Silver Is the Passion of A. Pash & Sons

The in-house expert of this 125-year-old London gallery tells us why silver matters today, how to spot a fake and which pieces are the finest.

by Malcolm Cossons | photos by Tobias Harvey
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The Quiet Drama of Amelia Handegan’s Southern-Infused Spaces

The Charleston designer's impeccable interiors rest on a solid foundation of historic knowledge and a fresh, sumptuous use of color.

by Cara Greenberg
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In Search of a Good Story and Great Design at Demisch Danant

Suzanne Demisch and Stephane Danant are detectives of sorts, tracking down the history behind 20th-century French designers, now from their new Rafael de Cárdenas–designed Manhattan gallery.

by Carol Kino
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An Aussie Antiques Collector’s Home Gets the Museum Treatment

The late real-estate scion David Roche wanted a collection that rivaled the Frick’s — and now his passion is paying off.

by Jill Krasny
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Onwards and Upwards

JF Chen, one of Los Angeles's longtime leading antiques and vintage furniture dealers, has recently relocated its richly eclectic inventory to a dramatic new space. Prepare to get blissfully lost.

by David A. Keeps | photos by Samuel C. Frost
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Isn’t it Rich?

A must-see show at New York's Hirschl & Adler Galleries gathers together some of the finest examples of early-19th-century Neoclassical American furniture ever produced.

by Joan Barzilay Freund
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A Palatial Passion Project

A new monograph from the incomparable Jacques Garcia shines the spotlight on the French designer's most personal — and ambitious project — to date: the complete restoration, renovation and redecoration of Château de Champ de Bataille, his own 17th-century estate in Normandy. Here, he talks to 1stdibs about this passion project like no other.

by Jean Bond Rafferty
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A Philadelphia Story

On a visit to an 18th-century estate along the Schuylkill River, the best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert — whose botany-infused novel, The Signature of All Things, is out now — talks plants, people and the past with landscape architect Barbara Paca.

by Norman Vanamee
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Thomas Pheasant Updates the Classics

The interior and furniture designer may be a classicist — he is a Washingtonian, after all — yet his interpretations are fresh and elegant, and this has placed him in high demand among a younger generation of Beltway insiders who crave what he describes as “a cleaner view of traditional.”

by Jorge S. Arango
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