Spooky Chic: 10 Pieces That Scream Halloween (Minus the Kitsch)

Between pre-made polyester costumes, the “Monster Mash” and the orange and black palette, Halloween is not a holiday heralded for its subtlety. That said, we took a few minutes to sort through our Frightening Finds collection and were pleasantly (un)surprised to realize that, yes, 1stdibs is capable of being both seasonally-appropriate and unfailingly stylish. The following 10 items so completely surpass traditional Halloween accoutrements we dubbed them “Spooky Chic” — think wraith-like organic forms, chilling contemporary photography and imposing Brutalist sculpture. Most importantly, they’re things we’d be happy to live with year-round. So while you have our permission to binge on candy and horror flicks, there’s no longer any excuse for poor decor in your haunted house.

Ghost Chair Jacques Jirrage Side Tables

Neon White SkullPaul Evans Console Murano Ghost LampsTom Dixon ChairKnife by David GillBrutalist SculptureSpider ChandelierPumpkin BSQ

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