Interior Designers Reveal Their Favorite Contemporary Furniture Creators


Carden Cunietti seamlessly mixed contemporary and vintage pieces in the living room of a beach-style house in the South of France. Photo by Alexander James

As we all know, interior design wouldn’t exist without furniture, and decorators have an inordinately close relationship with furnishings as well as keen insights into what’s trending. So we’ve asked top interiors experts, Who is your favorite furniture designer right now, and why?

Chroma Design Collective

Max Lamb. Hands down. We love how Lamb explores different materials and methods of making for each collection to create truly unique and unusual pieces. By allowing the materials to guide the design, each collection becomes an experiment in technique. It’s cool to see the creative forces of nature and maker at work in each piece.”

Dale Cohen

“I always admire a designer who has the capacity to look at an object we have long known and reimagine it in a way that is new. This new series of foosball tables by Teckell from Duplex are beautiful reinterpretations. As I specialize in working with men and often install various games in my projects, I welcome this fresh new design.”

Sasha Bikoff

Fernando and Humberto Campana’s work is super imaginative, fun and creative. Their use of materials such as stuffed animals is genius! They also play with fun shapes and motifs, like with their tennis-racket chair.”

Carden Cunietti

“We really love David Wisemen’s objects and installations the most — the combination of bronze, porcelain, glass and plaster in nature is somehow very comforting and soulful. You really can feel his work in your bones.”


“Tyler Hays from BDDW.  His work is tactile, timeless, whimsical and perfectly proportioned.”

Harry Heissmann

Jacques Jarrige does beautiful organic work in various materials: lacquered wood, metal, etcetera. I have commissioned him for a special piece in a project and love his Osselet stools.”

Ryan Korban

Eric Schmitt. He is an incredible artist and craftsman who works with some of my favorite materials like bronze, marble and plaster. I am obsessed with every piece in his collection and have been using it in my work a lot. It seems the only thing that finishes a room is something from his atelier. His lighting and vases in particular are standouts.”

Kapito Muller

“We think Roberto Rida is fabulous. We love the way he combines metal and glass and his lamps look great in both modern and traditional settings. We just used a pair in a dining room we recently finished, they added a bit of glamour.”

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