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Abstract Geometric Gouache
Kelly Gallery
Storm 2010
GT Art/Design
Cornelius Beelt, 17th Century Dutch Old Masters Painting
Angie Dow Patriotic Star Frame with Watercolor
Clifford A. Wallach Tramp Art, Folk Art & Americana
Landscape by Orla Valdemar, Denmark
"Tibor Jankay: Sisters" Painting, circa 1960s
GT Art/Design
"Shizu Shizu" Painting by Nami Ito
Tore Nyberg Modernistic Oil Painting
Studio Schalling
Abstract Geometric Gouache
Kelly Gallery
Alleluia Large Abstract by Kathleen Graham
Fairfield County Antique and Design Center
Johannes Stortenbeker Ceiling Decoration
Watercolor by Van Day Truex
Hunting Scene Oil on Canvas Signed by Prudent Leray
Gilles Linossier
Bonad Fragment with Three Figures
CUPBOARDS & ROSES Swedish Antiques
Painting of Four Bridled Horses
Marymont Plantation Antiques
Pair of 19th Century American Portraits
Original Signed Oil on Canvas, Three Monks
Hunt & Gather Fine Estate Furnishings
Abstract Painting by Rita L. Frost 1970
AD LIB Antiques
Fishy Fan Painting
Bridgehampton Antiques
Impressive Abstract Painting by Scott Donadio
Colin Fisher Studios
"Star Species" Painting by Nami Ito
Large Abstract Figurative Painting
Colin Fisher Studios
Large, Striking Abstract Painting by Gabriel Rivera
Colin Fisher Studios
"Aozora" Painting by Nami Ito
"Takenoko" Painting by Nami Ito
Continental Painting on Porcelain
Paul Davis New York City Painting
Worrell Smith Gallery
19th Century Continental Oval Oil Painting
Joseph Minton Antiques
"Sunset Dye" Painting by Nami Ito
Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Albert De Vos
Inessa Stewart's Antiques & Interiors
Asher B. Durand American Painting
Jeffrey Tillou Antiques
Pair of Landscapes by Joseph Thors
W. R. Harvey & Co Antiques
Beautiful Aaron Draper Shattuck Landscape
Pegaso Gallery Design
Oil on Canvas Painting Depicting Austrian Military
Verdini C Antichita
Chinese Portrait
James Graham-Stewart Ltd.
William Matthew Prior Portrait of a Gentlemen
Jeffrey Tillou Antiques
Large Portrait of a Man
Oil on Canvas Painting Depicting Still Life
Verdini C Antichita
Monumental Steven Sles Painting #2
Red Modern Furniture
Sculpted Painting by Marc Cavell
88 Gallery Paris
Abstract Expressionist Oil on Canvas by Darby
High Style Deco
Oil on Canvas Painting Depicting Knight
Verdini C Antichita
Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Man
Lee Stanton Antiques
20th Century Painting of a Lobster
Marston Luce
Painting of Man in Top Hat and Cane
Douglas Rosin Decorative Arts & Antiques
Mario Prassinos, Oil on Canvas, 1963
Morateur Gallery
Oil on Canvas Depicting a Lady
Verdini C Antichita
Giorgio Ceccarelli Nude, Italy 2006
GT Art/Design
Antique Oil Portrait of a Woman
Paul Marra Design
Francisco Peinado 1966 Abstract Oil on Canvas
Worrell Smith Gallery
Cora Paszkowski 1979 Painting
Brice Berard
Antique French Rococo Oil Painting on Canvas
Inessa Stewart's Antiques & Interiors