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The Hypnotist
The Hypnotist
Ron Blumberg
1950s Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil
The Hypnotist is a rare painting from the, “Psychological Series”�, of American artist Ron Blumberg which was executed from 1948-1952. The Hypnotist, is original oil on canvas, signe...
Hunt Slonem
2010s Contemporary Animal Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Hunt Slonem, MOLUCANS, Oil on Canvas, 60.00 X 70.00 in, Gold, Red, Yellow, purple, Animals, figurative, Abstract, contemporary, fine art, hunt slonem Inspired by nature and his 60 p...
Interior with Iris and Sweet Peas
Interior with Iris and Sweet Peas
Bruce Cohen
2010s American Realist Still-life Paintings
Oil on canvas 60 x 36 inches COH042
Judith Berry
2010s Abstract Abstract Paintings
Wood, Oil
To trip and retrip on a piece of land, a surface, a support that sets up not a bounce but a billow, a soft surge, a reverberation where the ground is friendly, known, familiar and th...
Bernheim (Arboretum)
Bernheim (Arboretum)
Don Pollack
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Don Pollack BIOGRAPHY Don Pollack is a Painter and Adjunct Associate Professor of Visual Communication at theSchool of t he Art Institute of Chicago. His work investigates among oth...
First Impressions
First Impressions
Robert Freeman
2010s Abstract Figurative Paintings
First Impressions was part of Robert Freeman's Social Season Series. Freeman has been shown nationally for decades, and has been included in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts...
Joan Grubin, Detritus #4, Acrylic on pressed wood abstract wall sculpture, 2015
Joan Grubin, Detritus #4, Acrylic on pressed wo...
Joan Grubin
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Abstract Sculptures
Wood, Acrylic
Joan Grubin creates dimensional installations, objects, and smaller wall works that revolve around a collaboration between the physical presence of pigment on paper and the visible b...
Red Iris
Red Iris
1950s Still-life Paintings
5-2604 Oil on canvas board set in a vintage wood frame
Sailing Regatta at Pornic
Sailing Regatta at Pornic
Raoul du Gardier
1910s Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Raoul du Gardier was born into a family of diplomats, but knew from an early age that he wanted to be a painter. He was a pupil of Théobald Chartran, Jules-Elie Delaunay and traine...
British School
19th Century Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil
BRITISH SCHOOL 19th Century HMY VICTORIA AND ALBERT INSPECTING THE FLEET OFF PORTSMOUTH Oil on canvas, dated Image size: 22 ½ × 33 inches (57 ×84 cm) Contemporary gilt frame HMY Vic...
Chairs for Momo and Papa
Keith Young
2010s Contemporary Interior Paintings
Mixed Media, Handmade Paper, Rice Paper, Screen
Title : Chairs for Momo and Papa Materials : Rice Paper, Tissue Paper, Prints, Cut-Outs, Shizen Screen Printed Paper Date : 2018 Dimensions : 30"×48" Description : Collage; Mixed Med...
Sidney’s Door (diptych)
Linda Touby
2010s Abstract Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Wax, Oil
“Sidney’s Door (diptych)” by Linda Touby, 2014. Oil and wax on canvas. 11 x 14 inches each. Touby’s series of white monochrome paintings are a conceptual reference to the artist’s l...
Still Life with Lobster and Lemon
17th Century Old Masters Still-life Paintings
Canvas, Oil
After Joris Van Son (Flemish, 1623 – 1667) Still Life with Lobster and Lemon Oil on canvas Signed indistinctly ‘…. SO’ (on the table lower left) 23.3/8 x 29.3/8in. (59 x 72.5cm.)
Abstract Red Painting
1980s Abstract Paintings
#5-2786 A contemporary red abstract acrylic on a wood board ,displayed in a vintage black -gilt wood frame,signed lower left by Flick
'Omar' - portrait of a man
Ivo Morrison
2010s Contemporary Portrait Paintings
'Omar', Ink on paper, 120x180cm. This painting is currently framed in a black wooden frame. Born in 1990, Morrison is a self-taught artist, based in London. Morrison spends long per...
Canyonlands III
Martha Rea Baker
21st Century and Contemporary Abstract Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Acrylic
can hang vertically or horizontally orange red yellow beige gray taupe Martha Rea Baker’s technique of choice is driven by her selection of mediums. She has successfully moved betwe...
Philip Colbert
2010s Pop Art Still-life Paintings
Pop artist Philip Colbert’s multi-disciplinary art projects have been acclaimed by an array of fashion icons, including Karl Lagerfeld and Lady Gaga, and have been featured in a numb...
Breaking Sky
Henry Isaacs
21st Century and Contemporary American Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Cranberry Island artist Henry Isaacs paints with energy, passion, and self-assurance. His style—broken brushwork and a palette of delicate blues, greens, pinks, and yellows—marks him...
Frida Kahlo
Lita Cabellut
Early 2000s Portrait Paintings
One way or another, life confronts us with catastrophes so that we can learn to elevate the physical or psychological part of us as humans to a level that logic is incapable of reach...
Untitled 038 (Large Abstract Yellow, Brown, & P...
Edward Avedisian
1960s Color-Field Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Acrylic
76 x 72 inches, acrylic on canvas Genuine Abstract Color-Field painting circa 1969 by Edward Avedisian. Armenian-American artist, Avedisian was best known for his work made in New ...
Portrait of Eva
1980s Figurative Paintings
#5-2785 acrilic on artist board displayed in a gilt wood frame,signed lower left by E.Blanc
Sharon Louden
2010s Contemporary Abstract Drawings and Watercolors
Paper, Oil
Louden explores color through awkward rectangular and square forms. She writes: “The repetitive nature of these rectangles and squares are meant to imply a flexibility that holds col...
Autumn In The Park
Ivan Roussev
2010s Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil
"Autumn In The Park" is a painting by the famous impressionist Ivan Roussev. The painting has a frame. It has a certificate for authenticity delivered by the gallery. “The impress...
Pierre Muckensturm
2010s Minimalist Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Acrylic
Acrylic on canvas - Unframed Painting made of 2 elements. Each element’s dimensions are 70x86x5,5cm / 27,5’x33,8’x2,1’. Pierre Muckensturm has long been interested in the relations...
One After Another
Rose Umerlik
2010s Abstract Abstract Paintings
Oil, Wood Panel, Graphite
One After Another by Rose Umerlik is an abstract triptych. Each panel is 48x28, Oil and Graphite on Wood panel. The total size is 48x84. Rose Umerlik extracts the intangible emoti...
Purvis Young
Late 20th Century Outsider Art Mixed Media
Diptych of 2 original mixed media paintings on metal shelves. Each is hand signed on front by the artist. Each piece measures 36.25 x 15.5 in. Artwork is in excellent condition. Cert...
Alan Bray, Hillside, Casein on panel landscape ...
Alan Bray
2010s Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Casein, Panel, Wood Panel
Alan Bray paints landscape scenes in his native Maine using casein tempera paint on wood panel. Bray is fascinated by man-made structures in the wilderness disintegrating as the land...
2010s Realist Still-life Paintings
Canvas, Oil
He was born in Madrid, in 1956. Pradal studied Arts and Crafts and Desing in his town, wherever to be opportunity to learn of greats artist. He is a painter who reflects in his st...
After Modigliani - Abstract colorful figurative...
Hocktee Tan
21st Century and Contemporary Modern Figurative Paintings
Oil Crayon, Ink
Hock Tee Tan was born in Malaysia and studied Fine Art at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art in Singapore. He came to London in 1976 and has been working as a Fine Artist ever since. He use...
Coastal Scene
Nicolino V. Calyo
1840s Romantic Landscape Paintings
A schooner carrying the French flag is tossed about in turbulent waters, large waves rolling towards the viewer. A break in the dark sky shines soft light on the sea as well as the f...
Michael Carson
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Portrait Paintings
Oil, Panel
Mike Carson is a Minneapolis painter, and graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, whose artwork can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the Unite...
Joey Cobcobo
2010s Abstract Expressionist Still-life Paintings
Oil, Spray Paint
Joey V Cobcobo, presents You Land the Day, a vibrant piece with a strong and inspirational message. In spite of the millennials’ struggles, tragedies, and battles for life and death,...
Patrick Dintino
2010s Contemporary Paintings
Canvas, Oil
*Please message a photo of your space with wall dimensions, and we will provide a photoshop rendering to scale. Medium: oil on canvas
Original Deco Engraving
1920s Figurative Drawings and Watercolors
#5-557 an original Deco engraving on paper displayed in a black wood frame under glass.Illegible signature lower right.
"Isla Morada" Contemporary Impressionist Oil of...
Maria Bertran
2010s Post-Impressionist Landscape Paintings
"Isla Morada" is a beautiful large oil painted on location in the Florida Keys by Maria Bertran. This Contemporary Impressionist landscape captures the beauty of a sunny day on the u...
BLUE 1051
Linda Touby
2010s Abstract Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Wax, Oil
Oil and wax on canvas painting from the BLUE series. Linda Touby pairs intuitive brushstrokes with bold, horizontal bands of vibrant blue, black, red, and yellow, offering a sense of...
Tropical Fish Painting
1950s Animal Paintings
#5-2784 Original oil on wood panel set in a torquoise wood frame .Artist unknown
Romanian Israeli Modernist Oil Painting Express...
Risa Propst Kraid
1960s Expressionist Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Risa Propst Kraid (Romanian - Israeli, 1894-1983) Jewish Israeli Woman artist. enigmatic picture of either women picnicking or refugees huddling together. Painting and Sculpture We...
Immersio 179
Oriol Texidor
2010s Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Paper, Wood Panel
The work 179 has been made on paper and with a Cyanotype (blueprint) process, painted in the dark and colored by sunlight outside the studio in Barcelona. The artist couldn´t see the...
Reclining Nude Young Woman
Fred Pailhès
1950s Expressionist Nude Drawings and Watercolors
Mixed Media
In 'Reclining Nude Young Woman' (circa 1950s), mixed media on paper, Pailhès sketched this beautiful young woman reclining in bed. Although her face is not visible, the artist has ca...
Anna Malikowska
2010s Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Acrylic
Fast: By polish artist Anna Malikowska. Signed acrylic on canvas
Coastal Prominence II
Stacy Milburn
2010s Abstract Mixed Media
Mirror, Mixed Media
Mirror Art, Abstract, Fine Art, Art, Mixed media, silver, blue, muted colors, contemporary, modern, large artwork, reflective, statement wall decor Stacy gravitates towards using mi...
Drowned Forest, Casein Tempera on Panel, Landsc...
Alan Bray
21st Century and Contemporary American Realist Landscape Paintings
Casein, Wood Panel
In Drowned Forest, 2014, a group of gray, gnarly tree stumps, some hosting green plants living within them, are in the midst of silver water spanning the entire picture plane. In the...
Blue Train
Rick Borg
Early 2000s Folk Art Figurative Paintings
Mixed Media
Colorful blue and red folk art train on found wood by Rick Borg.
Teapot Apple Triptych
Jan Pieter Fokkens
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Mixed Media
Archival Ink, Photographic Paper
ABOUT I believe there is a deep lineage between modern art and the digital image. In essence there is something foreboding about the way the history of images feeds upon itself. It ...
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Painting
1970s Landscape Paintings
5-2782 A vintage acrylic painting on canvas displayed in a silver finish wood frame signed lower right by G.Hecker
Janise Yntema
2010s Abstract Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Resin, Wax, Panel, Pigment
Beeswax, resin and pigment on canvas mounted on panel - Unframed This work is from a series of formal trifold compositions of quiet horizontal abstraction, based in the Venetian tra...
Tanatos XLIII, Contemporary Art, Oil and Mixed ...
Rogelio Manzo
2010s Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Distant from traditional ways of expression, the artist Rogelio Manzo has experimented with a complex sum of techniques formats and schools to develop his work. Even if it may seem t...
The Embrace, Very Large Impressionist Nude Port...
Claude Benard
1970s Impressionist Portrait Paintings
The Embrace, Very Large Impressionist Nude Portrait, Signed Oil Painting By French artist Claude Benard, (1926 - 2016) Signed by the artist on the lower right hand corner Signed by t...
Wheat Pool IV
William Steiger
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Linen, Oil
Operating in a style that can be described as hard-edged, flat and objective, American artist, William Steiger has carved an important space as a painter of items from a collective l...
Tough Guys
Robert Sgarra
21st Century and Contemporary Pop Art Figurative Paintings
Robert Sgarra, born in France in 1959, discovered painting at the age of 13 years. Self-taught, he is influenced by the great masters of art. Robert Sgarra used acrylic paint, mixed...
Woman in Black Hat
1940s Surrealist Figurative Paintings
Oil, Wood Panel
We purchased this fantastic painting in Brussels about fifteen years ago, we have never been able to identify the artist. The hand carved wood frame must have been created by the ar...
Leo The Lion Animal Painting
1970s Animal Paintings
#5-2708 Origimal vintage oil on canvas signed lower right by Vourkas 1973.Unframed
Michael O'Shaughnessy - A Guinness Christmas
Michael O'Shaughnessy
Late 20th Century Other Art Style Figurative Drawings and Watercolors
Pastel, Watercolor, Gouache, Illustration Board
This is a rare original piece of commercial illustration for a Guinness advertisement by British artist Michael O'Shaughnessy. Circa 1980s we do not know if this was a published illu...
La Danse du Feu
Georgette London Owens
1940s Modern Figurative Paintings
Georgette London Owens was born in Paris in 1924. At 16 she was accepted at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris where she met and began studying with famed cubist painter Andre’ Lhote....
Daily Conditions on Chain of Craters Road
Katherine Kean
21st Century and Contemporary Land Paintings
Linen, Oil
Even as the sun appears, rains splatters the windshield, personalizing and distorting the view between you and the rest of the world. This one in a series of "windshield paintin...
Untitled (Pigeons)
Linda Touby
21st Century and Contemporary Abstract Geometric Abstract Paintings
oil and linen painting from the Pigeons series, inspired by Picasso's paintings from the south of France. Beach umbrella striped painting in turquoise, red, gray, white, yellow, and...
Pt78 Platinum
Nancy Lorenz
2010s Contemporary Abstract Paintings
Nancy Lorenz is renowned for her use of materials, which range from burlap, jute, and clay, to the most luxurious mother of pearl and gold leaf. A direct influence of her time in Jap...
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