How Creatures of the Night Have Inspired Luxury Design

The allure of the spooky, the slithery and the strange spans seasons and centuries.
Fendi Selleria Monster backpack
Fendi Selleria Monster backpack, 21st century

As Halloween draws closer, bats, cats, owls, wolves and other shadowy creatures take their rightful place in spooky seasonal displays. But as design elements, they can create an atmosphere of haunting beauty year-round.

Artists and designers of the Art Nouveau period were particularly captivated by the natural world’s strange and elusive denizens. Louis Comfort Tiffany, René Lalique and their contemporaries rendered them in luminously colorful lamps and vases, as well as striking furniture, architectural elements and jewels.

Contemporary creators, from the Haas Brothers to Leonora Carrington, continue to draw inspiration from these birds, bugs and beasts, conjuring works that at once frighten and bewitch. View our slideshow of luxurious pieces that embrace their dark side.

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