A Room We Love from the 1stDibs 50: Bryan O’Sullivan Studio

Each week, we spotlight one of the notable talents from the roster of our most recent 1stDibs 50.
Grand salon in Pais by Bryan O'Sullivan Studio
Photo by James McDonald

Glorious period homes these days are usually the result of painstaking restoration, executed by a professional with the mettle to combine historic details and contemporary conveniences, the latter seamlessly hidden. This is true of the 1924 residence that Bryan O’Sullivan brought back to life in Paris’s 16th arrondissement.

In the grand salon, he restored the paneled walls and plaster detailing while inserting a new fireplace — no easy trick! — and hanging bold contemporary art, such as large-scale photographs by Irish artist Abigail O’Brien. Furnishings were chosen for their simple geometry and hard-soft contrasts. Chairs by Stephane Parmentier and Faye Toogood are prime examples.

“But my favorite pieces,” says the designer, “would have to be the Pierre Paulin Canapé Alpha sofas. They are playful and fun and contrast beautifully agains the paneling. They’re also among the most comfortable sofas I have ever sat on.”

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