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XBeautiful Jean Pascaud Circular Aubusson Carpet, c...Jean Pascaud, Atelier Pinton, Aubusson Manufacture1940s European Modern TapestriesThe design was made by Jean Pascaud, the burgundy field with radiating cream stripes to the border. It is a 1940s beautiful rug by one of the most famous French. The Monogramme of the ...View More Details >
XPair of Mariano Fortuny Panels, circa 1918-1920Early 20th Century Italian TapestriesCottonA pair of Mariano Fortuny panels, Venice, 1918-1920, with stenciled Ottoman inspired design in three colors: navy blue, terracotta, and silver. Original borders.View More Details >
XAntique 17th Century Brussels Biblical Isaac, Jaco...17th Century Belgian TapestriesSilk, WoolAn antique 17th Century Brussels biblical tapestry, size 11'3"H x 10'10"W, featuring Isaac with his sons, Jacob and Esau, and other figures nearby. Enclosed within an elaborate foliate...View More Details >
Jean Lurcat Wool Tapestry, circa 1950
Galerie Gaudium
XJean Lurcat Wool Tapestry, circa 1950Jean Lurcat1950s French Mid-Century Modern TapestriesTapestry, WoolJean Lurcat wool tapestry, circa 1950. Manufactured in France. Dimensions: 142 x 105 cm.View More Details >
XJean Picart Le Doux Concerto Tapestry Hand Signed,...Jean Picart Le Doux1950s French Mid-Century Modern TapestriesTapestryJean Picart Le Doux printed tapestry “Concerto,” circa 1955. With original label to the underside, hand signed by the artist and numbered 69. Manufactured in Paris by Henri Duprez. Meas...View More Details >
XVintage Swedish Tapestry Rug by Marta Maas Fjetter...Märta Måås Fjetterström1950s Swedish Mid-Century Modern TapestriesSwedish rug, Scandinavia, mid-20th century - Created by design legend Marta Maas Fjatterstorm circa 1950, this marvelous Mid-Century Kilim is a flat-woven carpet after the modernist's h...View More Details >
Pierre Cardin, Signed Wool Tapestry
Fat Chance Los Angeles
XPierre Cardin, Signed Wool TapestryPierre Cardin1960s French Mid-Century Modern TapestriesWoolBrightly colored geometric wool tapestry by Pierre Cardin (born 1922). Signed Pierre Cardin (lower right) Beautiful vibrant excellent condition.View More Details >
Sunrise Wool Handwoven Rug by Boccara
Boccara Paris
XSunrise Wool Handwoven Rug by BoccaraBoccara French Modern TapestriesThis modern style rug was made by Boccara in the 1990s and designed by Didier Marien. The Boccara Gallery was created in the late 1940s. It is a beautiful handwoven rug, in excellent co...View More Details >
Jean Picart Le Doux Tapestry “La Huppe,” circa 1955
Galerie Gaudium
XJean Picart Le Doux Tapestry “La Huppe,” circa 195...Jean Picart Le Doux1950s French Mid-Century Modern TapestriesTapestry, WoolJean Picart Le Doux tapestry “La Huppe,” circa 1955. With original label to the underside, hand signed by the artist. Manufactured in France by Hamot. 150 x 200 cm.View More Details >
XDocumented French Handmade Aubusson Tapestry, circ...18th Century French TapestriesWool, SilkThis tapestry was woven in Aubusson, France in the 1600s and is documented. It has its original floral border and beautiful verdure and classical motifs. There are many condition issues...View More Details >
X Palatial Original Antique French Aubusson Rug, ci...19th Century French Aubusson TapestriesAn absolutely exquisite 100% handwoven antique Aubusson carpet with unusual chateau, like dimensions. This fine carpet offers vibrant colors and highly stylized floral accents. Original...View More Details >
XAntique 17th Century Brussels Achilles Tapestry, b...Peter Paul Rubens17th Century Belgian TapestriesSilk, WoolAn amazing antique 17th century antique Brussels mythological tapestry, size 13'6" H x 15'2" W, depicting the death of Achilles, after being shot in the heel with an arrow by Paris. Bas...View More Details >
XCarlos Merida Tapestry, Wall Hanging "Lazaro y La ...Carlos Mérida1970s Mexican Modern TapestriesWoolCarlos Merida tapestry, wall hanging "Lazaro y La Noche." 25 pieces edition by Art in Tapestry inc. El Paso Texas. Carlos Merida (born 1891 Guatemala City, died 1984-85, Mexico City) ...View More Details >
18th Century Handwoven Flemish Tapestry
Melissa Levinson Antiques
X18th Century Handwoven Flemish TapestryUnknownEarly 18th Century Belgian Baroque TapestriesSilk, Wood18th century hand woven Flemish Tapestry of landscape done in beautiful shades of blue & brown depicting a winter woodland scene with snow on the mountains in the background and tree br...View More Details >
Gilioli's Lyrical Abstract Aubusson's 1960s Tapestry
Boccara Paris
XGilioli's Lyrical Abstract Aubusson's 1960s Tapest...Atelier Pinton, Aubusson Manufacture1960s French TapestriesEmile Gilioli (1911–1977). Emile Gilioli born in 1911 in Paris and died in 1977 in Paris, is a French sculptor. It is one of the representatives of lyrical abstract sculpture. Extreme r...View More Details >
XVery Large, Superb, French, Wall Hanging, Rich Med...Late 19th Century French Medieval TapestriesFabricThis is a superb, distinctive and very large French WALL HANGING. The art work is dyed or printed on a hessian style fabric and emulates the beautifully crafted Aubusson tapestries wit...View More Details >
XGood 19th Century Ceremonial Wedding Panel, Sumatr...Late 19th Century Indonesian TapestriesFeltA 19th century ceremonial hanging, to be hung over a bed or nuptial throne at circumcision or wedding ceremonies. Felted cloth panel with very fine gold threaded brocades. Sumatra, circ...View More Details >
18th c. Flemish Palatial Garden Scene Tapestry
Legacy Antiques
X18th c. Flemish Palatial Garden Scene Tapestry18th Century Belgian TapestriesTapestryFantastic large Flemish tapestry depicting a garden scene on a grand palatial estate. Having lovely renderings of numerous water fowl and dog in foreground, with manicured garden and v...View More Details >
Vintage Italian Tapestry, 1910
Brunelli Designs
XVintage Italian Tapestry, 1910Early 20th Century Italian Tapestries9-07 vintage Italian tapestry. See 9-08 for other tapestry. Lighting seating decorative art.View More Details >
Pair of French Aubusson Tapestries
XPair of French Aubusson Tapestries19th Century TapestriesRare pair of 19th Century TapestriesView More Details >
XJapanese Couched Gold and Silk Embroidered Dragon ...Late 19th Century Japanese TapestriesSilkLarge Japanese Couched Gold and Silk Embroidered Dragon Panel.View More Details >
XTibetan Mounted Thangka Scroll Painting of Vaishra...19th Century Tibetan TapestriesSilkThis nineteenth-century painted Tibetan scroll, known as a thangka, mounted on layers of embroidered silk, features the Great Golden Vaishravana, the dispenser or riches, god of wealth...View More Details >
Very Rare Emile Gilioli's Refined Tapestry
Boccara Paris
XVery Rare Emile Gilioli's Refined TapestryÉmile Gilioli1960s French Modern TapestriesWoolEmile Gilioli (1911–1977). Emile Gilioli born in 1911 in Paris and died in 1977 in Paris, was a French sculptor. It is one of the representatives of lyrical abstract sculpture. Extreme ...View More Details >
XLarge 1950s French Cubist Tapestry by Robert Debie...Robert Debieve1950s French Art Deco TapestriesLarge 1950's French cubist style tapestry by Robert Debieve (1926-1994) for Corot, Paris. Wonderful modernist scene depicting a fisherman repairing his nets, entitled "Le Remailleur de...View More Details >
Fragment of an Antique "Suzani"
Double Knot
XFragment of an Antique "Suzani"Late 19th Century Uzbek Suzani TapestriesSilkThis is a fragment of what was originally a large antique "Suzani" embroidery from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, that probably consisted of six or nine of these roundels. These suzanis were loc...View More Details >
Picasso's Rare Rug "La Serrure," circa 1955
Boccara Paris
XPicasso's Rare Rug "La Serrure," circa 1955Pablo Picasso, Marie Cuttoli1950s French TapestriesWoolTitle: "The Lock." Handwoven carpets in thick wool, with stylized background of a home decoration a character in a lock, terrace pitcher and bird. Signed Picasso. This rug was reproduce...View More Details >
X18th Century Verdure Flemish TapestryUnknownEarly 18th Century Belgian Renaissance TapestriesWool18th century handwoven verdure Flemish tapestry with border.View More Details >
XAlbert Gleizes Edition Beautiful Tapestry "Woman"Boccara21st Century and Contemporary Modern TapestriesWoolAlbert Gleizes was born in Paris in 1899. From 1910, he regularly encounters Jean Metzinger, Robert Delaunay, Fernand Léger and other artists in the studio Le Fauconnier. In 1911, Glei...View More Details >
XLarge Japanese Silk Embroidery of Cranes in a Bamb...Late 19th Century Japanese TapestriesA large framed Japanese silk embroidery of red crowned cranes in a bamboo forest.View More Details >
XAntique Late 19th Century French Historical Joan o...Late 19th Century French TapestriesSilk, WoolAn antique French historical religious tapestry from the late 19th Century, size 4'0"H x 4'2"W, depicting Joan of Arc sitting with her sheep in a stylized "mille fleurs" setting. Enclo...View More Details >
XAntique European Needlepoint Tapestry Panels with ... TapestriesCanvas, WoolAn interconnected set of three European Needlepoint Tapestry Panels, antique, circa 1900, size 4'2"H x 4'3"W. Each of the three panels measures 4'2"H x 1'5"W. The tapestry depicts cou...View More Details >
Tapestry by JC Bissery
Antiques MC
XTapestry by JC Bissery1970s French TapestriesAuthentic tapestry made on "metier jacquart"View More Details >
XAntique 17th Century Brussels Mythological Boar's ...Charles Le Brun, Jan Leyniers17th Century Belgian TapestriesSilk, WoolAn antique 17th Century Brussels mythological tapestry, size 11'6"H x 10'8"W, from the workshop of the renowned weaver, Jan Leyniers, after cartoons by Charles Le Brun. The tapestry de...View More Details >
XAntique 17th Century Flemish Historical Coriolanus...17th Century Belgian TapestriesWoolAn antique 17th Century Flemish historical tapestry, size 7'H x 11'W, depicting the Roman general Coriolanus, enthroned at left, with his domineering mother Volumnia and his wife Virgil...View More Details >
XAntique French Louis Philippe Aubusson Carpet1880s French Louis Philippe TapestriesWoolAn antique French Louis Philippe Aubusson carpet, circa 1880, size 19'2" x 15'0". This classic flat-woven carpet features an elegant central medallion in a softly hued primary field, a...View More Details >
XAntique 17th Century Flemish Mythological Courtshi...17th Century Belgian TapestriesSilk, WoolAn antique 17th Century Flemish mythological tapestry, size 9'1"H x 12'8"W, envisioning The Courtship of Apollo, with the Greek deity Apollo at left with his lyre and laurel garland, co...View More Details >
XAntique 17th Century Flemish Historical Concord of...17th Century Belgian TapestriesSilk, WoolAn antique 17th Century Flemish game park historical tapestry, size 7'6"H x 13'6"W, depicting the concord of two leaders, possibly Jacob and Esau, as women and children look on, and flo...View More Details >
XTranquil Antique 17th Century Flemish Verdure Tape...17th Century Belgian TapestriesSilk, WoolAn antique 17th Century Flemish verdure tapestry, size 9'5"H x 7'6"W, envisioning a tranquil verdant scene with an exotic bird in the midst of trees and greenery. Enclosed within a fol...View More Details >
XLate 19th Century Oversized American Floral Hooked...1870s American TapestriesAn American Folk Art rug in a floral design circa 1870s. Rug is newly cleaned, stretched, and mounted on black linen.View More Details >
Verdure Tapestry
Panache Antiques & Objets D'Art Inc.
XVerdure Tapestry French Renaissance TapestriesHighly detailed original Verdure tapestry.View More Details >
20th Century Needle Work Tapestry, Small
Panache Antiques & Objets D'Art Inc.
X20th Century Needle Work Tapestry, SmallEarly 20th Century French TapestriesEarly 20th Century tapestry with foliage rendered in soft green, yellow and blue tones.View More Details >
20th Century Needle Work Tapestry, Large
Panache Antiques & Objets D'Art Inc.
X20th Century Needle Work Tapestry, LargeLate 20th Century French TapestriesEarly 20th Century tapestry with foliage rendered in soft green, yellow and blue tones.View More Details >
Emile Gilioli's Beautiful Abstract Tapestry
Boccara Paris
XEmile Gilioli's Beautiful Abstract TapestryÉmile Gilioli1960s Modern TapestriesWoolGilioli, born in 1911 in Paris and died in 1977 in Paris, is a French sculptor. It is one of the representatives of abstract sculpture. Extreme rigor, geometric simplification are recur...View More Details >
X"King and Queen," Monumental, Mid-Century Tapestry...M. Dudzinska1950s Polish Mid-Century Modern TapestriesWoolMagnificent in design, palette and artisanry, this very rare, monumental wool and linen tapestry was made in Soviet-era Poland. It was designed by M. Dudzinska and woven by Z. Grzybek f...View More Details >
Camille Hilaire Aubusson Tapestry
Vojtech Blau Inc.
XCamille Hilaire Aubusson TapestryCamille Hilaire1950s French Mid-Century Modern TapestriesWool"Soleil Dans La Serre". Designed by Camille Hilaire (1916-2004). Woven at Atelier Pinton Freres, Aubusson, France.View More Details >
French Silk Embroidery Panel, circa 1880s
Grace David Antiques
XFrench Silk Embroidery Panel, circa 1880s1880s TapestriesFrench embroidered silk panel of florals in beautiful colorations, circa 1880s. Newly lined and edges surged.View More Details >
'Io and Zeus' Flemish Tapestry, Brussels 18th Century
Galerie Girard
X'Io and Zeus' Flemish Tapestry, Brussels 18th Cent...Mid-18th Century Belgian Louis XV TapestriesSilk, WoolThis Flemish 18th century tapestry offers a romantic composition of the history of Io and Zeus. A scenic perspective built on the basis of a monumental stairway emphasizes this greek...View More Details >
XPablo Picasso Wool Tapestry, "Portrait de Femme" 1...Pablo PicassoLate 20th Century Dutch Modern TapestriesWoolBased on original painting "Portrait de Femme au Chapeau a Pompon et au Corsage Imprine" of 1962. From a limited edition of 500. Numbered and certified by Succession Picasso Paris. Comp...View More Details >
Striped Grain Sack or Runner
XStriped Grain Sack or RunnerMid-20th Century Tribal TapestriesCotton, WoolThis two-sided tribal piece from Southeastern Turkey is flat woven with a striped on the front, with a more simplified natural color and traditional woven patterns on the back. It was o...View More Details >
XCommemorative Textile Depicting Black Ministry of ...1950s South African TapestriesCottonA wonderful graphic vintage textile. The piece has been backed in natural Belgian linen and has a rod pocket to hangView More Details >
Albert Gleizes Edition Tapestry "Madonna"
Boccara Paris
XAlbert Gleizes Edition Tapestry "Madonna"Boccara21st Century and Contemporary French Modern TapestriesWoolGleizes Tapestry "Madonna." Albert Gleizes was born in Paris in 1899. From 1910, he regularly encounters Jean Metzinger, Robert Delaunay, Fernand Léger and other artists in the studio...View More Details >
Flemish Verdure Tapestry
David Neligan Antiques
XFlemish Verdure TapestryEarly 18th Century Belgian Baroque TapestriesRectangular with large tree and landscape of a pond, field and house with florals. Leaf decorated borders. Blue, green ground.View More Details >
French 18th Century Aubusson Tapestry 'The Young Bird-Trappers'
Galerie Girard
XFrench 18th Century Aubusson Tapestry 'The Young B...Mid-18th Century French Louis XV TapestriesSilk, WoolThe French Factory of Aubusson is known since the 16th Century. It accomplished a progressif expansion until its apogee during the reign of the sun-king Louis XIV. In 1664 the king's mi...View More Details >
After Alexander Calder, Tapestry "Moon" 1974
Michel Contessa
XAfter Alexander Calder, Tapestry "Moon" 1974Alexander Calder1970s Guatemalan TapestriesLarge after Alexander Calder for Bon Art, wall hanging tapestry, titled "Moon" Numbered 70/100, embroidered CA 74. Maguey fiber.View More Details >
18th Century Flemish Menagerie Scene Tapestry
Legacy Antiques
X18th Century Flemish Menagerie Scene Tapestry18th Century Belgian TapestriesTapestryBeautiful and impressive Flemish tapestry with lovely menagerie scene. Having vibrant color palette and exceptionally detailed renderings of various animals including a peacock, parrot,...View More Details >
Japanese Silk Embroidery of Two Lions
Kevin Page Oriental Art
XJapanese Silk Embroidery of Two LionsLate 19th Century Japanese TapestriesSilkAn intricate Japanese silk embroidery of lion and sleeping lioness in the grass, in a wooden frame. (Buyers in the UK and Europe will be subject to +VAT)View More Details >
Painting, "the Harbor at Low Tide" by Bernard Buffet
Anne Hauck Art Deco
XPainting, "the Harbor at Low Tide" by Bernard Buff...Bernard Buffet1970s French TapestriesPaint, WoolTitled "The Harbor at Low Tide". Signed by Bernard Buffet on top right hand corner and dated, 1972, on top left. Hand-painted motif on stitched wool gives the illusion of a tapestry. Ce...View More Details >
XCollection of Antique Textiles 18th Century Embroi...Unknown18th Century Italian Louis XVI TapestriesCotton, Linen, SilkEmbroidery panel depicting music instrument in the center medallion and blooming flowers all-around. Silk and linen on silk background textile. Soft shades of green, yellows, pink and b...View More Details >
Marc Saint-Saëns's 1950s Modern Colorful Aubusson Tapestry
Boccara Paris
XMarc Saint-Saëns's 1950s Modern Colorful Aubusson...Aubusson Manufacture1950s French TapestriesMarc Saint-Seans (1903-1979). Marc Saint-Saëns is a French painter, writer and muralist. Graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse, he participated, alongside Jean Lurcat, Jean ...View More Details >
Sonia Delaunay Aubusson Tapestry
Vojtech Blau Inc.
XSonia Delaunay Aubusson TapestrySonia Delaunay20th Century French Mid-Century Modern TapestriesWool'ICARE." Designed by Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979). Woven by Atelier Pinton Freres, Aubusson France. 3/6 (woven reverse). Sonia Delaunay is widely recognized as one of the greatest tra...View More Details >
Aubusson Tapestry by Simon Chaye
Studio 111
XAubusson Tapestry by Simon ChayeSimon Chaye1960s French TapestriesChaye began learning his Craft under Jean Picart Le Doux in 1953, then went out on his own to design his own beautiful tapestries and had many of them produced by the Galerie Robert Fou...View More Details >
C.1886 Flemish Tapestry, Busy Dock Scene
Grace David Antiques
XC.1886 Flemish Tapestry, Busy Dock Scene1880s TapestriesTapestry, WoolWonderful scene of bustling people working at the dock. Warm coloration, all hand loomed in wool. Excellent condition.View More Details >
XBeautiful Albert Gleizes Wool Handwoven Rug N.2Albert GleizesEarly 20th Century French TapestriesAlbert Gleizes (1881–1953). Albert Gleizes was a French artist, theoretician, philosopher, and an important influence on the School of Paris. Albert Gleizes and Jean Metzinger wrote th...View More Details >
Exceptional Aubusson Tapestry with Chinese Decor
Gilles Linossier
XExceptional Aubusson Tapestry with Chinese Decor18th Century French TapestriesAubusson tapestry with Chinese decor and its edging. Dimensions: 280 x 380 cm.View More Details >
Early 19th Century English Needlework
XEarly 19th Century English NeedleworkEarly 19th Century English Neoclassical TapestriesSilkAn English silk needlework embroidery in excellent condition and retaining good original colors. The needlework depicts a rural scene of a mother at work raking a field while her son br...View More Details >
19th Century Tapestry Screen
Joseph Minton Antiques
X19th Century Tapestry Screen19th Century French Napoleon III TapestriesBrass, Tapestry, Wood19th century tapestry fragments made into a five-panel screen. 20th century.View More Details >
Antique French Tapestry
Keivan Woven Arts
XAntique French TapestryEarly 20th Century European French Colonial TapestriesWoolThis Beautiful French Tapestry was crafted around the turn of the 20 century.View More Details >
Botanical Handmade Textile
XBotanical Handmade Textile21st Century and Contemporary Indian TapestriesAnavila designs fashion textiles using the native skills and ancient fabrics of Southern India. She works with local tribes to create improved lifestyles for these rural woman. The Bota...View More Details >
17th Century Flemish Religious Scene Tapestry
Legacy Antiques
X17th Century Flemish Religious Scene Tapestry17th Century Belgian TapestriesTapestryMagnificent Flemish tapestry depicting an important religious scene of one of the miracles of Jesus in the Gospels. "Healing of the Centurion's Servant" shows Christ healing an afflict...View More Details >
18th Century "Dye and Resist" Pieced Quilt
Benjamin Wilson Antiques
X18th Century "Dye and Resist" Pieced QuiltUnknown American American Colonial TapestriesCottonA lovely indigo "Dye and Resist" printed textile. Very graphic and beautifully colored. Individual pieces of printed fabric make up this textile. One of a kind.View More Details >
Rare 20th Century Aubusson Tapestry Signed by Marc Bourlier
Florence Lopez
XRare 20th Century Aubusson Tapestry Signed by Marc...Marc Bourlier1970s French TapestriesWoolVery original and decorative tapestry signed by marc Bourlier 1971. The "Man Machine" ("L'Homme Machine") is in perfect condition for an astonishing wall decor. Finely hand woven. A pie...View More Details >
XVintage Scandinavian “The Dance” Tapestry by Lars ...Lars Gynning20th Century Swedish Scandinavian Modern TapestriesWoolVintage Scandinavian "The Dance" Tapestry by Lars Gynning for P.F Aubusson, Origin: Scandinavia, Circa: Mid-Twentieth Century - Here is a unique and truly exciting vintage carpet: a vin...View More Details >
XPablo Picasso "Harlequin" Wool Tapestry, circa 199...Pablo PicassoLate 20th Century Dutch Modern TapestriesWoolPablo Picasso "Harlequin" wool tapestry. Based on original "Arlequin" painting of 1915 in the permanent collection of MOMA New York. From a limited edition of 500. Numbered and certifie...View More Details >
Unique 1969 Tapestry "L'ouie" by Pierre Daquin
Florence Lopez
XUnique 1969 Tapestry "L'ouie" by Pierre DaquinPierre Daquin1960s French TapestriesUnique 1969 tapestry signed by Pierre daquin. "The Hearing" is a part of a set of five Tapestries representing the five senses. The spiral motive with a black and gradient grey woven wi...View More Details >
XEarly Evelyn Ackerman Handhooked Tapestries, circa...Evelyn Ackerman1950s American TapestriesThis stunning pair of wall hangings of two young girls was produced and sold as a set in late 1959 by Era Industries. These are two of roughly 50 designs that Era Industries had manufac...View More Details >
Belgian Art Nouveau Style Needlepoint Tapestry
VSdR Van Steenbergen - di Resta bvba
XBelgian Art Nouveau Style Needlepoint TapestryEarly 20th Century Belgian Art Nouveau TapestriesA Belgian Art Nouveau style wool needlepoint tapestry in absolutely excellent condition. We have attached the wallhanging to a new stretcher frame which we could remove to facilitate ea...View More Details >
XAfter Pablo Picasso "Les Femmes d'Alger, Version "...Pablo PicassoMid-20th Century American Modern TapestriesCottonA fine and large needlepoint of the famous painting from the Victor and Sally Ganz Collection. "Les femmes d'Alger (Version O)", the painting that this version is based on was painted ...View More Details >
Aubusson French Tapestry
Panache Antiques & Objets D'Art Inc.
XAubusson French TapestryAubusson ManufactureLate 18th Century French TapestriesOriginal 18th century Aubusson Tapestry. Figures depict a scene around a fire in the outdoors, encircled by stylized foliage and floral motifs. Inquire for condition.View More Details >
Pair of Floral Tapestry Panels
XPair of Floral Tapestry PanelsUnknown1950s French Gothic Revival TapestriesLinen, WoolPair of tapestry panels depicting Gargoyle, blooming flowers and fruits, birds and berries. Ideal for a chair back and seat upholstery. Small:22"H x 25"H Large:31"H x 32.5"HView More Details >
Mend by Tanya Aguiñiga
Volume Gallery
XMend by Tanya AguiñigaTanya Aguiniga21st Century and Contemporary American Bohemian TapestriesCopper, Cotton, WoolCotton, wool, copper electroplated epoxy clay Unique 105 x 132 inchesView More Details >
Sonia Delaunay Tapestry
Vojtech Blau Inc.
XSonia Delaunay TapestrySonia Delaunay20th Century French Mid-Century Modern TapestriesWool"EQUATEUR." Designed by Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979). Woven at Atelier Pinton - Aubusson, France. Sonia Delaunay is widely recognized as one of the greatest translators of a modernist ...View More Details >
19th Century French Verdure-Painted Paper Tapestry Cartoon
VSdR Van Steenbergen - di Resta bvba
X19th Century French Verdure-Painted Paper Tapestry...1890s French TapestriesThis 19th c French painted paper tapestry"cartoon" was used as the pattern to place under a loom to guide the tapestry weaver. This serene country scene is painted with gauche on paper...View More Details >
Rene Fumeron Tapestry
Vojtech Blau Inc.
XRene Fumeron TapestryRene FumeronMid-20th Century French Mid-Century Modern TapestriesWool"Barge Rousse." Designed by Rene Fumeron (1921-2003). Woven at Atelier Pinton Freres, Aubusson, France.View More Details >
17th Century Flemish Battle Scene Fragment
X17th Century Flemish Battle Scene Fragment17th Century Dutch Baroque TapestriesLinenFabulous good quality fragment from a Flemish battle scene, circa 1650. Retaining labels from Maison Chevalier, Paris. Dimensions: 270 cm x 240 cm. Professionally re-backed with linen,...View More Details >
Beatrice Wood Self Portrait Sequin Tapestry
Studio 111
XBeatrice Wood Self Portrait Sequin TapestryBeatrice WoodLate 20th Century American TapestriesKnown mostly for her glazed ceramics and lifestyle, Beatrice Wood experimented in various other arts and crafts. This piece depicts her in all her shimmering glory using thousands of co...View More Details >
Early 18th Century Antique Tapestry
Art Oriental GmbH
XEarly 18th Century Antique TapestryEarly 18th Century French Baroque TapestriesSilk, WoolBeautiful antique French tapestry. Collector's item.View More Details >
Pictorial Mongolian Baotou Rug
Art of Vintage
XPictorial Mongolian Baotou Rug1920s Mongolian Art Deco TapestriesWoolStunning Baotou rug. The rugs produced in the city of Baotou, in what is now inner Mongolia. They were known for their dense, plush pile, and deep blue color. The pictorial ones, with b...View More Details >
Brussels Historical Masterpiece of a Tapestry by Jan Leyniers
Antik-Mobel Hesz GmbH
XBrussels Historical Masterpiece of a Tapestry by J...Jan Leyniers Belgian Baroque TapestriesMonumental Tapestry by Jan Leyniers (1630 - 1686) from the History of Alexander the Great series. The Leyyniers Family was in the 17th Century among the foremost weaver dynasties in Bru...View More Details >
Large Sculptural Macrame Wall Hanging
Archive 20th Century
XLarge Sculptural Macrame Wall HangingSheila Hicks, Romeo Reyna20th Century American Mid-Century Modern TapestriesJuteLarge Sculptural Macrame / Tapestry Wall Hanging. Measures 48" Wide x 70" Tall x 10" Deep. Woven Fibers Create a Dynamic Sculptural Element.View More Details >
XRare 17th Century Mythological Tapestry Depicting ...17th Century French TapestriesSilk, WoolThis rare antique tapestry (Flanders most likely) depicts the Greek mythological scene of Diana the Huntress and Actaeon. The myth began with a group of huntsmen led by Actaeon, grandso...View More Details >
Impressive Large African Kuba Cloth, Framed
Galerie Sommerlath
XImpressive Large African Kuba Cloth, FramedKuba People20th Century Congolese TapestriesA framed textile created by the Kuba of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These traditional textiles are created from raffia cloth dyed with twool, a pigment harvested from the hear...View More Details >
XFrench Tapestry in the Medieval Aubusson Style, Ea...Early 20th Century French Aubusson TapestriesFabricThis is a beautiful Tapestry in Excellent Condition The Tapestry is French, in the medieval "Aubusson" style showing people in a garden setting. The colours are bold with little sign o...View More Details >
Vintage Japanese Silk Ceremonial Kimono
Tishu Miami
XVintage Japanese Silk Ceremonial KimonoUnknown1940s Japanese Japonisme TapestriesA vintage Japanese ceremonial kimono, circa 1940-1950. A great piece of textile art in splendid colors. Silk with red cotton inner layer, it features intricate embroidery work "thousand...View More Details >
19th Century William IV Mahogany Pole Screen
Debenham Antiques Ltd
X19th Century William IV Mahogany Pole ScreenMid-19th Century English TapestriesMahogany pole screen complete with tapestry circa 1830 Carved stem Tapestry depicts a young lady outside with dogView More Details >
XSix Floral Tapestries by Erminio Lozzi for MV Worl...Erminio Lozzi1960s French Mid-Century Modern TapestriesWoolBorn in 1929, Erminio Lozzi is a noted painter, tapestry maker, interior designer and animator. He might be best known in the art world for creating dino the dinosaur for the Flintstone...View More Details >
Modernist Abstract Tapestry by Mathieu Matégot
Tishu Miami
XModernist Abstract Tapestry by Mathieu MatégotMathieu Matégot1950s French Mid-Century Modern TapestriesCanvas, WoolA modernist wool woven tapestry designed by French artist and designer Mathieu Matégot (1910-2001) circa 1950. The piece is signed with Matégot and monogrammed Atelier Pinton, Aubusson,...View More Details >
XSwedish Modernist Handmade Embroidered Textile Wea...Unknown1940s Swedish Scandinavian Modern TapestriesMuslin, WoolUnusual hand-sewn textile of huck stitched wool on muslin (much finer than typical monk's cloth) in a modernist adaptation of an overshot design. In adherence of the overshot method, th...View More Details >
Japanese Boro
Liza Sherman
XJapanese Boro19th Century Japanese TapestriesJapanese Edo period Boro. Patchwork hand-sewn indigo dyed fabric made from 19th century Japanese hand loomed futon fabric, with heavy repair. View.View More Details >
XHandwoven Modernist Tapestry, Dated 1975A. Malgorzata Dudzinska-Kraskiewicz1970s Polish Mid-Century Modern TapestriesNatural Fiber, WoolPainterly modernist tapestry, handwoven in wool and various fibers by noted polish painter and textile artist A. Malgorzata Dudzinska-Kraskiewicz, and dated 1975. Titled "Zaglowiec," th...View More Details >
Aubusson Settee Tapestry Cover.
XAubusson Settee Tapestry Cover.Unknown19th Century French Empire Revival TapestriesLinen, Silk, WoolAubusson tapestry from a settee back. Depicting a courtship scene in a garden with flowers. In shades of soft pink, blues, greens and gold.View More Details >
XCirca 1969 "Celebration de la Boule II" Tapestry f...Émile GilioliLate 20th Century French TapestriesWoolAubusson tapestry Picaud workshop Bolduc on the reverse N°2/4 Émile Gilioli was born to a family of Italian shoemakers who had settled beside the Canal Saint-Martin. After the First...View More Details >
Circa 1970 "Le Galet" Tapestry from Emile Giloili
Galerie Hadjer
XCirca 1970 "Le Galet" Tapestry from Emile GiloiliÉmile GilioliLate 20th Century French TapestriesWoolAubusson tapestry , woeven by the Pinton workshop Bolduc on the reverse N°EX/AView More Details >
XCirca 1914 Tapestry from Manzana Pissarro 'Sirenes...Manzana PissarroEarly 19th Century French TapestriesSilk, Silver, WoolOrigin: France Workshop: Paris, Boulevard Saint Jacques Workshop Cartoon: After a Manzana-Pissarro painting (1871-1961) Date: 1914 Finely woven in wool, silk and silver Description: ...View More Details >
XAlexander Calder Aubusson TapestryAlexander Calder20th Century French Modern TapestriesTapestry, Wool"Beaucoup De Soucoupes Volantes." Designed by Alexander Calder (1898-1976). Hand Woven at Atelier Pinton - Aubusson, France. Edition EX-A (woven reverse). In 1971, after moving to S...View More Details >
XBurt Groedel for Edward Fields Wool Rug or Tapestr...Burt Groedel1970s American Mid-Century Modern TapestriesWoolStunning example of artist Burt Groedel's work for Edward Fields. This wool rug is in mint condition and hangs easily from a custom Velcro wooden strip, where it has always lived. A fab...View More Details >
19th Century Religious Needlepoint Tapestry
Trilogy Antiques + Design
X19th Century Religious Needlepoint Tapestry19th Century TapestriesFinely detailed 19th Century needlepoint depicting Mary holding the baby Jesus. Faux tortoise shell frame.View More Details >
XGorgeous Scandinavian Landscape Tapestry by Christ...Christina Knall20th Century Swedish Scandinavian Modern TapestriesWoolScandinavian Tapestry by Christina Knall, Origin: Scandinavia, Circa: Mid-Twentieth Century - Here is a unique and truly lovely vintage carpet - a vintage Scandinavian tapestry that was...View More Details >
XVIth Century Brussels Tapestry
Galerie Hadjer
XXVIth Century Brussels TapestryUnknown16th Century Belgian TapestriesSilk, WoolTAPESTRY BRUSSELS XVIth century , circa 1560 Bibliatical scene from the story of Remus and Romulus . Woven in wool and silk Original size : 270 H X 260 LView More Details >
Early Louis XV Verdure Tapestry, Aubousson
Galleria Veneziani
XEarly Louis XV Verdure Tapestry, AuboussonUnknown18th Century French TapestriesAn early Louis XV Verdure tapestry, Aubusson, woven with a wooded river landscape with view of neighboring chateaux, in good four-side floral border. CM 200X300. France, second half of ...View More Details >
XVery Early Saltillo Serape, 18th Century18th Century Mexican TapestriesWoolThis rare early example of a Saltillo Serape was created during the second half of the 18th century. It is illustrated in the definitive book, "The Saltillo Sarape" (plate II) and, at t...View More Details >
XBeauvais Mythological Tapestry of Orpheus and Eury...Early 18th Century French Louis XIV TapestriesLouis XIV period circa 1710 French Beauvais tapestry depicting Orpheus playing the harp to his wife Eurydice attended by putti with floral, foliate and fruit garland border.View More Details >
Ikat Wall Hanging
XIkat Wall Hanging19th Century Uzbek TapestriesUzbek Ikat of zigzag motif in four colors. The bold geometrical design is nicely complemented by a whimsical splicing of the panels.View More Details >
Antique Child's Coat
Double Knot
XAntique Child's CoatLate 19th Century Uzbek TapestriesMetallic Thread, SilkA luxurious coat for a child, from Uzbekistan in Central Asia. Metal thread (gold or silver) brocading on silk, a technique and style favored among the urban classes in Bukhara, Samarka...View More Details >
Bjorn Wiinblad Tapestry
Studio 111
XBjorn Wiinblad TapestryBjorn Wiinblad1970s Danish Mid-Century Modern TapestriesWoolHandwoven wool tapestry by Danish artist, Bjorn Wiinblad, known for his whimsical work in ceramics, bronzes and weavings.View More Details >
Tapestry Still Life Painting by Pablo Picasso
The Moderns
XTapestry Still Life Painting by Pablo Picasso1960s French TapestriesWoolEmbroidered needlepoint interpretation of a painting by Picasso in wooden frame.View More Details >
Antique Tapestry
Keivan Woven Arts
XAntique Tapestry19th Century French Aubusson TapestriesWoolDelightful in both subject and palette, this Antique Verde Tapestry brings to life a beautiful woman and her two rosy cheeked children playing within an enchanting woodland setting. The...View More Details >