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Tsherin Sherpa

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This Is Not a Rorschach Test
Located in Lalitpur, NP
In collaboration with renowned global artist Tsherin Sherpa. Our first collection seeks to capture

2010s Nepalese Chinese and East Asian Rugs


Wool, Cotton, Silk

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Finding the Right chinese-rugs for You

Antique and vintage Chinese and East Asian rugs and carpets often include images of trees, animals and abstract forms. A colorful carpet offers a focal point for conversation and curiosity.

China has a long history of rug making. Some Chinese carpets date back thousands of years. Many designs resemble delicate Chinese porcelain, such as those with depictions of vines, plants and flowers. Others are pictorial with mythical creatures, local animals and people, while others have shape-based designs featuring lovely geometric patterns.

Small prayer rugs or larger pieces with audacious patterns and colors can be a meaningful part of any collection. Neutral-toned rugs predominated interior design for a while, but bolder is better. Through fine materials and vibrant hues, one is drawn into the stories of beautifully woven rugs from China and East Asia.

Wool, silk and chinoiserie rugs add grace to rooms by contrasting or complementing antiques and modern furniture. By pairing Chinese rugs from the 1960s with your mid-century modern credenza or coffee table, you can create a synthesis of modern American design with a sensibility toward materials more commonly associated with an Asian tradition of craft.

Explore the beauty of antique and vintage Chinese and East Asian rugs and carpets through an extensive collection on 1stDibs. Find the perfect floor covering for your home, office or other space.