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Excited to be showcasing again with 1stdibs. This time in collaboration with the talented Pls&TY. I absolutely fell in love with PLS&TY’s track Run Wild and just had to create an audio visual crypto artwork for it. My animated works are heavily driven and inspired by music. The Rhythm, Melody and overall vibe of a score allows me to illustrate an entire world or story in my head. Choreographing a sequence of events as the music plays on. So making something for this was super easy. Taking on board the theme of the Ocean, I wanted to explore the deep dark abyss of the ocean floor. Despite all our technological feats and marvels there is still so much to uncover within the deepest and darkest depths. And it’s within these mysterious parts of the world that provide plentiful substance for legends and folktales.
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MP4 Digital Video
1080 x 1920
Artwork CID: QmVjeMYdfENK2fmbn9sj8WieSo6V8eJv55ApehSE5DsXgq
Token Metadata CID: QmTbyj3j8jHVTuBbxuewKD9ryWNPatVss8RYHhx77qQXTe
Marc-O-Matic is an Australian Multidisciplinary Artist, AR/VR Auteur, Animator and Technologist who explores fusions between hand analogue Illustrative Art, 3D and Immersive AR/VR Media. Transforming static drawings into elaborate Artworlds and made explorable through Virtual and Augmented Reality. His approaches to experiential Art & Storytelling have showcased internationally throughout South Korea, Japan and the US, including, Adobe Symposium, Siggraph Asia, South by South West, GDC and Silicon Valley's VR Association.


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