6 Secrets for Creating a Sexier Bedroom

If you want to ramp up the intimacy factor in your bedroom, these interior design tips are a good place to start.
A bedroom in an Ennismore Gardens, London, apartment designed by Taylor Howes.
A bedroom in a London apartment designed by Taylor Howes. Photo by Tom Sullam

As we all know, the bedroom is for more than just sleeping. It’s also a sacred space where you and your partner can cozy up and spend quality time together. So why not spruce it up a bit? A sexy bedroom promotes intimacy and offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. Here are a few design tips for setting the mood.

Play with Texture

Left: A Miami Beach bedroom by Brown Davis Interiors. Photo by Morris Moreno. Right: Katahdin sheep pelt, 2016

Never underestimate the power of texture in your bedroom. Tactile items like cashmere throws, silky sheets and velvet chairs can help create a seductive ambience. For an especially serene space that absorbs sound, add pieces like wall tapestries, plush area rugs and tufted headboards.

To provide intimacy, privacy and coziness, hang some thick blackout curtains. This will shut out the outside world and encourage lingering in bed, so you and your partner can focus on what matters — each other. You can also accent your windows with velvet drapes for a sophisticated feel or if you really want to spice up your room, add a touch of animal print for a bold look.

Invest in High-Quality Bedding

Keep things soft with caress-worthy bedding like sateen sheets. Avoid polyester and synthetic covers. Instead, consider natural textiles like silk, Egyptian cotton and bamboo fiber. Spread a plush blanket across the mattress to mimic the look and feel of a luxury hotel suite.

Nothing kills the mood faster than having to turn down your bed before engaging in one-on-one time with your partner, so remove excess decorative throw pillows. All you need are a few soft pillows that you can rest on comfortably.

Consider buying a luxurious four-post canopy bed, from which you can drape delicate fabrics. Gently flowing textiles will make your bed the focal point of the room and will instantly create a romantic atmosphere.

Dim the Lights

Left: A conjoined sconce in a Harry Heissmann–designed apartment in New York. Photo by Eric Laignel. Right: Vincent Pocsik S001 pendant lamps, new

Warm lighting is key to a sexy bedroom. The space should be mellowly lit, with low, indirect luminescence. Sconces or pendant lamps that cast patterns and shadows are a great way to add intrigue. Layer lighting with dimmers so that you can adjust the glow whenever you need to set the mood.

Enliven the Senses

If you really want to bring on the sexy, candles are a must. Candlelight is naturally flattering and makes you feel desirable. The sense of smell is very primal and erotic, so don’t forget the importance of aromas. Your bedroom should give off a fresh and titillating odor. To ignite the passion, add naturally scented candles, oils and incense. Some boudoir favorites include musk, vanilla and lavender.

Choose Passion Colors

To promote an erotic and invigorating aura, paint your walls a shade of red, burgundy, purple or pink. You can also bring some excitement and glamour to your interior by dressing your walls with wallpaper in a bold pattern or a shimmery finish.

Left: A bedroom in a contemporary London apartment designed by Studio Ashby. Photo by Phillip Durrant. Right: Italian chaise longue, 1950s

For a classic, romantic ambience, consider a black and white color scheme. The mysterious nature of black is alluring, especially when paired with a crisp white. Black furniture and accents lend your space an element of power and intrigue. Throw in some luscious red highlights wherever appropriate, as the color stirs energy and evokes passion.

Keep It Clean

A messy room is a huge turnoff, so make a habit of keeping your space clear of day-to-day objects. Put away your clothes, vacuum your floors and keep your surfaces clear. A beautifully lacquered wardrobe with lots of storage space is great for tucking away the clutter.

A Charleston room designed by Workstead.
A Charleston room designed by Workstead. Photo by Matthew Williams

To avoid any distractions, remove all TVs, computers, wires and work-related papers that have absolutely no place around the bed. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of peace and tranquility, and these kinds of objects can pull the focus away from you and your partner.

(Article reviewed on the 29th of September 2020)

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