Lacquer Sculptures

Line Dresser, Design Icon, Sculptural Chest of Drawers, Opalescent Handles
Line Dresser, Design Icon, Sculptural Chest of ...
Hagit Pincovici
2010s Italian Minimalist Dressers
Plexiglass, Oak, Lacquer
With a light and sophisticated style, the Israeli designer/artist Hagit Pincovici conceives a sleek-looking and oneiric chest of drawers evoking nomadic objects along the silk road. ...
Brutalist Studio Sculpture by American Sculptor John De La Rosa
Brutalist Studio Sculpture by American Sculptor...
John De La Rosa
2010s American Brutalist Abstract Sculptures
Steel, Lacquer
A spectacular geometric Brutalist studio sculpture by American sculptor John De La Rosa. The sculpture is constructed of steel and painted with a light olive green lacquer. Dimensi...
Exceptionally Large Burmese Dry Lacquer Buddha
Exceptionally Large Burmese Dry Lacquer Buddha
Antique 19th Century Burmese Sculptures
Lacquer, Wood
Exceptionally large Burmese dry lacquer statue of a Buddha on a raised pedestal base. The figure depicted seated in the attitude of "vajrasana, with the hands in "Bhumispasa mudra" p...
Japanese Gilt Sakyamuni Buddha with Stele
Japanese Gilt Sakyamuni Buddha with Stele
Early 20th Century Japanese Edo Sculptures and Carvings
Wood, Lacquer
Intricately carved from wood, this exquisite Buddha was finished with gold leaf and lacquer. Adorned with guardian lion dogs playing with embroidered balls, an ornate, architectural ...
Metallic Octopus Sculpture
Metallic Octopus Sculpture
Paolo Londero
2010s Italian Animal Sculptures
Silver Leaf
This sculpture in hand-carved Swiss pine wood depicting an octopus sinuously wrapped around a stone is extremely lifelike. The sculpture is hand-painted using natural pigments contai...
Amaryllis Sculpture

Amaryllis Sculpture

By Paolo Londero
Amaryllis Sculpture
Paolo Londero
2010s Italian Natural Specimens
This delicate sculpture of an Amaryllis flower in bloom is entirely hand-carved in Swiss pinewood, painted by hand using natural pigments, and then lacquered for a glossy finish. The...
Lily Sculpture

Lily Sculpture

By Paolo Londero
Lily Sculpture
Paolo Londero
2010s Italian Natural Specimens
This sculpture depicting a beautiful budding lily is entirely hand-carved in Swiss pinewood, hand-painted with natural pigments, and finished with a glossy lacquer. The base in the s...
Octopus Sculpture

Octopus Sculpture

By Paolo Londero
Octopus Sculpture
Paolo Londero
2010s Italian Animal Sculptures
Silver Leaf
This lifelike sculpture is hand-carved in Swiss pine wood and depicts an octopus sinuously wrapped around a stone. The piece is hand-painted using natural pigments containing 925 sil...
Cabbage Box Sculpture

Cabbage Box Sculpture

By Paolo Londero
Cabbage Box Sculpture
Paolo Londero
2010s Italian Natural Specimens
This extremely lifelike papier-maché sculpture depicts a bright green cabbage with its leaves opening up to reveal a small snail. The piece is hand-painted with natural pigments and ...
Artichoke Box Sculpture

Artichoke Box Sculpture

By Paolo Londero
Artichoke Box Sculpture
Paolo Londero
2010s Italian Natural Specimens
Other, Gold Leaf
This exquisitely crafted papier-maché sculpture depicts an artichoke with small snails on the tips of its leaves. The artichoke is hand-painted with natural pigments in lifelike colo...
American Pond Boat
American Pond Boat
20th Century American Figurative Sculptures
Wood, Lacquer
This handsome American pond boat is from the U.S and is made from wood and lacquer.
De Stijl Mid-Century Modern Herons Wood Lacquer Gold Metal, 1960s
De Stijl Mid-Century Modern Herons Wood Lacquer...
De Stijl
Vintage 1960s Italian Mid-Century Modern Animal Sculptures
De Stijl Mid-Century Modern Herons wood lacquer gold metal, 1960s. Measures: Height cm.52 , Height cn.30. base diameter cm.10.
Ceiling Coral Sculpture by Maurizio Epifani
Maurizio Epifani
21st Century and Contemporary Italian Other Abstract Sculptures
Iron, Lacquer
Maurizio Epifani Suspended coral sculpture Painted iron Italy, 2000 Measures: H 63 cm; Diam.: 60 cm.
Life-Sized Shan Burmese Gilt Lacquer Papier Mâc...
Antique Early 1900s Burmese Sculptures and Carvings
A large and impressive Burmese papier mâché gilt lacquer figure of the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, Shan States, Burma (now Myanmar) circa 1880 - 1900. The Buddha sits in vajrasan...
A Japanese Lacquer Incense Burner in the Form o...
Antique 19th Century Japanese Meiji Animal Sculptures
An outstanding and rare example of the finest Japanese lacquer. The standing elephant with gilt caparison and a pierced lid with a lotus flower finial, signature on underside of the ...
Distinctive French ‘Cheval’ Horsehead Table Lam...
Mid-20th Century French Mid-Century Modern Table Lamps
Unique and beautiful midcentury brass horsehead table lamp from the 1970s. The lamp is made in France and unique and has a sophisticated appearance. The beautiful black shade combine...
Early 20th Century Japanese Gilt Sakyamuni Budd...
Early 20th Century Japanese Meiji Sculptures and Carvings
Lacquer, Wood
Intricately carved from wood, this exquisite Buddha was finished with gold leaf and lacquer. Adorned with guardian lion dogs playing with embroidered balls, an ornate, architectural ...
Vintage Carved Wooden Swan Rocker
20th Century Victorian Animal Sculptures
Wood, Lacquer
This black beauty is a wooden, carved rocker. Very heavy and substantial, the piece can most definitely be used as a Rocker, however, the swan is a great compliment to any room or ch...
Figure Made of Wood by Hand
Early 20th Century Figurative Sculptures
Lacquer, Wood
A figure made by handwork. This piece is completely made of wood which has been painted. It illustrates a figure holding a plate. The figure wears a white robe with golden ornaments,...
19th Century Burmese Kneeling Buddhist Monk Gil...
Antique Late 19th Century Burmese Figurative Sculptures
Glass, Teak, Lacquer
19th century gilded kneeling Burmese Buddhist monk. Carved from one single piece of teak wood, with an underlaying red paint on which the gilt lacquer was applied and with multi colo...
Italian White Lacquered Female Form Sculptural ...
Vivai del Sud
Vintage 1970s Italian Modern Table Lamps
Fiberglass, Lacquer
This sculptural white lacquered Italian fiberglass lamp in nude female form torso has a wrapped turban headdress as the top. Originally made in Italy by the design firm Vivi del Sud ...
Tokonoma Satoshi Itasaka Urushi Object Contempo...
Satoshi Itasaka
2010s Japanese Japonisme Abstract Sculptures
Wood, Lacquer
Tokonoma designed by Satoshi Itasaka. This work is made of wood vase and painted in Urushi Japanese traditional lacquer. Decorative object for Japanese traditional space called "Tok...
Japanese Antique Gigaku Noh Mask with Fine Deta...
Antique 1890s Japanese Meiji Sculptures and Carvings
Wood, Lacquer
From our recent Japanese acquisitions travels. This finely carved Japanese antique wooden theater mask is a superb example of this character with its dramatic brow and pleasant jo...
Ancient Chinese Hand-Carved Lohan Monk Buddha O...
Antique 18th Century Chinese Qing Sculptures
Giltwood, Lacquer
A Fine hand-carved and Lacquered wood figure of a Luohan Arhat, Buddha' disciple. Seated in royal ease on a standing lion, wearing long flowing robes. China, Kangxi Kingdom 1661-17...
A Finely Carved and Gilded 19th Century Giltwoo...
Antique 1890s Burmese Sculptures and Carvings
Gold Leaf
Carved from a single block of padoukwood and fitted with a removable spire, the black lacquered & richly gilded figure of Buddha shown wearing a finely detailed monastic robe, seated...
Japanese Edo Period Bronze and Champleve Goose ...
Antique Mid-19th Century Japanese Edo Metalwork
Bronze, Enamel, Lacquer
A charming Japanese bronze incense burner in the form a goose or duck, Edo period, mid-19th century. The well cast fowl stands to two webbed feet, its long neck outstretched, head he...
Black Lacquered Tortoise Shell
Vintage 1960s American Animal Sculptures
A large tortoise shell with black lacquered surface. American, circa 1960.
Ivory Lacquered Backlit Obelisk Pedestal
Late 20th Century American Pedestals
Wood, Lacquer
A stark obelisk display pedestal custom crafted for an interior bulb to provide a dramatic lighted effect when placed against a wall; finished in ivory lacquer. American, circa 1980....
19th Century Chinese Red Lacquer Hide Headrest
Antique Mid-19th Century Chinese Qing Abstract Sculptures
Hide, Lacquer, Paint
Crafted of painted, lacquered hide, this extraordinary headrest was created in China's Jiangxi province over 150 years ago. Its pliable design enabled contour comfort - quite luxurio...
Monumental Gold Leaf Sculpture of Icarus in the...
Paul Manship
20th Century Neoclassical Figurative Sculptures
Resin, Fiberglass, Wood, Lacquer
Monumental gold leaf sculpture of Icarus, in the manner of Paul Manship Larger than lifesize figure of Icarus standing on one leg, holding a torch in his right hand and chain in his...
Salvador Dali Armchair Invisible Personage Limi...
Salvador Dalí, BD Barcelona Design
2010s Spanish Modern Armchairs
Sheepskin, Upholstery, Lacquer
Armchair designed by Salvador Dali manufactured in Spain by BD. "Invisible Personage" is extracted from the "Singularities" painting, painted by Salvador Dali in 1935. During thos...
Large Mid-Century Modern Classical Form Plaster...
Vintage 1970s Mid-Century Modern Figurative Sculptures
Lacquer, Plaster
Dramatic scaled Mid-Century Modern classically inspired nude female torso bust floor statue. Plaster mold features a hand applied high gloss lacquered marble or stone like finish in ...
Serge de Troyer Shagreen Head Sculpture
Serge de Troyer
21st Century and Contemporary Belgian Modern Figurative Sculptures
Shagreen, Wood, Lacquer
Offered for sale is a signed authentic Serge de Troyer shagreen head sculpture. The sculpture is viewed from all angles and retains the artists bras tag on the square base.
19th Century Japanese Gilt Standing Buddha
Antique Late 19th Century Japanese Meiji Sculptures and Carvings
Lacquer, Wood
Decorated with black lacquer and gold leaf, this elegant Buddha sculpture was carved from wood in 1875 during Japan’s Meiji Restoration period. The figure presents the classic conven...
Contemporary Red Lacquered Wall Art
Vintage 1970s French Mounted Objects
Wood, Lacquer
This wall art is originally from a coffee table with a brass base. It was taken off the table and converted to wall art. Price is for each.
Pair of 19th Century Carved and Lacquered Wood ...
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Victorian Figurative Sculptures
Wood, Lacquer
Exceptional and rare pair of 19th century wood carving figures beautifully executed with lacquered eyes and two color lacquered on the body. Figures are holding a shell on their back.
Hand-Carved and Lacquered Pair of Cinnabar Asia...
Mid-20th Century Chinese Animal Sculptures
Wood, Lacquer
This pair of small Asian Foo Dogs have been creatively hand-carved and tinted a lovely cinnabar color. The carved details are highlighted in a dark tint. The work on these collectibl...
19th Century Japanese Seated Figure of Amida on...
Antique Mid-19th Century Japanese Meiji Sculptures and Carvings
Lacquer, Wood
This unique seated figure is Amitabha—a Buddha whose name means infinite light. He’s often called Amida in Japan, where this figure was finely carved, gilded and lacquered by hand du...
Oculist Witness by Hiroshi Sugimoto
Hiroshi Sugimoto
21st Century and Contemporary American Abstract Sculptures
Sterling Silver
One sterling silver eyeglasses, seven pairs of interchangeable tinted lenses, one Lacquer box with platinum foil Produced by Lizworks and Selima Optique.
Very Large Pair of Early 20th Century Chinese F...
Early 20th Century Chinese Qing Sculptures and Carvings
Rose Quartz, Wood, Lacquer
This monumental pair of flower models, standing at over 7 feet tall, have been exceptionally sculpted in rose quartz and other hardstones. Crafted with exceptional skill, the models ...
Pair of Chinese Tang Dynasty Style Gilt Horse S...
20th Century Chinese Tang Sculptures and Carvings
Gold Leaf, Wood, Lacquer
Lavish pair of carved gold leaf gilt horse statues or sculptures made in the Chinese Tang dynasty style. Features intricately carved bodies lacquered then covered in gold leaf. Each ...
Vintage Large White Pagoda Statue Chinoiserie G...
Vintage 1970s American Chinoiserie Figurative Sculptures
Composition, Lacquer
Vintage large pagoda chinoiserie statue. This can be placed inside or in the garden. Refinished in a lacquered white. Heavy piece made of some sort of composite.
Japanese Lacquer Box in the Form of a Gourd
20th Century Japanese Taisho Sculptures
The lacquer gourd has a textured surface and a curved stalk handle and the interior is smooth. It is signed on the base.
Alabaster Seated Disciple TD 1038
Antique 17th Century Burmese Sculptures and Carvings
Alabaster seated disciple from Burma, Shan period, 17th century.
Standing Gourd Sculpture, Cream Lacquer by Robe...
Robert Kuo
2010s Abstract Sculptures
Standing gourd Cream lacquer Copper Hand repousse Limited edition Lacquer is a technique that dates back to the Shang dynasty, circa 1600-1100 B.C. The pieces are made with at...
Antique Burmese Marble Seated Buddha Sculpture,...
Antique 19th Century Burmese Sculptures and Carvings
The Buddha seated in virasana on a shaped base, his right hand in bhumisparsa mudra – calling the earth to witness, the left in dhyana mudra – meditation, wearing samghati finely car...
Cast Iron Bronze Polychromed Horse on Black Lac...
Mid-20th Century American Animal Sculptures
Bronze, Iron
This is a high stepping horse that is made of cast iron and finished off with bronze polychrome. He sits atop a black lacquer stand.
Burmese Alabaster Buddha
Antique 19th Century Burmese Sculptures
Burmese Alabaster Buddha 19th-20th century, Mandalay Period. Extremely well captured and polished features, exceptional piece. Gold leaf with black lacquer over Alabaster. 17 inches ...
Large Early 20th Century Burmese Dry Lacquer Gi...
Early 20th Century Burmese Sculptures and Carvings
A truly stunning Shan Burmese dry lacquer crowned Buddha, known as Jambupati Buddha. The Jambupati Buddha is portrayed seated upon a stylized lotus pedestal, hands in bhumisparsha m...
Art Deco Bookmatched Walnut and Black Lacquer P...
Vintage 1930s French Art Deco Pedestals and Columns
Marble, Walnut, Lacquer
This refined pedestal- with its stunning contrast of book matched and burled walnut, exotic marble and black lacquer- was realized in France, circa 1930, at the height of Art Deco. I...
Bronze Diving Board Sculpture Limited Edition b...
Eddy Sykes
21st Century and Contemporary American Modern Abstract Sculptures
Bronze, Lacquer
In light of the current state of environmental affairs, Its nice to have a reminder of what could have been, or what could be. These diving board 'trophies' are in a state of transit...
Buddha-Form Mahogany and Black Lacquer Sculptur...
Vintage 1970s Unknown Busts
Lucite, Mahogany, Lacquer
Carved and black lacquered mahogany bust of Buddha on mahogany plinth with white Lucite pedestal. The back of the head is open and can be used creatively. In this case, it is as a ve...
Japanese Iki Ningyo Mask
Early 20th Century Japanese Sculptures
Lacquer, Papier Mâché
An expressively molded mask of a man. His face contorted in either ecstasy or agony, with bulging eyes and deep creases throughout, his lips held tightly together as if trying not to...
Chinese Wood Carved Ancestor
Antique Early 19th Century Chinese Qing Sculptures and Carvings
Wood, Lacquer
Ancestor worship was an integral part of traditional Chinese home life. This carved figure bears the likeness of one of its original owner's important forebears. A cat curves around ...
Life-Sized Burmese Dry Lacquer Buddha in Royal ...
Vintage 1930s Burmese Sculptures and Carvings
An outstanding lifesize early 20th century Shan Burmese dry lacquer figure of the Buddha dressed in royal attire. The royal Buddha sits upon a raised platform is vajrasana, hands in...
Ming Dynasty Polychrome Lacquer and Gilt Iron F...
Antique 16th Century Chinese Ming Sculptures and Carvings
Iron, Lacquer
Ananda is portrayed in a typical fashion, as a youthful monk with a shaved head and dressed in simple robes. He stands upon a double lotus pedestal with hands clasped in front of him...
Polychrome Decorated Standing Carousel Horse
20th Century Indian Folk Art Animal Sculptures
Teak, Lacquer
Large polychrome decorated standing carousel horse carved from solid teak featuring a colorful life-size body. Easily displays standing with a removable head and tail. Solid and heav...
“Coniglieschio” Sculpture by Massimo Giacon
Massimo Giacon, Superego Editions
2010s Italian Figurative Sculptures
Ceramic, Lacquer
Ceramic sculpture “Coniglieschio” from the series "The pop will eat himself" designed by Massimo Giacon, edition by Studio Superego.
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