Early 20th Century Collectibles and Curiosities

Large Edwardian Sterling Silver Mounted Threaded Crystal Match Striker
Large Edwardian Sterling Silver Mounted Threade...
John Grinsell & Sons
Antique Early 1900s English Edwardian Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver, Crystal
Large, Edwardian, sterling silver mounted threaded crystal match striker, Birmingham, England, 1908, J. Grinsell and Son - makers. Measures 3.25 inches high x 3 1/4 inches wide (at w...
Stained Glass Panel Featuring the RCA Dog, Nipper in Wooden Frame
Stained Glass Panel Featuring the RCA Dog, Nipp...
Early 20th Century Unknown Art Deco Historical Memorabilia
Stained Glass
This image of nipper became the trademark for RCA in 1929; this framed stained glass panel was probably made in the early 20th century.
Black Forest Root Wood Tobacco Box
Black Forest Root Wood Tobacco Box
Vintage 1910s German Tobacco Accessories
A rare tobacco jar made of a root wood with tin inset and with antler handle, Germany, circa 1910.
Black Forest Antler Humidor
Black Forest Antler Humidor
Early 20th Century German Rustic Tobacco Accessories
Wood, Antler
Antique turned black forest wood box with lid, covered with horn pieces from the deer and decorated with roe deer horns.
Antique Natural Wunderkammer Aquarium Specimen
Antique Natural Wunderkammer Aquarium Specimen
Early 20th Century German Folk Art Sculptures
Antique natural Wunderkammer glass display with marine life in the depths of the sea. The specimen is set up like an aquarium with sea stars, sea urchin, fishes, prawn, crustaceans, ...
Collection of Antique Leather Bound Books 48 Linear Feet
Collection of Antique Leather Bound Books 48 Li...
Early 20th Century Danish Books
Start your own library with this incredible large collection of Danish antique leather bound books. These would be a fantastic way to decorate a library room. All are in Danish. Appr...
Antique Sharpening Wheel Standing on Wood Base, France, circa 1900
Antique Sharpening Wheel Standing on Wood Base,...
Early 20th Century French Models and Miniatures
20th Century sharpening wheel standing on wood base. France, circa 1900.
Art Deco Bronze Figure of a Juggler by Claire Colinet, circa 1925
Art Deco Bronze Figure of a Juggler by Claire C...
Claire Colinet
Vintage 1920s European Art Deco Figurative Sculptures
Colinet, J.R. Claire (1880-1950) Female juggler in bronze, circa 1925 Attractive Art Deco bronze female figure juggling two balls mounted on a marble base Measures: Height 34.0 cm,...
Large Pair of Tole Painted Palm Trees
Large Pair of Tole Painted Palm Trees
Vintage 1920s Collectibles and Curiosities
Monumental scale tole palm trees, circa 1920. Dorothy Draper style.
Early-Mid 20th Century Minimalist Wooden House ...
Early 20th Century Models and Miniatures
Beautiful Minimalist wooden black house model. Origin and original purpose unknown. Inset dimensions: 9.75" x 20".
Pair of French Painted Horses Pulling Wooden Cart
Antique Early 1900s French Primitive Toys and Dolls
Pair of French painted horses pulling a wooden cart on wheels.
1911 Antique Sterling Silver Cigar Cigarette Box
A&J Zimmerman Ltd.
Vintage 1910s English Snuff Boxes and Tobacco Boxes
Silver, Sterling Silver
An exceptional, fine and impressive antique George V English sterling silver cigar / cigarette box; an addition to the ornamental silverware collection. This exceptional antique G...
Antique Artists Mannequin
Antique Early 1900s American Victorian Models and Miniatures
Antique artists mannequin, the maker is unknown but most likely American. It dates circa 1900. It is 19.5" high x 6" wide x 3" deep. There is an age crack on the head.
Billiard or Snooker Lamp Lutyens Inspired Engli...
Edwin Lutyens
Vintage 1920s English Games
A superb Country House brass framed Billiard or Snooker table lamp, circa 1920, undoubtedly influenced by the designs of Edwin Lutyens, the lamp retains a beautiful brass patina. ...
Billiard Snooker poo table Light Arts & Crafts
Vintage 1910s British Arts and Crafts Sports Equipment and Memorabilia
A very good quality billiard snooker light of Arts & Crafts form, featuring splayed arms and decorative flat work. The shades are fitted via gantry attachments with thumbnail s...
Detailed Carving of a Miniature Châlet, Swiss B...
Early 20th Century Swiss Models and Miniatures
Wood, Glass
Hand-carved wood chalet with hay barn behind a glass case. Executed circa 1910-1920, Swiss Brienz.
Whimsical Pipe Made of Chicken Bones, circa 1900
Antique Early 1900s German Tobacco Accessories
A small antique pipe made of chicken bones, bowl in the shape of a face with glass eyes, circa 1900.
Black Forest Antler Parlor Chair, circa 1900
Early 20th Century German Chairs
Wood, Antler
An antique wicker antler chair, made of horns from the deer and fallow deer. Decorated with a turned horn rose and wildboar tusks. Executed, circa 1900.
Antique Casino Carnival Gambling Game Wheel Woo...
Evans Gaming Company
Vintage 1910s American Folk Art Carnival Art
Antique tabletop gaming wheel. Most likely made by Evan's gaming company. Graphic painted dice in original paint surface. Heavy cast iron stand and leather strap.

Watercolor by William Birchall

By William Minshall Birchall
Watercolor by William Birchall
William Minshall Birchall
Vintage 1910s English Paintings
Watercolor by William Birchall depicting a world war one Naval warship on convoy with destroyers on station on the ships port hand side. Entitled The Everr Ready. Dated 1914 O...
Beautiful Quality Sterling Silver and Guilloche...
Vintage 1920s French Collectible Jewelry
Sterling Silver, Enamel
A beautiful quality sterling silver and guilloche enamel ladies purse, circa 1920. The exterior is finest quality enamel, when pressing the clip down on the centre section it reve...
Antique Model of Ulm Cathedral
Michael Molz
Early 20th Century North American Gothic Architectural Models
Stunning and rare scale model of the Ulm Cathedral, completed in 1925 by Michael Molz of Los Angeles. It is in remarkably good condition and features stained glass windows. The Ulm...
1930s Folk Art Log Cabin Bookends, a Pair
Early 20th Century American Adirondack Outsider and Self Taught Art
Reclaimed Wood
A rustic pair of handmade bookends, formed as log cabins, circa 1930s-1940s. Crafted with great detail from found wood, cut tree branches, painted cardboard and small nails. A great...
Pocket Compass Used by American Aviation Office...
Ceebynite Short & Mason Taylor
Vintage 1920s American Scientific Instruments
Pocket compass used by American aviation officers, 1926, of chromed brass in the shape of a pocket watch, signed Short & Mason VI A130. The compass has a snap-on cover with release b...
Japanese Compass Made in the Early 1900
Early 20th Century Japanese Scientific Instruments
Liquid compass on universal joint mounted on walnut plank. Made in the early 1900 and written in Japanese types. The compass has a brass cylindrical box; on its bottom it is fixed a ...
Air Pump Type Fleuss Dated to Early 1900s
Early 20th Century Scientific Instruments
Air pump type Fleuss dated back to the early 1900; on a brass label it is written "Don de Messieur Courdouan et Brun 1928". This type of pumps were often used for modify the air of i...
Crystal Radio Made in 1920s
Vintage 1920s British Collectibles and Curiosities
Crystal radio made in 1920s. It is a simple radio receiver that doesn't need batteries and which operates using a long external antenna which find the signals. The first use was to r...
Kenotometer Signed Brady & Martin Ltd Newcastle...
Brady & Martin Ltd.
Early 20th Century British Scientific Instruments
Kenotometer signed Brady & Martin Ltd Newcastle-on-Tyne, early 1900. It is an instrument used on a ship to measure the pressure in the condensers of steam turbines. It consists of a ...
Vintage Chinese Carnelian Silver Necklace
Early 20th Century Chinese Collectible Jewelry
Carnelian, Silver
Antique necklace of gilded silver and carnelian stones depicting a parrot and choppy Chinese figure. Provenance to a American businessman living in China in the beginning of the 20th...
Set of Two Gold Bar Style Brass Paperweights
Early 20th Century American Mid-Century Modern Paperweights
Two brused brass bar with ingravings imitating South African mint gold bars.
Winston Churchill Signed Document and Original ...
Vintage 1910s British Historical Memorabilia
A document signed by one of the most significant world leaders in 20th century history Winston Churchill (1874 –1965) was a politician and statesman who twice served as British Pr...
Studebaker Motor Meter
Early 20th Century Art Deco Scientific Instruments
Winged temperature gauge for Studebaker motors by Boyce, circa early 20th century.  
Robert Oerley Table and Two Chairs Ensemble, 19...
Robert Oerley
Early 20th Century Austrian Jugendstil Historical Memorabilia
A remarkable example of the early Viennese Jugendstil. In contrast to similar furniture, which are manufactured in pressed cardboard. These furniture are made in solid beechwood. Tw...
1920s Vintage Curved Italian Enamel Metal Sign ...
Vintage 1920s Italian Industrial Signs
Vintage enamel metal sign "cassa" ( cash desk sign ) in black on white background, produced in the 1920s in Italy. The sign is much curved and can be fixed to a wall with two scre...
Brutalist Style Handcrafted Steel Nail Silver a...
Early 20th Century Unknown Brutalist Game Boards
Brutalist style handcrafted steel nail silver and bronze chess set. Each individual nail has a small crown shaped chop which possibly identifies the maker. Each King, Queen and bisho...
Princess Mary Box, WWI Era, Christmas, 1914
Vintage 1910s English Historical Memorabilia
An authentic WWI-era Princess Mary box of brass. A stamped brass box, circa 1914, given as a thank you gift to all commissioned British troops at Christmas 1914 by HRH Princess Ma...
Early 1900s Red Crown Standard Oil Original Gas...
Standard Oil Company
Antique Early 1900s American Signs
Original vintage gas barrel, this has a original label on the metal.
Sailor Made Ropework Mirror
Vintage 1920s American Folk Art Wall Mirrors
A beautifully crafted sailor-made ropework frame, the thick coiled rope decorated with intricate knot work at each corner over a border of intricate knotted and braided rope which is...
Golf Poster
Vintage 1920s Belgian Sports Equipment and Memorabilia
Antique golf poster. A large continental advertising poster for Coq sur Mer, De Haan, Belgium. 1897. The image is in a faded condition, but this is an extremely impressive picture. ...
Large Edwardian Sterling Silver-Mounted Threade...
Vintage 1910s American Edwardian Sterling Silver
Crystal, Sterling Silver
Large, Edwardian, sterling silver mounted, threaded crystal match striker, American, circa 1910. Measures: 3 1/2" high x 4" diameter. Unusually wide sterling silver mount. Very minor...
Unusual Edwardian Sterling Silver Mounted Cryst...
Antique Early 1900s English Edwardian Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver, Crystal
Unusual, sterling silver mounted crystal match striker, London, 1905. Matches are struck on the cross-hatched part of the sterling silver rim. Sleek design; incised star on underside...
Rare Large Edwardian Sterling Silver and Purple...
Vintage 1910s French Edwardian Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver, Enamel, Crystal
Rare, unusual, large, Edwardian, sterling silver and deep purple guilloche enamel - mounted, honeycomb cut crystal match striker, France, Ca. 1910. Matches are struck on a sterling ...
Cathedrals of Central Italy by Francis Bumpus, ...
Early 20th Century Books
Rare first edition decorative book by one of the foremost authors on European cathedral architecture. Beautiful decorative copy in handcrafted matching cloth slipcase. Illustrated th...
Kaplan 35mm Cinema Movie Projector Head, circa ...
Kaplan Projector Company
Early 20th Century American Art Deco Mounted Objects
Steel, Glass
Offered for your approval is this 1930s Kaplan Projector CO. 35mm vintage film movie projector head. This unit is fully restored to the highest level and is a remarkable find. It is ...
Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, Pirate ...
Antique Early 1900s Books
Potter, Beatrix. The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Philadelphia: Henry Altemus, 1904. 16mo. Rare second American edition, second state -- sometimes referred to as the Pirate Edition. Af...
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carro...
Antique Early 1900s Books
This is the first edition, first printing of Carroll's Classic novel, illustrated by Peter Newell. Published New York & London: Harper & Brothers, 1901. Frontispiece photograph of...
"Lancel" Trade Catalogue of Luxury Goods 'Guide...
Vintage 1920s Books
A trade catalogue of luxury gifts and products made by the up-market/luxury leather dealer, Dating from the mid-late 1920s showing more than 700 items which are priced and pictured i...
Interieurs D'Aujourd'hui 'Book of Loose Plates'
Vintage 1920s Books
This is a herd covered folio with silvered lettering and the original pink ribbon ties. Dating from 1928 there is a 4 page introduction (French text) plus 40 loose plates which show ...
Dent Hardware Co. Trade Catalogue, Dated 1911
Early 20th Century Books
This is a trade catalogue dating from 1911 show casing the wares produced by Dent Hardware of Fullerton PA. The main line of business at that time was the production of refrigerator ...
Rare, Unusual, Edwardian, Sterling Silver Aladd...
George Nathan & Ridley Hayes
Antique Early 1900s English Edwardian Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver
Rare and unusual, Edwardian, sterling silver, Aladdin's oil lamp - form table lighter, Chester, England, 1904, George Nathan and Ridley Hayes - makers. Lovely design; rectangular bas...
1900s Antique French Gold and Enamel Vesta Case
Early 20th Century French Decorative Boxes
Gold, Enamel
An exceptional, fine and impressive antique French 14-karat gold and enamel vesta case; an addition to our boxes and cases collection. This exceptional antique French 14ct yellow go...
Prince John Signed Photograph
Early 20th Century British Historical Memorabilia
- Rare photograph of "The Lost Prince", Prince John - Clear, bold and rare example of his autograph Prince John (1905-1919) was the youngest son of Queen Mary and King George V...
Mark Twain Autograph and Inscription
Antique Early 1900s American Historical Memorabilia
- Fantastic historical pamphlet signed by Mark Twain, America's great novelist - Unusually long inscription with a bold, clear signature in Twain's flourishing hand Signed duri...
1928 Graf Zeppelin Model
Early 20th Century American Industrial Models and Miniatures
This model was made from an early Metalcraft Construction set from 1928. We love the look of these large (27 inch) models. It comes displayed on a custom-made iron museum stand.
Charles Lindbergh Signed Photograph
Vintage 1920s American Historical Memorabilia
Charles Augustus Lindbergh (1902-1974), nicknamed Slim, Lucky Lindy and The Lone Eagle, was a pioneering aviator who began his illustrious career in the skies as an US Air Mail pilot...
RCA Vintage Studio Microphone, Original, Iconic...
Early 20th Century American Art Deco Historical Memorabilia
Submitted for your approval, an original, unmolested, unrestored, Art Deco 1930s RCA Model 74B original studio microphone. This 'Junior Velocity' vintage microphone was made in the ...
Early Sprayers Safety Suit on Custom Museum Stand
Early 20th Century Unknown Industrial Scientific Instruments
This Industrial outfit has a striking tribeI and sculptural presence. It displays well on its handmade museum quality stand. I almost never sell items from my museum collection. Here...
Carlton Ware Golf Tobacco Jar
Antique Early 1900s English Sporting Art Sports Equipment and Memorabilia
Golf tobacco jar, Carlton ware. A ceramic Carlton ware tobacco jar with a golfing scene. The front shows one golfer dressed in a red coat about to hit a golf ball watched by anothe...
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