Ask an Interior Designer: Work-from-Home Edition

Leaping into a design project, whether it's refreshing the bedroom or redoing the whole house, can be overwhelming. Luckily, we know more than a few interior designers. You asked questions on Instagram, and now they're answering.
Minneapolis living room by Martha Dayton

What are some small DIY projects I can do from home?

“A way to really make an impact is to rethink shelves: rearrange books and swap accessories. Doing this on a coffee table or a side table can also be really great. And add some fresh flowers. Two great splurges right now are a lovely candle and flowers from the grocery store, where you’re still allowed to go!” — Martha Dayton

Photo by Steve Henke

Nook by Poco Designs in Paddington, AU

So many of us are working remotely now. What are your home office essentials?

“The design and vibe of your working environment are incredibly important! If you can, set up near natural light, and get some desk accessories that make you feel happy and inspired.” — Poppy O’Neil of Poco Designs

Photo by Anson Smart

Springfield, IL living room by Bruce Fox

How do you create — and keep — a boundary between your work and personal spaces?

“I have to say, since I’ve been working from home, there have been few boundaries. I go from the bed to the dining table to the sofa. All surfaces are fair game during social distancing.” — Bruce Fox

Photo by Steve Hall

Ariel Okin's home office in New York

Where is the best place to set up a home office?

“With a seven-month-old and a dog, things can get loud sometimes! My home office is a respite from all the noise in my apartment. The neutral palette with calming pops of blue and lots of hits of texture allows me to focus, and placing my desk in front of the window really helps me find inspiration from the view outside.

“I think the best place to set up a home office is in a space where you can shut a door or close yourself off if you need some quiet. It should also be near a window so you have natural light. Natural light makes all the difference!” — Ariel Okin

Photo by Seth Caplan

Frank Ponterio

Where do you find inspiration or decompress when you’re working from home?

“I feel inspired being surrounded by personal memorabilia, photos of friends and family and reminders of important occasions, which are all mounted on the wall directly across from my main desk.” — Frank Ponterio

Photo by Dustin Halleck

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