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Dealer Dispatch: Mars Palm Beach

Mars Jaffe — the namesake proprietor of South Florida’s Mars Palm Beach Estate Holdings — recently shared the personal story behind a rare Johann Loetz vase that’s available via the shop’s 1stdibs storefront.

An interior shot of the vase's former home, Maryland's Edith Hale Harkness Estate.

A silver and gold inlaid Johann Loetz vase, circa 1900, from Mars Palm Beach.

Detail shot of the vase.

“As a young girl, on visits to my Auntie Cici’s Rhode Island estate, I was enchanted by the magical luminescence of a beautiful glass vase displayed prominently on a table in the center of her sitting room. You know how sometimes an object speaks to you? As an imaginative child taken to day-dreaming, I found myself transported by the vase: it looked as if it had materialized from a fairy tale.

“After inheriting the vase from my aunt, I discovered that this exquisite object was indeed a most extraordinary piece. It was produced by renowned Austrian manufacturer Johann Loetz, who exhibited works at the Paris World Exposition in 1900. The emerald-green Bohemian glass features superb bronze inlays edged in gold and silver. The intricately laced acorn-and-leaf carvings were inspired by the Vanderbilt family crest.”

Visit the Mars Palm Beach storefront to shop the vase and other items.

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