Feng Shui Methods for Inviting Positive Energy into Your Rooms

How you design your environment can greatly influence your mood and impact your subconscious. So make sure to do it with wellness in mind.

Living in a space that makes you feel comfortable is essential to your emotional well-being. Here are a few tips on how you can create balance and increase the positive energy flow in your home by using the principles of feng shui.

Embrace Nature

Think about integrating natural elements in your spaces, like wood, organic bedding, cotton textiles and leather upholstery, to name a few. Sterile environments can bring about feelings of stress and anxiety, while natural ones tend to be more comforting and uplifting.

Wood is the warmest structural materials and the easiest way to bring nature into your interior, since it comes in a variety of finishes and variations. Natural wood furniture pieces like an antique mahogany bookcase or a carved oak table are beautiful and durable.

Left: Light wood furniture creates a gentle vibe in this family home in Los Angeles designed by Alyssa Kapito. (photo by Laure Joliet). Right: Mid-century European armchair, 1950s

Using warm, rich earth tones like tans, browns, beiges, creams and whites creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Opt for soft bursts of colors found in nature, like mossy green or pastel yellow. Green is a wonderful choice since it comes in many shades and you can use its versatility to pair it with a range of other colors.

For nature-inspired home decor, hang a majestic birch branch as a focal point on a blank wall. Flowers and potted plants are also a great way to bring natural appeal to your dining room table or to spruce up the empty corners of a room.

Surround Yourself with Things You Love

Our belongings trigger memories of past experiences, which is why the objects in your home should lift your spirits and elicit positive feelings. If you don’t love something, it’s best to get rid of it, since the flow of positive energy is increased when you are surrounded by items that bring you joy. Hang photographs of you and your loved ones throughout your home to create good vibes or soothe your mind with artworks that feature natural forms.

Left: An eclectic gallery wall personalizes this New York living room by Fawn Galli. Photo by Costas Picadas. Right: David Marshall photo frame in bras and metal, 1970s

Left: An eclectic gallery wall personalizes this New York living room by Fawn Galli (photo by Costas Picadas). Right: David Marshall photo frame in brass and metal, 1970s

For positive energy, it’s important to choose art and other objects that depict things you wish to see manifest in your life. Find fresh and interesting ways to display your photos and accessories around the house. A collage of picture frames varying in shapes and sizes can really make your wall pop or showcase your personal style by layering artwork on floating shelves.

Avoid Making Everything Symmetrical

Placing all your furniture against the walls creates negative energy and dead zones. In the living room, avoid an awkward seating plan that is not conducive to conversation. Instead, create balance and encourage interaction by positioning chairs in groups facing one another. Place a large sectional in an arrangement that feels cozy and inviting and allows people to sit comfortably.

Left: A nicely grounded bedroom in Palm Springs by the Wiseman Group (photo by Aaron Leitz). Right: A conversation-ready living room in New York by Amy Lau (photo by Thomas Loof).

When it comes to the bedroom, place your bed as far from the door as possible. Keeping your bed out of direct alignment with the room’s opening is helpful for promoting sleep, relaxation and good health. For a well-balanced, grounding energy, position the head of your bed against a wall and place two nightstands on both sides of the bed. This will create a strong and protective aura while you sleep. For added strength and visual appeal, paint the supporting wall an accent color that matches your bedroom decor.

Stay Away from Sharp Edges

Replace hard-angled furniture with soft lines and curvilinear forms. Rounded corners appear less strict and corporate. They instinctively make the room feel softer, friendlier and more inviting. A study led by psychologist Oshin Vartanian of the University of Toronto at Scarborough shows that organic forms and rounded shapes elicit increased brain activity because they are considered more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Round furniture provides visual interest in this Beverly Hills living room by Trip Haenisch. Photo by Beryln Photography

Round furniture is mentally stimulating in this Beverly Hills living room by Trip Haenisch. Photo by Beryln Photography

Consider curved seating or rounded shelving units to add visual intrigue to your space. Enhance the stream of positive energy in your living room with an oval coffee table or a circular pouf. Having a balance of rounded items and furniture will help make your interiors look more dynamic.

Don’t Over Accessorize

Minimalist interiors can maximize the flow of positive energy. Try to pare down your belongings as best as you can by keeping only what you feel is practical or especially beautiful. Do add texture with pillows, window treatments and area rugs, but don’t go overboard — as too many materials can make the room feel cluttered and disorganized. Instead, choose fewer pieces that make a statement and reflect your personal style.

Carden Cunietti decorated this Santa Monica living room with very few fine pieces, leaving plenty of space for the energy to flow. Photo by Grace Pickering

Carden Cunietti decorated this nook of a Santa Monica living room with just a few fine pieces, leaving plenty of space for the energy to flow. Photo by Grace Pickering

Add drama to your space with an oversize mirror or place a pair of sculptural lamps at both ends of the sofa. Adorn the room with an elegant mirrored cabinet for a touch of sparkle. For visual interest, you can also play with a variety of shapes and sizes by mixing round with square, tall with chunky and medium with slender accessories.