Gifts for the Difficult to Please: The Holier-Than-Thou Brooklynites

We all have that one glamorous friend or family member that’s difficult to please and even harder to shop for — mostly because these picky types have already made their lists and had their assistants check them twice. Fortunately, 1stdibs traffics in the kind of objects that can win over even the most jaded, seen-it-all giftees. And because you might still need help navigating the waters, we’ve designed a taxonomy of popular personalities and paired them with perfect presents. Just call us the snarky Santa.

Naturally, any type of fashion trend or movement that hints at an anti-luxury sensibility makes us cringe. But understanding is the first step to acceptance, and after all, 2014 was the year when average-looking clothing became a fashion phenomenon. Which brings us to our next pair of hard-to-shop-for types: the conflicted tree-hugger and the normcore Brooklyn dweller. You know who we mean. They’re self-righteous, hypocritical, slightly obnoxious — yet they always look great. The key to pleasing this twosome is to give a gift that speaks directly to their sense of self, however delusional or manufactured that might be. From boho-chic YSL peasant tops to mid-century modern clocks, we’ve got the gifts they’re lusting after (not that they’d ever admit to being into material goods).

her boho

For her: Going green doesn’t mean giving up on designer duds since wearing vintage is essentially the same thing as recycling. “I would never fur — but it’s vintage, so it’s fine.”

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Him Brooklyn

For him: He wants you to think he doesn’t care, but trust us, he does. Go with the simple, the understated and the classic; his eschewing of trends is almost opulent in its rigor.

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