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‘Once lost to the ages it was the Machines that still remembered them. And they created a Sanctuary as tribute. Constructed out of metals, fibres and synthetics we witnessed these discarded mounds of materials transform into beautiful sculptures that glistened in the sunlight. And through crafted processors were given gifts of motorics and autonomy.’
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Marc-O-Matic is an Australian Multidisciplinary Artist, AR/VR Auteur, Animator and Technologist who explores fusions between hand analogue Illustrative Art, 3D and Immersive AR/VR Media. Transforming static drawings into elaborate Artworlds and made explorable through Virtual and Augmented Reality. His approaches to experiential Art & Storytelling have showcased internationally throughout South Korea, Japan and the US, including, Adobe Symposium, Siggraph Asia, South by South West, GDC and Silicon Valley's VR Association.


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