Top Designers Tell Us What They’d Like to Give — and Receive — This Year

Designers have an eye for the exceptional, so it stands to reason that they are expert gift givers. And they have great ideas for treating themselves, too.

The winter holidays may be the season of giving, but it’s also a time for receiving. We asked 13 interior designers which unique pieces they’d like to gift and get this year. Their choices may shock you.

Sara Story

Gift: “The Malibu pouf’s scale and form would be a great addition to most interiors. Poufs are so inviting and playful. I love the pink too.”

Get: “I would love to receive a Calder painting. His use of primary colors and special overtures is whimsical and inspiring. I can get lost looking into his works.”

Keita Turner

Gift: “I would love to gift this beauty to my dear mother because of its one-of-a-kind rarity and the sense of history that radiates from this exquisite necklace design from Coomi.”

Get: “Before becoming an interior designer, I had a career as a New York–based fashion designer. With that came my love of luxury fashion houses. Mix my love for couture with my penchant for rare vintage pieces, and I would be ecstatic to receive this stunning rare 1970s novelty-print silk-chiffon evening gown!”

Sasha Adler

Gift: “I would love to gift my husband this gorgeous Jacques Adnet desk. The perfectly patinated hand-stitched leather would be an amazing addition to his new office. And just like him, it is classic, thoughtful and withstands the test of time.”

Get: “These gold and diamond hoop earrings were love at first sight — and they need to be in my life. I don’t really have a need for formal jewelry right now, as I am not getting dressed up like I used to. But these make a statement and could be worn all the time. I would wear them to a meeting (though still mostly online these days) and then straight to a holiday party!”

Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters

Gift: “We love things that are different and unique, and this little guy definitely ticks both of those boxes. The fact that he doubles as storage makes him the perfect gift for a new homeowner.”

Get: “We love the vintage look of this bag. We also love the texture of it, and the color is perfect for winter.”

Jenny Kirschner

Gift: “Who doesn’t love a tic-tac-toe tournament, while sipping hot chocolate by a nice, cozy winter fire? Game sets are one of my favorite go-to gift ideas. This handmade set looks beautiful to display and would be fun to play with too. I love the customization option as well!”

Get: “I collect a lot of conceptual and modern art, and I think I could probably stare at this sculpture in my home over and over again and never tire of its beauty. It is visually distinct and incredibly interesting. And as an artist myself, I can really relate to the obsessive process used to create this piece.”

Palmer Weiss

Gift: “They had me at ‘Anglo-Indian.’ If the adage ‘Give a gift that you would like to receive’ is true, these are the perfect gift for anyone! They would make an amazing addition to a dining table or bookshelf or provide some dramatic height on a coffee table.”

Get: “I love antique match strikes and want to start a collection like my mom has. If someone gifted me this along with my favorite candle (Abd El Kader by Cire Trudon), I would be ecstatic!”

Andrew Torrey

Gift: “Love this dumbbell cocktail shaker for the fitness fiends in your life who also like a martini shaken, not stirred!”

Get: “This is the diamond platinum standard for a valet stand by one of my favorite designers, Paul Dupré-Lafon for Hermès. At some point, I may have to bite the bullet and gift this to myself!”

Casey Kenyon

Gift: “For me, gifting is very personal. I love taking the time to find things I know my friends will not only love but also use. This sterling dish is a beautiful object with a wonderful texture, but it would also make a nice bowl for snacks with cocktails!”

Get: “A guilty pleasure for me is a good bag! I find the classicism of ’60s and ’70s Hermès to be simple and beautiful. I always love the canvas and leather combination. Plus, the hardware design on this particular one is great.”

Roric Tobin

Gift: “I think this piece is the ultimate in chic. It’s organic yet totally refined. I have a number of clients who should have this — equally at home in an ultra-modern Miami penthouse and in the enfilade of a classic château.”

Get: “This is from the ‘If you really loved me’ category of wish lists. My husband and I were fortunate enough to stop at Versailles on our way back from Art Basel to see the amazing ‘Les Lalannes’ exhibition created by Jean-Gabriel Mitterand. We have always loved Lalannes, and my clients have many. It’s time I join them!”

Tala Fustok

Gift: “I adore finding unique pieces, and I think this chandelier is one of the most sophisticated I have seen. I love the way the light reflects through the glass rods and bursts with energy.”

Get: “Never one to go for the ordinary, I would love to own this bronze crocodile. It’s so fun and would be such a great conversation piece in any home.”

Tiffany Duggan

Gift: “I’d give this beautiful Jean Cocteau original edition mug to an art-loving friend. I adore his work and have a few prints but covet his wonderful plates and mugs too.”

Get: “This majolica cherry plate would be a wonderful gift to receive. I have recently started a collection of these, and this would fit in very well indeed.”

Elizabeth Graziolo

Gift: “This mirror is not only gorgeous but can also be adapted for use as a piece of art. It is a very stylistic piece and would be a great gift for most anyone.”

Get: “We love these chairs! They are so interesting because they employ a very traditional form while featuring incredible organic detailing. That makes for a very aesthetically pleasing combination, one that I would love to receive in any color!”

Breegan Jane

Gift: “Neutrals mixed with metals are among my go-tos! This would elevate any modest or muted decor, and the touches of the white and gold would brighten practically any space — even without the light!”

v: “This is statement jewelry! This reminds me so much of the Kenyan pieces I adore and wear often. The intricate design and deep scarlet stones make it such a conversation piece.”

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