Rock Your Cares Away on This Sunny Hand-Crocheted Swing

The boho-chic Enchanted Forest Swing, handmade by marginalized women from Turkey and Syria, is uplifting in every way.
Tal Zur sits back on Iota's golden Enchanted Forest Swing.
Tal Zur, cofounder and CEO of iota, relaxes on the gold version of the Enchanted Forest Swing.

“I am often asked, ‘Why design a product that is more related to an experience than a function?’ ” says Tal Zur, a Tel Aviv–based industrial designer whose interest in crafts and textiles led her to become the creative force behind iota, makers of soft furniture and home accessories, such as this golden Enchanted Forest Swing. “The answer is because we need to have fun. We need to have laughter and memories. We need to have moments that we love to talk about. A swing solves all those desires.”

Introduced in 2014, the boho-chic Enchanted Forest Swing was iota’s first project, and iterations of the piece remain among the firm’s most beloved products (in addition to playful knitted poufs, rugs, totable pillows and saddle swings).

The hand-crocheted floral tassels of Iota's golden Enchanted Forest Swing
A detail of the swing’s crocheted floral tassels

The swings are composed of sinewy, vine-like crocheted ropes of fantastical floral tassels anchoring a simple seat of wood, metal or fabric. They come in both indoor and outdoor models, the latter featuring quick-drying, fade-resistant cording.

Deep social intent is woven into each design. Shula Mozes, iota’s cofounder, is an activist and philanthropist, who sees handcrafts as vehicles for promoting the upward mobility of women in marginalized communities.

Iota's golden Enchanted Forest Swing has an oak seat
A streamlined oak seat balances out the intricate boho tassels.

“Crocheted and knitted designs can be taught through sketches, which is a universal form of communication,” says Zur, explaining how iota mentors the Turkish women and Syrian refugees who make up the firm’s production team. “That allows us to overcome distance, culture and language barriers.”

Available in a wide range of colors, from marigold to cobalt to black, the swings use an array of yarns — soft and malleable, thin and rigid or shiny and reflective. Each takes an artisan about a week to weave.

Tal Zur relaxes on iota's golden Enchanted Forest Swing.
“Within seconds of sitting down, people remembered themselves as children,” Zur says.

“The diversity of threads adds depth and texture, both visual and physical,” says Zur. “I like to call it the zoom effect: The closer you get, the more that is revealed. You can really feel the hand of the maker in each one.”

Returning to her thoughts about design as experiential, Zur points to the time when design superstar Tom Dixon placed two iota swings in his 2017 installation at Milan’s always frenetic Salone del Mobile. “Within seconds of sitting down,” she says, “people remembered themselves as children. Perfect strangers let down their guard and began to smile and laugh and engage.” Talk about mood swings.

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