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Top Designers Tell Us What They’d Like to Give — and Receive — This Year

Designers have an eye for the exceptional, so it stands to reason that they are expert gift givers. And they have great ideas for treating themselves, too.

Penelope Gottlieb’s Comic-Style Painting Is a Requiem for a Vanished Flower

This piece may look like Pop art fun, but embedded within is a message of a planet on the brink.

Hideho Tanaka Carefully Stitched Together Pieces of Paper to Make This Sculptural Textile

The Japanese fiber artist’s ‘Vanishing and Emerging Wall’ may seem innocuous — but it plays with conceptions of time.

Salvatori Commissioned Several Famous Architects to Create Miniature Homes in Stone

Gabriele Salvatori explains how the COVID lockdowns inspired his design company's latest collection, the Village.

What Is NFT Art? A Collector’s Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens

What exactly are NFTs? We answer common questions about the cryptoart that’s taking the world by storm.

The 35 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold

Curious about the most expensive paintings in the world? Discover the stories behind these masterpieces as well as the staggering prices they fetched.

Photographer to Know: Jack Mitchell

His legendary portraits captured the pride and spirit of 20th-century creativity.

Queer|Art’s Nelson Santos Shares His Favorite Artworks for Pride Month

The Brooklyn-based curator, artist, activist and executive brings his sharp eye to our Pride Month collection.
Photograph of Frida Kahlo on the left, Photograph of Diane von Furstenberg jumping on a bed on the right

Empowering Advice from Female Creatives

Read inspiring words of wisdom from 22 pioneering women designers, visionaries and artists.

How to Spot a Fake KAWS Art Toy

Figurines by KAWS have found an eager audience in recent decades, and as with any robust collectibles market, counterfeit versions have followed the mania. Of course, you don’t have to worry about that on 1stDibs, where all our artworks are highly vetted.
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