People’s University of Arts after N.K.Krupskaya at the department of drawing and painting (professor A.S. Trofimov) 1970 Yuriy Larin graduated from Moscow State Higher Art-Industry School ( Stragonovka), faculty of artwork development (industrial design), enrolled in 1965; Starts his career of a professional artist; from 1970 to 1986 teaches at Moscow Academy of Art in remembrance of 1905; here starts long creative cooperation with V.A.Volkov, the son of the prominent Soviet artist A.N.Volkov. Gets married. The wife - Inga Yakovlevna Ballod, an architect by training, writer and journalist. 1970-1974 Worked from life on landscapes (watercolor and oil). Works in traditional realistic direction, the main aim is to deliver different conditions of the nature (landscape conditions) 1972 Welcomes his son Nikolay from 1972 Takes part in Moscow, Russian and All-Union exhibitions; the second half of the 1970s Works on portraits, still-lifes, nude, continuing working on landscapes 1974 Trip to Kuban as a part of the group of the Union of Artist of RSFSR, the creation of watercolor landscapes of local nature, which set the beginning of the cycle “Caucasus”; Yuriy Larin works harder on the creation of his own formal signature, and on his own theory of art (for details see the letter of Y.Larin to V.Strada) 1975 First trip to the House of Creativity of the Union of Artists “Goryachiy Klyuch”, creation of new watercolors of Caucasus cycle. 1976 The end of the nature period. As a turning point in the artist’s career was a period when he worked at the House of Creativity “Cheluskinskaya” near Moscow. Starting from this period landscapes, portraits and still-lifes are drawn from memory. Using only some pencil sketches that are done from real life. Long walks around the neighborhoods of Cheluskinskaya, trips to Abramtsevo, Klazma served as a strong impetus to the development of cycle of Moscow region landscapes. 1977 Became part of Moscow Union of Artists in USSR. “Watercolors of Y.B.Larin are the world of senciar relationships between the artist and nature. The plots of his works are extremely simple, unsophisticated, but behind all that there is a whole concept: the living nature is shaped by the eyes of the artist into one-piece space masses, human creations as ships, cranes, bridges get soft, kind forms; dissolved they become part of complete, modern and artistically convincing form” (V.A.Volkov. From the reference given to Y.Larin to become part of Moscow Union of Artists in 1975) “Yuriy Borisovich Larin appears to me as a serious and deep artist,... mature artist. His watercolors are of proof of having coloristic gift, high culture and material understanding” (M.P.Miturich. From the reference given to Y.Larin to become part of Moscow Union of Artists in 1975) 1977 Yuriy Larin directs a group of young Moscow artists in their trip to Olskiy area of Magadan region. Creates a series of landscapes of Magadan nature. 1980 In the letter to V.Strada finally justifies the theoretical part of his artistic method, later calls it the concept of limit state. The end of the 1970s - the beginning of the 1980s Devoted four years to the translation of the book of S.Cohen, professor of Princeton University, about N.I.Bukharin. Ye.A.Gnedin was helping him to translate the book, they were meeting every Thursday. Afterwards, while publishing the Russian version of the book in the USA the translators Y.LArin and Ye.Gnedin were credited under pseudonyms Ye. and Y. Chetvergovy. Yevgeniy Alexandrovich Gnedin is a prominent Soviet diplomat, staff member of M.M. Litvinov, died in 1983. Y.Larin considers him to be one of the most incredible people of the XX century. Meets famous collectionner from Moscow Ya.Ye. Rubinshtein, who buys six works of the artist (oil and watercolor); Fall, 1981–1982 Again works at the House of Creativity “Goryachiy Klyuch”. As a result the Caucasus series are enlarged with first oil works. The long contact with the nature of Caucasus influenced greatly the creative development of the artist. 1980 The artist creates the cycle of the watercolors of Moscow region in winter, the part of which will be purchased by Ya.Ye. Rubinstein and the Russian Museum; V.Volkov indicated in the works “a new approach to the light” Fall, 1981–1982 Again works at the House of Creativity “Goryachiy Klyuch”. As a result the Caucasus series are enlarged with first oil works. The long contact with the nature of Caucasus influenced greatly the creative development of the artist. 1982 First own exhibition in Moscow Drama Theatre after M.N.Yermolova (together with Ye.N.Kravchenko). Mostly presented the paintings of the last decade that were painted in the central Russia, Krasnodar and Magadan regions. The exhibition and the discussion that took place afterwards helped to open up Y.Larin. He met the ambassador of Italy to USSR Giovanni Migliuolo and became friends for a long period of time. 1979-1985 Within a few years during summer vacations Yuriy Larin works in Baltic. Creates a cycle of graphic watercolors on German paperboard. The landscapes on the constructive base greatly differ from Moscow and Caucasus cycles. Fall, 1983 Trip to Armenia with his close friend Yu.M. Garushyants, historian. The result of that trip were thirty watercolor papers that continued the Caucasus cycle. 1985 In the almanac “Soviet Graphic” there is a publication about the watercolors of the artist that was written by G. Yelshevskaya. December, 1985 Underwent the neurosurgery; as a consequence the loss of strength and skill in his right hand. 1987 Death of his wife Inga Ballod  First personal exhibition overseas: exhibition of watercolors in the gallery Books&Company Art, NY, USA. Since then takes part in different foreign exhibitions. 1988 N.I.Bukharin’s rehabilitation, after that Yuriy Larin was able to change his patronymic “Borisovich” to “Nikolayevich” 1989 Gets married. The wife - Olga Arsenyevna Maksakova, doctor, Lead researcher at the Institute of neurosurgery named after Burdenko. Personal exhibition in Central House of Artists in Krymskiy Val. Displayed over two hundred of watercolor and oil paintings, showed the series of “Moscow Region”, “Caucasus”, “The Baltic”, “Armenia” 1991 Trip to Abkhazia with his wife Olga, continued working on the cycle “Caucasus” 1992 – 1993 The Heinrich Boell Foundation Fellow (Germany); Summer, 1992; For around three months Yuriy Larin spent in countryhouse of H.Boell in Langerbroh (Eifel, Germany). As a result there were created the series of Eifel landscapes on six canvases and more than forty watercolors. 1993 “His (Y.Larin’s) interaction with the treasures of classic picteristique legacy has no addresses. But.. his connection with the discoveries of Cezanne are clear” (Ye.Murina). “I would never compare the works of Yuriy Larin, it was already said that he is “stylistically the only one. It stays the same till nowadays…” (N.Ismailova), taken from the reaction in press to the personal exhibition in the magazine “Nashe Nasledie”. 1994–1996 Went twice to Italy with his wife Olga upon invitation of Michela Sandini, where the watercolors of Italian cycle were created. They are based on real life impressions, but as always Yuriy Larin paints his paintings by memory. The oil landscapes that became part of “Italian cycle” were painted in Moscow in his studio. In 1997 the personal exhibition was devoted to Italian cycle by Yuriy Larin in State Institute of Art Studies. 1997 First landscapes with human figures start to appear in the following oil paintings: “Swimming in Kratov Lake” and “Dacha Evening” May-June, 1998 Personal exhibition in Moscow State Museum of Vadim Sidur. June- was awarded with a Diploma of the Academy of Arts for valuable contribution to the development of domestic art. The same year academician Konovalov, neurosurgeon, operated him again. Fall he spends near Zvenigorod, where continues watercolor series of Russian landscapes. September, 1999 Trip to Gagra (Abkhazia). Continues working on Caucasus cycle. Watercolor series were created, continued the work with oil in the studio. 2000 In summer lives in countryhouse in Kratovo, continues working on “Dacha cycle”; September- trip to Italy: lives in the city of Bassano-on-Tibr (near Rome). Creates a series of watercolor works that continue Italian cycle; in winter he created the following works : “Big Olive”, “The House of Alvaro”, “House in the air”. September, 2001 Trip to Sozopol (Bulgaria); creates the watercolor series of Bulgarian landscapes. In winter Yuriy Larin paints the number of canvases dedicated to Sozopol. In 2002 arranges an exhibition in Bulgarian Culture Center; awarded with an honorary diploma and Commemorative Medal of Bulgarian Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Awarded with the Silver Medal of Arts Academy. July, 2002 Trip to Curonian Spit (Nida, Litva). Returns to the Baltic theme; creates watercolor series of Neringa landscapes. 2003 In spring Yuriy Larin goes for a short trip to Solotcha (Ryazan Region); creates a small watercolor cycle, afterwards paints in the studio several oil paintings. In summer continues to work in Kratovo; paints landscapes and compositions with human figures. The artist spends the early fall in small Catalonian town Saint-Pol de- Mar with his wife Olga; trip to Barcelona, gets acquainted with its museums; with the help of the sketches done in Catalonia creates picteristique cycle, devoted to Saint-Pol de Mar. 2004 Resumes work on the Baltic motifs, during the summer trips to Nida creates a series of watercolors and gouaches devoted to; in winter continues this work using the technique of oil painting on the basis of the summer sketches. In October-November, 2004 in Saratov Art Museum takes place personal exhibition on Yuriy Larin. 2006 In April- May a personal exhibition of oil paintings “Saint-Pol-de-Mar” takes place in magazine “Nashe Nasledie” During another summer season in Nida the artist again became seriously ill, as the consequences there were more limitations on his physical abilities. Nevertheless, his career and exhibitions did not stop. 2011 Exhibition took place in the Museum “Tsaritsyno”. In 16 halls there were more than 250 works, encompassing the long path of the artist. The same year watercolor and oil works were exhibited in the house-museum of Pavel Kuznetsov in Saratov. 2013 The album containing not only the majority of the works of Yuriy Larin, but also his memories of his childhood, the thoughts on the connection between the nature and art was published. In fall, 2013 the last exhibition during the artist’s lifetime took place in the Moscow Gallery “Kino”, devoted to the album presentation. 2012 — 2014 During winter the artist would work at home, in summer he would go to the Moscow Region, Malakhovka, where he worked on graphics. 2014 On the night of 14 to 15 September, 2014 Y.N.Larin passed away at home, leaving on molbert his last yet not finished work called “Sad Piggy”


  • Creator
    Yuri Larin (1936 - 2014)
  • Creation Year
  • Dimensions
    Height: 16.5 in. (41.91 cm)Width: 16.5 in. (41.91 cm)
  • Medium
  • Movement & Style
  • Period
  • Condition
  • Gallery Location
    Hudson, NY
  • Reference Number
    1stDibs: LU24527326882

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