Sorry, Nancy Cohen As It Rolls 2016 is not currently available.
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Bivalve at the Hinge Line
Nancy Cohen
metal, glass, ceramic, wire, handmade paper
Fluid Path
Nancy Cohen
metal, glass, ceramic, wire, and handmade paper
Nancy Cohen
Steel, Glass, Wire, Handmade Paper
steel, glass, wire, handmade paper
What Can't Be Stored
Nancy Cohen
metal, glass, wire, and handmade paper
Engine 5.2
Dana Melamed
Wire, Paper, Film, Acrylic, Mesh
Dana Melamed Engine 5.2, 2016 film, cinefoil, paper, ink and acrylic on wire mesh 21.5 x 21.5 x 6.5 inches Dana Melamed (b. 1972, Tel Aviv, Israel) studied architecture and art hist...
Instantiation 3
David Jang
David Jang strives to transform the detritus of urban life into minimalist artworks of formal elegance, both gritty and sublime. He hopes to inspire others to discover art as a neces...
Churrite, Botryoidal Hematite, Cielium
Renee Brown
Ceramic, Glass, Mixed Media
Renée Brown creates an elegant piece that looks as though it could be found deep in the ocean. Brown sculpts bountiful amounts of small, crystalline shaped pieces, making sure each o...
Best of (December 2006)
Richard Thatcher
Drilled metal plates, Artforum, machine screws.