Sorry, Claude Lalanne Hortensia collar 1970-79 is not currently available.
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2 small portraits with gold and silver caps
Agnes Baillon
Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Papier Mâché
2 small portraits with gold and silver caps by Agnes Baillon Paper mache, silver leaf, gold leaf
Head Introspection
Harris Diamant
Aluminum, Found Objects, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Wood
Chrome plated cast iron, cast aluminum, gold leaf, aniline dyed silver leaf, wood, cast resin, found objects.
Silver and Gold 'Artesa' Decorative Bowl by Ale...
Alexandra Agudelo
Gold, Silver
This beautiful piece was inspired by the artisan traditions and tropical nature of the Pacific and Caribbean regions of Colombia. It was designed and sculpted by renowned Colombian s...
Fish Monger Study 2 by Louis Sclafani Blown Gla...
Louis Sclafani
Copper, Glass, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf
Louis Sclafani, while studying in 1976 at the Siena School of Art in Italy, became fascinated with glass on a trip to Venice and the Island of Murano. After a 3 year apprenticeship i...
Submerged Movement
Arozarena De La Fuente
This piece is hand made in Mexico City. Each fish sculpture is placed on a metal canvass where a combination of gesso, clay and cement material is then poured onto the canvass. Touch...
Edge of the Ocean Vase
Robert A. Butler
Robert A. Butler (b. 1955–) Raised in Boston, MA, Robert Butler began his silversmithing career at seventeen in Clerkwell, London (1972). He studied in the UK for the next five year...
Claire McArdle
Silver, Gold Leaf, Marble
Bardiglio marble, gold, silver leaf. 47 x 16 x 16 inches including base (Base is 5 x 16 x 16) 42 x 15 x 12 inches without base. For thousand of years, following human kind’s self...
"Sgraffito Side Tables"
Hal Kuehne
Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Wood
Signed and dated under the top