Brown Sculptures

Italian Ceramic Dachshund Dog by Ugo Zaccagnini in Life-Size, 1960s
Italian Ceramic Dachshund Dog by Ugo Zaccagnini...
Ceramiche Zaccacnini
Vintage 1960s Italian Mid-Century Modern Animal Sculptures
Gorgeous big dachshund in life-size made of ceramic by Ugo Zaccagnini Urbano, Italy, back in the 1960s. This ceramic sculpture is painted in a way the dog seems real. Please see the...
Lenticular Liquid Metal and Hand Varnished Wood Veneer Magazine Holder
Lenticular Liquid Metal and Hand Varnished Wood...
2010s French Minimalist Magazine Racks and Stands
An elegantly exaggerated curved wood cradle transforms the concept of a magazine holder into a sculptural modern art object. Its base is well structured and formed from liquid metal.
Artist Model, circa 1850
Artist Model, circa 1850
Antique 1850s French Figurative Sculptures
Artist Model, 10 inches tall, circa 1850 Finely carved, in unique size with delicate facial features and hands.
Woodrow Nash Sculpture
Woodrow Nash Sculpture
Late 20th Century American Tribal Busts
Earthenware, Stoneware, Terracotta
Woodrow Nash, is the most highly sought after tribal art sculpture in the world. Following the tradition of the great masters, Nash elevates the human spirit in the form of sculptur...
Abstract White Carrara Marble Sculpture by Pablo Atchugarry, Late 20th Century
Abstract White Carrara Marble Sculpture by Pabl...
20th Century Uruguayan Abstract Sculptures
Carrara Marble, Granite
A white Carrara marble sculpture on granite base by Uruguayan artist Pablo Atchugarry from the late 20th century. Multiple folds and pleats constitute the vertical axis of this monol...
Gerrit Thomas Rietveld Red Blue Chair Gerard van de Groenekan
Gerrit Thomas Rietveld Red Blue Chair Gerard va...
Gerard van de Groenekan, Gerrit Rietveld
Vintage 1960s Dutch De Stijl Lounge Chairs
Design iconic chair of all design chairs, this rare and worldwide famous so called red blue chair designed by one of the most important architects and designers Holland has ever know...
Brass and Beryllium Copper Sonambinet Sounding Sculpture by Val Bertoia
Brass and Beryllium Copper Sonambinet Sounding ...
Val Bertoia
Mid-20th Century American Modern Abstract Sculptures
Monumental Val Bertoia sculpture 60 Beryllium copper rods silvered in a brass base in two square columns. Makes a beautiful resonating tone. Title: 'Two walking squares for so...
Chinese Bronze Fountain with Animals and in the Shape of a Tree
Chinese Bronze Fountain with Animals and in the...
Antique Early 1900s Chinese Fountains
Chinese bronze fountain with animals and in the shape of a tree. The fountain displays an eagle with a fish in its claws, a polar and panda bear. Its shows a gorilla, an elephant, a...
Swedish 18th Century Dala Horse, Origin, Sweden, circa 1750
Swedish 18th Century Dala Horse, Origin, Sweden...
Antique 18th Century Swedish Folk Art Toys
Leather, Wood, Paint
A Swedish 18th century dala horse, origin: Sweden, circa 1750. Hand-carved horse, from one piece of wood, including charming carved details such as the eyes and nose; original 18th ...
"Drunken Youth," Male Nude Sculpture with Dark, Rich Glazes by Kai Nielsen
"Drunken Youth," Male Nude Sculpture with Dark,...
Kai Nielsen
Vintage 1910s Danish Belle Époque Figurative Sculptures
This sensuous ceramic piece depicts a beautifully sculpted nude figure embracing an exaggerated grape cluster, sculpted by Kai Nielsen for Bing & Grondahl in Copenhagen. While all ex...
1950s French Monumental Gilded Wood Girls Architectural Statues for Crazy Horse
1950s French Monumental Gilded Wood Girls Archi...
Vintage 1950s French Art Deco Figurative Sculptures
Wood, Plaster, Gold Leaf
This vintage pair of monumental "Golden Girls" Art sculptures in modern Art Deco Style was commissioned by Alain Bernardin with another pair for the opening in 1951 of his famous Par...
Abstract Tulip Form Female Mannequin Display Sculpture
Abstract Tulip Form Female Mannequin Display Sc...
20th Century European Space Age Figurative Sculptures
Chrome, Lacquer, Fiberglass
Atomic age abstract female display mannequin having a tulip form or mermaid style design. Constructed from fiberglass and finished in gilt over a coat of red lacquer. The svelte form...
Large Italian Abstract Sculpture in Brass
Grediaga Kieff
Mid-20th Century Italian Mid-Century Modern Abstract Sculptures
Large Italian abstract kinetic sculpture Sculpture can be tipped to move forward and backwards Bases can be sources at buyers request. Wood, marble, Lucite/acrylic or glass.
Mid-Century Abstract Metal and Wood Sculpture
Mid-20th Century Mid-Century Modern Abstract Sculptures
Designer: Unkown. Manufacturer: Handmade. Period/Style: Mid-Century Modern.  Country: United States.  Date: 1950s.
Italian Plaster Sculpture of the Head of the Ho...
Vintage 1950s Italian Animal Sculptures
Italian plaster sculpture of the head of the horse of Selene, after the original from the east pediment of the Parthenon frieze in the British Museum, circa 1950. The horse depicted ...
French Artist Line Vautrin Set of 15 Talosel Dr...
Line Vautrin
Vintage 1960s French Modern Decorative Boxes
Set of 15 vintage drawer pulls or "boutons de porte" in a marguerite pattern by the French artist Line Vautrin in talosel and a silver color. A similar set can be seen on the Lin...
Goldscheider Bust "Oriental Man" Marked, Austri...
Goldscheider Manufactory of Vienna
Antique Late 19th Century Austrian Art Nouveau Busts
We proudly present to you this absolute gorgeous Goldscheider bust displaying an oriental man made by the world famous company of Friedrich Goldscheider in Vienna at the end of the 1...
Alfredo Barbini "Hand Blown Sculpted Figure", 1967
Alfredo Barbini
Vintage 1960s Italian Mid-Century Modern Figurative Sculptures
Very important Alfredo Barbini figure from the sample room Pauly. Rare modern listed Murano glass hand blown sculpted figure signed 1967 Alfredo Barbini. This is quite the collec...
Traditional Leather Capitano Mask
Majd Murad
21st Century and Contemporary American Masks
Capitano is a famous character from the Commedia Dell'Arté, a masked form of theatre rooted in Italy spanning the 1500s through the 1700s. This style inspired even Shakespeare's work...
Midcentury Lion Figurine by Gunnar Nylund
Gunnar Nylund, Rörstrand
Vintage 1940s Swedish Scandinavian Modern Animal Sculptures
Gorgeous stoneware lion figurine by Gunnar Nylund with an enthusiastic face and glaze gathering beautifully in all its nooks and crannies. Gunnar Nylund was one of the most influe...
Bespoke Anthony Redmile "'Body Chair" United Ki...
Anthony Redmile
Vintage 1970s British Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chairs
Brass, Multi-gemstone, Leather, Fiberglass
Very rare 'Body Chair' by famous British artist, decorator and antique dealer to high society, Anthony Redmile This chair was produced circa 1975, a feature article published in the...
IC Design, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, 1918 Dada Marion...
Vintage 1910s German Figurative Sculptures
These posable figurines are based on the original 1918 Dada marionettes by Sophie Taeuber-Arp. The original marionettes (17 in all) were created by Taeuber-Arp for a richly embellish...
Japan Old Gold Compassion Potion Kanon Guan Yin...
Early 20th Century Japanese Showa Figurative Sculptures
Wood, Giltwood
Wonderful Art Form This is a scarce and lovely Japanese temple find, a gold gilt and lacquered wood Kanon Guan Yin. She holds the fabled potion bottle of compassion. The kanon sta...
18th Century Pair of English Table Pedestals wi...
Antique 18th Century English Pedestals
Marble, Pine
A pair of intricately carved 18th century English pine pedestal bases with traces of original gesso and original inset carrara marble tops. Circa 1780. Originally, these pedestals we...
Old Natural Stone Sculpture
20th Century Unknown Primitive Natural Specimens
Appears to be an organic natural formation or sculpted, on vintage walnut base.  
Early 20th Century, Large Toothache Monkey, Pai...
Early 20th Century German Animal Sculptures
Sad crying monkey statue, great expression, with 'real' tears falling from his eyes. His lifelike made right hand is pressing a sponge in a red dotted knotted handkerchief around hi...
Painted and Carved Wood Stag Panel
Antique Late 19th Century French Animal Sculptures
Wood, Paint
A painted and carved wood stag panel. In two parts.
Pair of Large Sculptures-Wall Lights by Richard...
Richard Faure
Vintage 1980s French Wall Lights and Sconces
Brass, Agate
Pair of large sconces sculptures "Seahorses". Richard Faure and Lydie Bralet. Signed. Unique pieces Worked brass and brown agate slices. The openwork abdomen hides a light bulb....
Early to Mid-20th Century Tribal Horn Rice Cutt...
Early 20th Century Southeast Asian Tribal Sculptures and Carvings
Aluminum, Horn, Iron
Offered by Zena Kruzick Early to mid-20th century tribal horn rice cutter, Khymer Culture, Cambodia. The gracefully curved part of the ox horn was used to gather a handful of ric...
Japanese Big Antique Galloping Horse Hand-Carve...
Early 20th Century Japanese Taisho Sculptures and Carvings
Japan, a monumental nearly four foot long, finely hand-carved and hand-painted wooden effigy of a galloping horse from the Taisho period (1912-1926). Dimensions: 29 inches tall and ...
Noche Crist Female Nude Sculpture
Noche Crist
Vintage 1970s American Figurative Sculptures
One of a kind nude sculpture by Noche Crist (1909-2004). Noche Crist was an American artist born in Romania. Sculpture is made from polyester resin. Catalogue of an exhibition in 200...

The 14K Gold Cart by Christopher Kreiling

By Christopher Kreiling Studio
The 14K Gold Cart by Christopher Kreiling
Christopher Kreiling Studio
21st Century and Contemporary American American Empire Abstract Sculptures
The 'Gold Cart' is a FULLY articulated solid 14K gold working shopping cart. The 14K gold wire is bent and sculpted and joined together by solid gold casted parts. This is an additio...
Tan Leather Cat Mask
Majd Murad
21st Century and Contemporary American Masks
Currently available in saddle-tan (pictured), or black. Additional colors and customizations are available upon request. This piece is wearable art, making it perfect for a masquerad...
Very Large Hand-Turned Wooden Bowl Sculpture by...
21st Century and Contemporary English Modern Natural Specimens
This is an extremely large wooden sculptural bowl made from Tasmanian burr oak. The piece is extremely heavy and only a master craftsman such as Mike Chai would be able to hand turn ...
C Jere Copper Sculpture Slotted Spoon Oversized...
Curtis Jere
Vintage 1970s Mid-Century Modern Wall-mounted Sculptures
Designer: C Jere Period/style: Mid-Century Modern Country: United States Manufacture: Artisan House Date: 1976.
17th Century Dutch Golden Age Carving of the Sw...
Antique 17th Century Dutch Medieval Wall-mounted Sculptures
This fantastic carved panel can be dated to roughly the second half of the 1600's, a period in which the Netherlands became a dominant global seafaring power. The region experienced ...
19th Century Dummy Board, Hand Painted Figure o...
Antique 19th Century English Elizabethan Figurative Sculptures
This Dummy board, otherwise known as silent companion, is a classic cut out figure of a young English aristocratic man. It is beautifully painted in oil in trompe l’oeil manner on a ...
Walter Bosse Donkey Salt and Pepper Shaker Set,...
Walter Bosse, Hertha Baller
Mid-20th Century Austrian Mid-Century Modern Tableware
A charming Austrian Mid-Century shaker set, displaying a donkey. A very humorous design by Walter Bosse, executed by Hertha Baller Austria in the 1950s. Made of metal and wood. In go...
Carl Auböck Fish Money Box Piggy Bank, Wood Bra...
Carl Auböck, Werkstätte Carl Auböck
Vintage 1960s Austrian Mid-Century Modern Models and Miniatures
Brass, Wood, Walnut
A money box in the form of a fish made of walnut, brass and horse hair designed by Carl Auböck, manufactured by Carl Auböck workshop in midcentury, Vienna, circa 1960. An authentic ...
Sinister Full-Faced Neoprene Mask
Majd Murad
21st Century and Contemporary American Masks
Acrylic, Rubber
Inspired by the concept of an "Evil Priest", this piece is sure to provoke and terrify. This mask is wearable art, making it perfect for a masquerade, costume party, Hallow...
Guglielmo Pugi Fine Carved Alabaster Sculpture ...
Guglielmo Pugi
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Busts
Alabaster, Carrara Marble
Very fine carved sculpture of a young Pierrot by Guglielmo Pugi (1850-1915), late 19th century in alabaster and white Carrara marble foot. Signed on the back Pugi.
Obelisks, 19th Century
Antique 19th Century European Abstract Sculptures
Pair of small obelisks out of red marble with hieroglyph decor.
Noche Crist Female Nude Sculpture Butterfly
Noche Crist
Vintage 1970s American Figurative Sculptures
Resin, Acrylic, Lucite
One of a kind nude sculpture by Noche Crist (1909- 2004). Noche Crist was an American artist born in Romania. Sculpture is made from polyester resin. Catalogue of an exhibition in 20...
Royal Carrara Sculpture of the Three Children o...
E. van der Linden
Mid-20th Century Belgian Art Deco Busts
Carrara Marble
E. van der Linden. A Royal white Carrara marble portrait sculpture of the three children of King Leopold III of Belgium. Josephine - Charlotte (1927-2005). Albert (1934): The l...
Pair of Papier Mâché Angels
Antique 18th Century Italian Baroque Sculptures
Pair of papier mâché angels. Uncommon, well-preserved 18th century sculptural fragments.
Guy Lartique, 1973 Sculpture
Guy Lartigue
Vintage 1970s French Abstract Sculptures
Guy Lartiques, Sculpture in cut and welded metal, cement base . Signed: Guy Lartique 73
Gaetano Pesce Sculture for Cassina, 1963
Gaetano Pesce
Vintage 1960s Italian Modern Figurative Sculptures
Original art sculpture designed by Gaetano Pesce; signed and dated 1963, Per Cassina 1968-1963. Red frame with lamented wood on metal feet.
Gilt Driftwood Sculpture
20th Century Mid-Century Modern Natural Specimens
The driftwood with subtle traces of gilding; mounted on a wood plinth base.
Unique Sculpture by Kneip
21st Century and Contemporary Norwegian Abstract Sculptures
Kneip "Pat Vol 80", 2018 Ashsood, steel, copper.
Abyssinian Sculpture by Johannes Bjerg, Denmark...
Vintage 1910s Danish Scandinavian Modern Figurative Sculptures
Lifesize plaster sculpture by Johannes Bjerg (1886-1955) Denmark ca. 1915 Johannes Bjerg was a Danish sculptor most known for work in the Classical style. He was born near Kolding, ...
Unique Sculpture by Kneip
2010s Norwegian Abstract Sculptures
Kneip "Pat Vol 81", 2018. Ashwood, steel, copper.
Carlos Otero Ceramic Sculpture, Low House
Carlos Otero
21st Century and Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Carlos Otero (Argentinian) Untitled, 2015 Ceramic Measures: 7.25" x 8.25 x 5".
Modernist Sculpture by Ralph Dorazio, circa 1970
Ralph Dorazio
Vintage 1970s American American Modern Abstract Sculptures
Ralph Dorazio (1922-2004). Sculpture in mixed woods. Measures: 71" H x 10.5" W x 8" D. Ralph Dorazio (1922-2004) was an American modernist sculptor who drew inspirati...
Eric Astoul Vase Col Plat, France, 2011
Eric Astoul
2010s French Vases
Unique piece. Master ceramicist Eric Astoul created this piece as part of a series inspired by both modern and ancient stoneware, which, with its rough firing, flips the tradition...
Eric Astoul, Vase Ovoïde, France, 2010
Eric Astoul
2010s French Vases
Unique piece Signed: AE Master ceramicist Eric Astoul created this piece as part of a series inspired by both modern and ancient stoneware, which, with its rough firing, flips th...
Mario Dal Fabbro, "No. 20" Wood Sculpture, Unit...
Mario Dal Fabbro
20th Century American Abstract Sculptures
Typical of the sculptural output of dal Fabbro, the lines of this piece shift rhythmically depending on the viewer's position. The artist plays with the relationship between space an...
Lunar Bloom Wall Mirror by James Anthony Bearden
James Bearden
2010s American Brutalist Wall Mirrors
Cut Steel
Original torch cut steel wall mirror by James Anthony Bearden. Handmade original sculpture in the Brutalist style.
Guy Bareff Illuminated Sculpture, France, 2014
Guy Bareff
2010s French Abstract Sculptures
Unique piece Signed: Bareff Bareff is inspired particularly by architecture, and interested in clay for its warmth of color and the tactility of its raw texture. The central dial...
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