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Test Flight of the Jumping Solar Spider

‘How anyone could imagine yet alone build such strange creatures was beyond us… The Machine Custodians were truly God-like in their knowledge of everything and with their Sanctuary they set to remember and preserve glimpses of the past. They called these the Jumping Spiders. Creatures that could leap up several stories high into the air. While we paid respects to their Sanctuary we couldn’t resist having a ride on one of these Spiders. Some of us regretted that idea as we struggled to keep our food down…’
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Marc-O-Matic is an Australian Multidisciplinary Artist, AR/VR Auteur, Animator and Technologist who explores fusions between hand analogue Illustrative Art, 3D and Immersive AR/VR Media. Transforming static drawings into elaborate Artworlds and made explorable through Virtual and Augmented Reality. His approaches to experiential Art & Storytelling have showcased internationally throughout South Korea, Japan and the US, including, Adobe Symposium, Siggraph Asia, South by South West, GDC and Silicon Valley's VR Association.


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