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Set of Wood Bowling Pins
Set of Wood Bowling Pins
Vintage 1940s American Carnival Art
Unique set of three wood bowling pins. Great age and coloring to the wood. Sold as a set of three. Good vintage condition.
Collection of 15 'Bottletop' Dolls, circa 1960s
Collection of 15 'Bottletop' Dolls, circa 1960s
Vintage 1960s American Toys
Unusual collection of 15 'Bottletop' dolls. Although we purchased these dolls in France, we believe they originated in America.
Small Antique Swedish Horse, Original Paint
Small Antique Swedish Horse, Original Paint
Antique Mid-19th Century Swedish Toys
Leather, Wood
This is a nice chunky horse, with parts of a harness, reins and bit. And a charming short tail (probably fairly new). In original paint, this is a smaller horse, which has the look...
American Figural Faux Painted Dancing Jiggers, Circa 1860
American Figural Faux Painted Dancing Jiggers, ...
Antique 1860s American Folk Art Toys
Giltwood, Wood
Americana Figural Folk Art dancing jiggers on decorative stenciled box with control side handles, Mid-19th century.
Set of Five Indonesian Wooden Tops on Stands
Set of Five Indonesian Wooden Tops on Stands
Mid-20th Century Indonesian Toys
A great selection of Mid-Century painted tops from Indonesia. Metals sides and pins and original paint. Custom-made stands for the four of them. The smaller tops are 5" W x 4...
Primitive Wooden and Painted Horse
Primitive Wooden and Painted Horse
Antique Late 18th Century French Primitive Toys and Dolls
A French carved and painted wooden toy horse, late 18th century, of naive form with dappled paint and leather ears, set on a wooden base which may have had wheels at some point.
Large Copper Doll Head Mold
Large Copper Doll Head Mold
Mid-20th Century American Industrial Toys
Unusually large doll head mold with circular opening on back of the head. Rubber resin would be poured into the opening and the flexible rubber would be pulled out from the same ope...
19th Century Original Red Painted Child's Wheel Barrel
19th Century Original Red Painted Child's Wheel...
Antique Late 19th Century American Country Toys
This original red painted metal children's wheel barrel has a wood insert and black and redwood painted handles. The tin and wire wheel is also original. This is a fully functional t...
American Carved Wood & Faux Painted Rocking Horse.  Circa 1890
American Carved Wood & Faux Painted Rocking Hor...
Antique 1890s American Folk Art Toys
American carved wood and faux painted child's rocking horse with cloth saddle, original horse hair, and resting on wood base with stretchers. Late 19th Century.
Child's Cowgirl Outfit Vest and Skirt
Child's Cowgirl Outfit Vest and Skirt
Mid-20th Century American Other Decorative Art
Cowgirl outfit for a five year old girl with horse heads on the vest medallions and steer heads on the skirt with Smoky Joe in applied lettering on the pockets, the leather skirt a...
Toy Horse
Toy Horse
Antique Early 19th Century French Restauration Toys
A toy horse with a hair-on-hide leather body and glass eyes.
20th Century American Country Carved and Painted Rocking Horse
20th Century American Country Carved and Painte...
20th Century American Country Toys and Dolls
Paint, Wood
20th century American Country carved and painted double sided horse rocker.
Large Wooden Puppet in the Form of a Deer
Early 20th Century Thai Toys
This quirky puppet and wooden artifact has slightly more human-like features, which can be seen in the exaggerated straight white teeth and rounded pupils. It is set on a custom blac...
Folk Art Whirligig Hunt Scene
Vintage 1940s Folk Art Sculptures
A superb find from a Lancaster, Pa farm house. This is a three part fox hunt scene created from an old barn vent and recoiled sheet metal. Most likely created in the late 1940s-early...
Signed & Dated 1983 J.K.Bear Mini Table Top Roc...
Vintage 1980s American Folk Art Toys
This amazing hand carved & painted folk art rocking horse is just the very best ! It is signed and dated J.K.Bear 1987 and is a original one of its kind. The condition is very good...
Early Original Paint Decorated Children's Shovel
Vintage 1930s American Toys
This wonderful original painted snow scene shovel has a metal blade with the original wood handle. Great just in time for the holiday season. Wonderful wall ornament. Fantastic patin...
Original Painted Keystone, Boston Tin Toy Steam...
Early 20th Century American American Classical Toys
Iron, Tin
This model tin and iron signed Keystone steam roller from Boston, Mass. was found in the state of Maine. It has a wonderful worn painted original as found patina. This toy is in orde...
Vintage Carousel Horse
Antique 18th Century and Earlier Carnival Art
Vintage Carousel Horse believed to be from the 18th century with wonderful worn distress finish.
German Noah's Ark with Ninety One Animals and N...
Antique 19th Century German Folk Art More Folk Art
The German Wooden Noah's Ark is rom the Erzgebirge Region. It is a magnificent hand-painted, flat-bottomed Noah's Ark complete with Noah and his wife. It comes with ninety one hand-...
French Mannequin
Antique 19th Century French Victorian Toys
Composition, Wax
Circa 1880-1900 French Mannequin. The entire head and neck are made from a hard wax, the eyes are glass, and the hair is human to the best we can determine. When we were trying to de...
Danish Folk Art Painted Rocking Horse
Danish Folk Art Toys
Danish Blue Painted Carved Wood Rocking Horse. Circa 1900s-30s.
Rare tinplate motorcycle by J.M.L (France),1940
J. M. L.
Vintage 1940s French Art Deco Toys
A rare clockwork lithographed tinplate motorcycle with rider in a tan jacket and checked red and white trousers, bearing registration mark ‘0158’ and with realistic lithographed ‘tre...
Salesman Sample Old Hickory Settee W/ Original ...
Vintage 1930s American Adirondack Toys
Wonderful handmade hickory salesman sample or child's toy settee. This amazing and sturdy settee has a wonderful old mat finish and original hand tied seat. This wonderful miniature ...
Early 19th Century Belgian Hand Carved Child's ...
Antique 19th Century Belgian Folk Art Animal Sculptures
charming child size wooden horse. All hand carved and painted with the remains of his natural horse hair mane and tail.
1930's Zinc and Iron Folk Art Train Model
Vintage 1940s American Toys
Zinc, Iron, Copper
Amazing one of a kind handmade train model, constructed from zinc, iron, and copper elements. There are movable parts and pieces, and it may have been an actual working steam operat...
c.1910 Antique English Wooden Merchant Doll
Early 20th Century English Toys
Awesome antique English wooden doll with folding legs. This guy id dressed for success, wearing all his finery. Please not he is stabilized on a newer metal stand. Part of our store ...
Carved Wood Carousel Horse
Gustov Bayol
Antique 19th Century French Toys
Jumper from the atelier of Gustav Bayol, founder of the Gallic style of carousel carving in Angers, France.<br /> Bayol is the most famed French carousel carver