A Room We Love from the 1stdibs 50: Redd Kaihoi

Each week, we spotlight one of the notable talents from the roster of our most recent 1stdibs 50.
L.A screening room by Redd Kaihoi
Photo by Trevor Tondro

Every home needs a respite from consistency, a space signaling that the occupant isn’t quite who you thought. Designer Miles Redd and his partner, David Kaihoi, excel at these unicorn rooms — probably because their grasp on the extraordinary is among the strongest on the decorating scene.

For a 1958 residence in L.A.’s Trousdale Estates, they have crafted a screening room dripping with Orientalist splendor, from the patterned linen-covered walls by Iksel to the antique Venetian mirror and a Persian-patterned box. The boys being who they are, though, they sneak in a few quieter favorites: Christopher Spitzmiller lamps in lapis and a pair of prize Jean-Michel Frank slipper chairs, their original moss-colored leather upholstery harmonizing with the warm palette. It’s all enough of a piece to say, “Cut.”

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