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Brooklyn, NY

Latest Project by Workstead

About Workstead

Workstead is an award-winning, multidisciplinary design firm established in 2009. Since its founding, Workstead has earned acclaim for one-of-a-kind projects that are comprehensive in vision and exacting in detail. Stefanie Brechbuehler, Robert Highsmith, and Ryan Mahoney oversee Workstead’s creative practice from studios in Brooklyn and Hudson, New York.

Workstead’s Brooklyn studio, which focuses on interior and building commissions, is sought-after by homeowners and hospitality entrepreneurs for evocative places that reflect the spirit of the client, site, and community. The restraint of Workstead-designed hotels, restaurants, and residences allows each element of a space to clearly narrate its provenance and craftsmanship. From new hotel concepts to house decoration, the studio combines beauty and necessity in its work.