What to Wear to Coachella

The California music festival has become as much about the fashion as the performances, so we asked some 1stdibs dealers to share their favorite concert-friendly clothing, jewelry and accessories.

Photo by Adam Katz Sinding, courtesy of Trunk Archive

In anticipation of the boho-chic looks that are bound to appear at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the California desert (April 13–22), we put together a special collection of our dealers’ new and vintage offerings. Here are some highlights.

Christian Dior Sunglasses

Christian Dior by Optyl 2040 70 Sunglasses, 1970s

Marci Rosenberg and Cheryl Vick of MRS Couture got us into the festival spirit with this declaration: “These Christian Dior sunglasses are all that is Coachella. The bright greens and yellows mirror the landscape of the grounds and the cream is that of the desert seen in the distance. The frame is bold and covers the eyes from the bright California sun, but the glasses are not so large that one’s face gets lost behind them. While Dior designed and produced them in the early ’70s, they speak to any era and emit a casualness and comfort that is high-fashion Coachella.”

Chanel Wicker Shoulder Bag

Chanel Black Wicker Picnic Lunch Box Evening Shoulder Bag

“Coachella is all about unapologetic style — pushing the envelope and rocking of-the-moment luxury labels in unexpected ways,” says L. Kiyana Roberson of Newfound Luxury. “More is more at Coachella.”

Prince Diamond Wraparound Ring

Prince Diamond wraparound ring

Rachel Hakimian at Harbor Diamonds says: “Our sophisticated jewelry gives the colorful Coachella outfit the right contrast. The jewelry pieces are perfect for any outfit. You can wear them as simple or sophisticated, and they will always be eye-catching.”

Rikma Bell-Sleeve Top

RRikma Striped Bell Sleeve Top

Misty Guerriero of Vintage by Misty says that her “pieces put the chic into Coachella. The Rikma blouse, from the 1970s, paired with a cutoff short is a great daytime look — festive without trying too hard.”

Indian Turquoise and Gold Earrings

Indian turquoise and gold earrings

“Coachella is all about creative and out-of-the-box style,” says Kapil Benara of Artisan NYC. “So the pieces we chose are fun, hippy, chunky and super cool — perfect to layer on.”

Proenza Schouler Crochet Skirt

Proenza Schouler Crochet Knit Skirt with Fringe

“The pieces we selected are bold, often in distinguished patterns with handcrafted element, or they are performance-ready and glamorous,” says Cameron Silver of Decades. “At Coachella, it’s a juxtaposition of DIY with a touch of over-the-top.”

Chris O’Connell Southwestern Coat

Southwestern Coat by Chris O'Connell

Lisa Acheson and Katherine Wolford of Dressing Vintage: “One of the pieces we selected is a 1980s coat from Cher’s personal collection. Its Southwestern design and woven texture is paired with a lining of silky black velvet. It boldly blends unexpected elements to make its own unique statement, a lot like Coachella itself!”

M. Lowe & Co. Snake Ring

M. Lowe and Co. Emerald Diamond Gold Snake Ring

This snake ring was handmade in our workshop,” says Margo Lowe of M. Lowe & Co. “It has an Art Nouveau–type undulating form. I’d call it ‘bohemian mythical style.’”

Yves Saint Laurent–Inspired Maxi Skirt

Yves Saint Laurent–inspired Cossack maxi skirt, 1970s

“You get the wonderful feel of ‘boho’ without the odor of patchouli,” Rachel Zabar says of this 1970s Cossack-style skirt. “It gives you a whiff of Yves Saint Laurent hanging and lounging, circa 1976, in the gardens of Majorelle in Marrakech.”

Dolce & Gabbana Silk Blouse

DOLCE & GABBANA leopard print silk fringe blouse

Sielian Lie of Sielian’s Vintage Apparel explains that there’s “a trend for ’70s style that is quasi-hippie but with a sexy flair. There are elements of beading, fringe and fur, an almost ‘tribal’ feeling mixed with a very sexy look.”

Spinel, Diamond and Platinum Ring

3.40 Carat Spinel, Diamond, Platinum Ring

“Rings are always a plus,” says Kimberly Kantor Pitson of M. Kantor & Associates. “Look for the stackable, the easy to wear, the colorful. But enjoying yourself at the festival is always number one.”

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